Scarlett's Death Wish

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Day 31: Weird and New


I don’t know what made this year worse; not seeing Samuel for a few consecutive weeks or hearing about the diner’s soon to come down because some devils are buying the lot where it stood up. Well, the money is quite irresistible, putting up a personal judgement, I can kill or use my dignity to get a couple of million dollars.

The thing is, Chris is considering the money. He had the diners for almost 10 years after getting divorced. He can use the money for a lot of things, or maybe use it until he goes off to heaven; wherever it might be. We can handle our own asses from there. The problem is, everything I said above is not true. Chris doesn’t want to let go of the place and neither do we. This is the only place who accepted me and the people in there are pretty attached to the food we make, I mean, Ben makes. I don’t think I can have another job as decent like this that will accept my being.

I can’t even break it off with Samuel because I am not in the place to ask that important favor. I only manage to break it off with the sisters at Saint Mary Angels and they said they will try to help in any ways possible. As of the day, we are still doing are works but also asking everyone to sign the petition we prepared.

“Hey, would you mind if I get some of your time to sign this paper?” Christina and I approach some customers.

They first stare at each other before taking the paper from my hand, “Sure, where do we sign?” The boy asks.

“Here. Just put your name and your signature. This is just to stop the devils from demolishing this place.” Christina explains and I just cackle when she said the word devils referring to the people from a private sector who wants to occupy the land. Both of the customers signed the paper and smiled as they hand it back.

We head to another group of customers but before reaching them, I felt strange that they smile at me or at us without eyeing me for one second.

“Christina, didn’t you feel weird? Those two gave me creeps.” I whisper to her.

She smirks, “Dude, you are the one who’s giving me creeps. I’ve been working with you for months and this is the first I see you wearing only a lipstick.” She stops walking, put the paper on the side and takes a mirror from her pocket. “Look at you. Did you accidentally forget to put some dark make-up to look like a normal you? You look so innocent, girl.”

I stare at myself at the mirror and I really didn’t notice I wasn’t wearing any make-up. The only color in my face is the fading lipstick I’m still wearing. I don’t remember being on a rush earlier so I have no idea.

The whole night, I still feel creeped out by some of the customers staring at me differently from the way how they stared at me before. I feel awkward but there is something in me feeling bizarre about it. Before the sun rises, I went to the restroom and take a look at myself through the bigger mirror.

“Dude, you are really ugly tonight.” I tell myself and wipe the chaps of lipstick wanting to leave my lips for a while now. I walk back to the diners without any color and just continue my job.

I am wondering what would be Samuel’s reaction if he sees me like this.

The whole morning on the next day, I was back into my sad aura when I found out Samuel can’t come to the diners because of his busy schedule. I can’t blame him so I feel mad at myself for feeling this lonely. I guess I’d go back into sleeping for the whole day since it is my day off like I do every day.


I couldn’t believe myself that I am actually preparing for my meet-up with Jessica. I just finished my rare appointment with my father which is all about work and also him, asking me if I like someone at the moment or when do I plan on introducing a girl at home. He seemed probably bored that his only son only works and doesn’t have much of a life like love. Well, there’s Scarlett and now, I’m going to a non-work business with Jessica. We’re about to meet at this game-inspired cafe that she said she wants to try and since I can’t seem to suggest anything better, we decided to that.

I stopped calling her Ms. Young as well since that it too formal. She did the same and now calls me Sam.

I slip into my jogger and sneakers and put on a plain yellow shirt - just a casual style for a casual event.

“You’re not cheating, don’t worry.” I tell myself in front of the mirror. I had to miss work just to see her; good thing I’m the boss.

I first hesitate if I will text Scarlett that I’ll be going somewhere and lie or just not inform her about my business today. In the end, I put my phone back on my pocket and take my car for a ride. Jessica called me that she’s already there five minutes earlier than the supposed time of our meeting. Before heading inside the cafe, I calmed myself into thinking that I can’t be distracted by her face, her sound and that I’m doing this with only one agenda.

