Scarlett's Death Wish

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Day 28: Good or Worse?

The next day, I called Eric early in the morning just to talk to him about Jessica and Scarlett. “So, you are telling me, she has a twin? Maybe it’s a mistake, anyone can look like anyone. Right?”

“No, Eric. They sound similar and the smile, believe me, I was distracted.” I contrast sipping my coffee.

“What do you mean? So, are you afraid you would also fall for her?” Eric’s question got me. Honestly, Scarlett’s presence got me but I fell more into her story and uniqueness but then, an opposite of her came. I am really afraid to uncover who she might be.

“Hey... Do you still get in contact with that private investigator?” I asked about the same man whom I hired to check on Scarlett. He did a nice job; he even reported to me all the job she’s fired from and unfortunately, her jail record. I think she still doesn’t know that I found out about it.

“What now, Sam? It’s illegal, you know that.” He resisted.

“This will be the last, Eric. I’ll make sure no one finds out and tell him, I’ll pay more.”

In the end, he called and passed the message to that guy. I think I can’t be firm until I know that these two ladies are not related or better yet, I think I’ll be glad if she’s her family. Maybe I can give her a reason for her to stop drawing her death wishes.

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