Scarlett's Death Wish

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Day 29: White Lies

Few weeks had passed and I am still keeping Jessica from Scarlett which causes her to become suspicious and one wrong move, I know she’ll throw me as far as she can. I’m here at the diner staring at her from time to time and then look at my phone to compare her face to Jessica. They are so similar, believe me.

“Hey, man!” Eric waved on my face causing me to take my eyes away from Scarlett who’s currently serving a table. We’ve been here for thirty minutes but she’s still occupied by many customers. “If you want to tell her, just tell her!”

“I don’t know, Eric. I don’t think she’d like to hear it.”

“Hear what?”

My breath stopped right that moment because Scarlett is here, just in front of us.

“Hey, Scarlett!” Eric belted causing other customers to look around.

“No, we’re hiding something from Clarissa.” I lied but she didn’t even ask further. Sometimes, I feel like we do not own each other. Most of the times, I feel that we’re just close friends who kissed and just closer than that. It was completely fine with me but sometimes, I want her to hold me back. Several times, she lets me do things and she’s never curious; just like in the present.

“Anyway, it’s my free day tomorrow.” Scarlett whispered uneasily; like she’s not sure if she should tell me. I smiled and reach for her hand.

“That’s great. I’m free tomorrow, right Eric?” I eyed Eric even before he reminds me of that lunch meeting I have with my father. It was about Jessica’s proposal which I can really set aside; it’s not like we haven’t seen each other for years.


The next day, I fetch Scarlett from the orphanage because she suggested we don’t go to public places. I honestly understand without her telling me why - but she just doesn’t want to get into situations that might provoke her since that’s how I know her. I decided we go on a nap date so we’re here in the lighthouse, just napping. She’s sleeping on my arms while I respond to Eric, Clarissa, Jessica and my father’s messages.

To: Eric Miller

From: Samuel Jonas King

Yes, man. Really odd, but keep me updated. He must dig into the deepest web. Thanks.

He was giving me information about what the private investigator. So far, he can only bring me facts that was obvious. Jessica is a girl, Australian and an executive to Young’s enterprises. And personal things such as: her favorite color is ocean blue; favorite food is Italian.

To: Clarissa Mayer

From: Samuel Jonas King

Tell him I can’t make it. There is an emergency, or I’m sick... Just make up any excuses.

Don’t worry, I got you! XOXO

Obviously, she was just reminding me about the meetings I got lined-up for the day but I can’t waste Scarlett’s free time so I needed to choose. It’s also not like I miss my appointments every time.

To: Jessica Young

From: Samuel Jonas King

I’ve already read those books. I actually have the whole series.

I don’t know when, but we got into a conversation where we found out we are both a fan of the Lord of the Rings series. Funny, I am now cuddling with Scarlett but I am talking to another her.

From: Emmanuel King

To: Samuel Jonas King

Jonas. What is Clarissa saying that you are sick and can’t meet me? This is important you little brat. Just be thankful that Jessica is a very understanding woman. I’ll let this pass but the next time I will arrange a schedule to meet you, you better show up.

Despite the absence of exclamation points and emojis that my dad could be using, I know he’s completely mad at me right now. I’ve been receiving messages of him regarding Jessica and I can feel that they are too personal. Of course, I ignored them easily. I don’t want to be manipulated in that aspect of life ever again. Shiela’s much enough.

“Hey.” Scarlett moaned a little. I threw my phone on the sofa and moved my arms to make her comfortable.

“Hey, sleep a bit more.” I hugged her and just lie in there.

“Sorry, this is a date but I’m only sleeping.” She suddenly said, “I just don’t want to go out.”

“It’s alright. I don’t feel like going out either.” I covered her with blanket and held her tighter.

“Thanks, Sam.” She came back to sleep and a few minutes later, my phone rang. It is Eric.

“Hey, man.” I whispered.

[Sam, you won’t believe this.] Eric replied sounding important.

[I just got a tip from the PI (private investigator). He says Jessica isn’t supposed to be the only daughter of Martha and Philip. He was talking to a close friend of Martha this time, and he says Martha said about a big mistake her family made when Jessica was born.]

“And? Continue Eric.” I said then stared at Scarlett’s peaceful face.

[And she said that their family is incomplete because they lost Jessica’s sister.]

I felt heavy for both happiness and anxiety about what is probably the truth behind Jessica and Scarlett’s face and voice being similar. I feel happy because finally, Scarlett will find her family but also worried if it would be a good thing. Scarlett didn’t even want to meet her family.

[Sam? You there?]

“Yes, Eric. Sorry, tell him to dig more. I need to know if they are related or what.”

[I know you are with Scarlett right now. Be careful.]

“She’s sleeping, Eric. Just keep me updated.” I dropped the call and stared at the woman sleeping beside me for a longer time before falling asleep.


After waking up getting numb from my position, I really tried to sleep and avoid overhearing Samuel’s conversation with Eric but I failed. I pretended to sleep until they finished the call and took his turn to sleep. There are questions in my head like what is that he can’t tell me in the diners? I only act like I don’t care because I thought I am still not in the position to ask things I am not sure about. And now, why am I suddenly brought up to him and Eric’s phone call.

I removed his hands from my waist and get to the kitchen for some water. A calling card was left pinned on the refrigerator’s door.

William Moss

Private Investigator

I shrugged it off because he’s probably a friend and someone he asked to checked on me. It hasn’t been long until he woke up. He stared at me first thing as he woke up and acted weirdly after that.

“Are you alright?” I asked.

“Uh? Yeah, why?” The way he gulped the water is really odd because he’s looking at me occasionally. He’s hiding something but I can’t even ask if it is my right to ask.

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