Scarlett's Death Wish

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Day 32: Answered Questions

That night, I really haven’t got any sleep so I got both Clarissa and Eric sneaking up on me why and what happened to our so-called date. I still haven’t said anything to Scarlett yet and after that night, I’m still not texting her. I spaced out and totally forgot about it since she never sent me a single message either. It’s impossible for her to know anything about it so I just shrugged the thought and dial her number.

Just one ring, she already picked up but my throat dried when I heard her voice and how I am reminded of Jessica.

“Sam?” She calls on the other line again.

“Hey, Scarlett. How are you?”

“Well, good, I think.” She pauses. “Anyway, sorry I didn’t text you last night. It’s kind of rough in here.”

“Why? Is there a problem?”

“No. Never mind; I just missed you.”

The words she just said right now melted my heart. It’s rare to hear her say affectionate things but when she does, she eliminates every bad atmosphere.

“I missed you too. I’ll find a way to see you this weekend.” I stopp scrolling through the papers on my desk when I noticed my door opening.

“Sir? Miss Jessica is here to see you.” Clarissa said while I am on my phone. Before I even answer, Jessica shows up from her back with a basket of, I don’t know.

“Hey, Sammy.” She enthusiastically greeted while holding up the basket. It suddenly smells pesto in my office.

“Sam? Are… you busy?” A voice from the other line. I forgot I am on a phone with Scarlett.

“Hey, can I call you later? Someone came.” I panic and fast enough, I press the red button.

I slide my phone to my drawer and went to Jessica. “Hi, what brought you here?” I don’t remember making an appointment with her after what she did before we part ways last night.

She first unties the basket and opens it, “It’s pesto day and I thought I’d share it with you.” She smiles so purely and innocently and that puts a sly on my lips too.

I’m surprised to see her but also surprised to how this plan is so much easier than I expected. This is my chance.

As we are sharing the pesto she brought, I decided to change our topic from about Game of Thrones to when is she coming back to Australia.

“How’s your family? Aren’t they missing you there? You’ve been here for like weeks now.”

She wipes her mouth with tissue before answering, “Yeah, actually they know it’s work thing so they know they shouldn’t miss me.”

“-but since you brought up the topic, they are actually on their way here for a week-long vacation.”

My eyes widen but good thing I’m still staring at the food. “Wow. That’s nice.”

“My father is so excited, really. He’s been here 23 years ago so he’s really hoping to see how much have changed.”

“What? What did your father do here? Are you born that time yet?”

“Actually no. He was here right after I was born. Work thing as well.”

And that makes sense. Scarlett is 23 years old as well and what are the odds that Jessica’s father is in this country after the day Jessica was born.

After office, I met with Eric and the investigator he hired for me.

“Here’s all what I found regarding the Young’s. I hope that helps.” William, the P.I, handed me a thick envelope while I exchange with a thinner. I wrote him a check since it’s unlikely of me to bring a large amount of cash. Also, I don’t want to look like I’m doing something illegal even though this is indeed, illegal.

We waited to finish our drinks before I get into the car.

“Drive me to the lighthouse.” I order Eric.

“Sam. It’s late.”

“Just drive me there. I’ll already booked you a hotel so you don’t have to drive back here in the city.”

As the ride continues, I prevented myself into opening the envelope in my hands. I never took a peek so I hope my questions will be answered; and in some ways, help Scarlett.

We drove passed the diners but it was closed.

I decided to call Scarlett even though it is already 11:40pm.

“Hey.” I hear loud noises from the background like there is a party or something.

“Where are you?”

“Uh, at the diners. We are actually having fun.” She lies. The diner is closed. I just saw it.

“Oh. Okay, text me when you get home. Okay?”

“I will. Bye.” She sounds serious and damn I know there is something wrong. Why would she lie to me? When I am so close to know everything about her?

Eric left me at the lighthouse so I decided to brace myself while I scatter the papers of what William found out about them.

There are photos of the hospital as well as the records which is confusing because there are two birth records. The other one says that Martha gave birth to twins and the other states the opposite. There is a note indicated that the first one is the authenticated copy.

I finally reached the point where I saw a record of their father leaving on December 16th, using a private jet to Boston — where Scarlett is living right now.

I deeply inhale as I realize that this is all so easy. The details are coming all at once and it says that I found her family.

Now, I just have to find her

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