There. I almost tripped when I saw Jessica looking at me from the seat she had taken. She’s wearing a knitted blue top that looks actually good on her. Her eyes popped even more. She almost looked like a barbie but like some villain in that world. I continue to make my way on our table and clear my throat before finally talking.

“Sorry, I’m late.” I apologize while taking my seat.

“That’s fine. I’m just early since my driver dropped me a little faster than I expect it would be. You see, things in my hometown are different, like we really take our time in riding, horses or car, but I see it’ s different here in the states.” She explains.

“Yeah. This is quite an advanced city so people really mind the traffic.” I reply quite shorter than what she just said.

First, we discussed the first point of this meeting, the revision of some part of the project. And then we put the paper works aside as she opens her phone and shows me about a series named Game of Thrones.

I’ve heard that but I never really had time watching that series and I’m loyal to LOTR.

“Sam, you must really watch. I mean, it’s done now so no more waiting for another episode.”

Our conversation surprisingly went to what Eric is probably praying for right now. Until we got to the point where she asked me why did I think she has a twin.

“The night we first met, you asked if I have a twin sister, I’m curious who’s that girl I look so much alike.” She wonders while sipping on her wine.

I suddenly checked on my phone to see a message from Scarlett. I looked back to Jessica who’s waiting for my answer so I put my phone back on the pocket of my pants and smile, “Nah. You just look familiar. But really, you don’t have any siblings?”

“No. I really wished I had but both my parents don’t want to have another child or just adopt when I was younger.” I felt sad knowing about the thought that what Scarlett thinks about her parents are true.

“How about you, Sam? I suppose you are an only child as well.” She brings back the conversation.

I giggle, “I have an older sister.”

“And her name is Alice Margaux King.” A shiver runs down my skin and a very soft palm covered my eyes. I remove them immediately to see who just had a surprised appearance. I can’t believe my sister showed up. “Hi, I’m Alice, and you are?” My sister whom I address as Alicia greets Jessica.

“I’m Jessica, Sam’s new business partner.” Alicia smiles to her and grins at me.

“Wow, Sammy. Few months just passed and I didn’t know you’d already have a friendly meeting with a business partner.” She teases and sits next to me.

“Hey, what are you doing?”

“Sitting. Why? Am I interrupting your date?”

“It’s not a date. We were talking about work.” I defend and sit back up. “You didn’t answer my question, why are you back?”

“I missed you and no one’s updating me about what’s going on here with my lovely brother. I was back yesterday so I decided to drop by.”

“How’d you know I’m here? Did Eric or Clarissa tell you?”

She looks at me in disbelief, “What? You really think I’d stalk you? I own this restaurant so I’m certain I have to visit!”

And I completely forgot about that…

We ended up talking about my life because of my sister who is such a talker. I watch Jessica’s reaction and she either finds it funny and amazing, or miserable. I stop my sister’s mouth before she brings up my other side.

“It’s getting late. I think it’s time to go.” I told them both.

“Right, I totally forgot about the time. There are still cabs outside, right?” Jessica asks.

Before I can answer, Alice offers a ride; just not hers. “You’re gonna get a taxi at this late night? No, Sammy can drive you to the hotel.” She didn’t even ask if that’s okay with me.

“Thank you so much. I’m still not familiar with the place so it’s a good thing to know someone this close.”

“How about you? You’re not going home yet? I’ll drive you too.” I offer my sister so it wouldn’t be just Jessica and me.

“I brought my car and I still have to talk to my staffs. Just get going and drive safe, okay? Straight. Home.” She winks and pushed me out.

The way she said ‘straight home’ is really pathetic.

Jessica and I both get inside my car and in the whole ride, I don’t really talk a lot since I guess Alicia told her already about my biography. After almost an hour, we finally reached her hotel.

“Thanks for driving me here, Sam. I owe you one.” She said before opening the door.


Before going out, she pulls my arm and gives me a peck on my cheek.

She kissed me.


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