Scarlett's Death Wish

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Day 30: The Plan



This past few days are difficult for me. Eric and I couldn’t find any more answers about Scarlett and Jessica because the investigator told me that he felt like Mr. Young will find out soon and also my father. He knows everything and always finds a way to know everything about his only son.

It’s Wednesday and aside from work, Eric is in my office all day thinking about how can we figure the whole story out and truth by ourselves. I dragged him into this and now he’s really bothered and curious as well - in fact, he’s even more curious than I do so I felt relax just a little bit.

Eric sighed before taking a seat in front of me while I review some papers related to real work.

“You know what man, I’ve been thinking all day about how we should resolve the mystery and this is the best option I really can give you.” I raised my brow like asking him what is it without looking, “You have to meet Jessica again and ask her yourslef.”

My eyebrows furrowed, “You mean you want me to directly ask her if she had a family problem and lost a twin sister? Good luck with that.” I smirked then continued my work.

“No, what I mean is, you have to know her more - like personally.”

The word ‘personally’ became too intimate as I absorb it. I shook my head without much thinking.

“She’s just a business partner Eric, and you know how I treat them.”

“Yeah, I know well. But you want to know as well how are they related, so why can’t you just risk it. Try for the first time to befriend a business partner.”

I closed a folder, “Tempting, Eric. Tempting.” I opened another one to read, “Better if he’s a guy so I won’t feel like cheating.”

“Befriending a girl is much less worse than being engaged to your ex while in a relationship.” I turned to him and he’s giving me his best coy face; like it says it’s a good idea and he has a point.

He has a point really but why do I feel like I’m cheating when I am just going to like, get to know a girl for I think, a benefit of the one I treasure. No one talks and the room is covered with all just a sound of the pages I’ m turning and Eric rotating the chair.

He’s waiting for an answer.

“Okay, Eric. Stop with the swinging, that chair might break. I’ll do it.”

“Yes! So, I’ll tell Clarissa to check your sched so you can meet with Jessica. It must be on the weekdays so you can still meet with her twin Scarlett. Don’t worry, you’ll not get caught and it won’t be suspicious. She’s your business partner.” Eric elaborated the plan like he’s planning to hijack a plane - detailed as that. He acted as my counselor as well; he even called my executive secretary to clear a schedule for me and he literally just did everything. “All you have to do is to be present, and ask questions, man.”

Eric stayed until the last hour of office and before parting ways, I couldn’t just forget his last words...

“Ask questions like you are a man interested to a woman.”

He really wants it to be as personal as possible. As soon as I reach my pad, I can finally check and invade my phone. Today was a real busy day that I can only hold my phone when someone is calling; I can’t even check my messages.

I opened 10 messages - 1 from my father, 2 from Jessica Young, 2 from Scarlet and the others are just business-related concerns. I was just confused to why they even have the same count of unread messages.

From: Emmanuel King

I already made my appointment this Friday and you better be there. I can’t believe I still need to talk to Clarissa just to speak with my son!

As usual, he’s whining about the formality we have in business when he’s the one who taught me that.

From: Jessica Young

Hey, Sam! Regarding the project, I would like to suggest some changes but these are for improvement. When can I meet you?

From: Jessica Young

Maybe we can talk over coffee with some cakes? And we can talk about this new series I want to recommend!

Digesting the second message is like digesting a rock. I can’t. She’s making it easy for me to be close to her and she’s making this business personal which I never really expect from her. Now, I start to feel really uncomfortable with the thought that she’s my business partner and she’s that significant.

From: Scarlett

Will be busy tonight. I hope you’re not overworking yourself.

From: Scarlett

I can’t wait for Friday... Not because I want to see you, it is also my day-off but yeah, seeing you is the most ideal. Oh, I fucking really HATE this day.

I laughed softly as I read the second message. I love how bold and frank she spells and emphasize the words. I like how true she acts around me. And what I love and hate the most is how she finds it hard to say she misses me. After a few moments, I felt bad that I can’t meet her this coming Friday. I have to meet my father.

Of course, I have to prioritize Scarlett’s message so she deserves the first reply.

To: Scarlett

I miss you too. Sorry, I really want to make it on Friday but my dad, he set an important appointment with me. Nothing to worry, just business. Take care and don’t overwork as well.


To: Jessica Young

Yeah. I just have to check on my secretary if I have a free time...

Before pressing the send button, it’s crazy that I can hear Eric’s voice echoing that I need to befriend her, in short, make it more personal. So, instead of sending, I revised the whole text.

To: Jessica Young

I’ll be free on Friday afternoon, you’ll decide where to.

It’s even crazier that I sent that text with a smiling emoticon at the end. What are you doing, Samuel?

To: Emmanuel King

Whatever you want. I’m free in the morning so it better be morning.

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