Scarlett's Death Wish

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Night 4: Child Claim

I got a surprising message from Mother Cleo which I ignored without hesitation. Someone is looking for someone at my age and probably was sent to this orphanage. It’s the fifth time I was tried to be claimed by some random mother who’s looking for her daughter. You left her and now you’re looking for her, shame on you, mother. I’m cold to hear the reasons so don’t even say a word because one things is for real, you didn’t want me in the first place. You should have left me at the gate or door of a house and any other places but not beside the garbage bin.

“Scarlett, you’re putting to much strength on mopping. Is there a problem?” Chris asked while he’s encoding for the inventory.

“Nothing. Someone’s claiming me from the orphanage for the fifth time.” I saw his face cringe.

“What do you think?”

“It’s just a random mom. She can’t get anything from me.”

Our conversation was interrupted by someone who came in when we’re not even open. Actually, we can’t recognize him because he’s wearing a mask that covers his whole face and holding a knife against us. I did not let go of my magical mop and just stay on my place while Chris is frozen with his hands squeezing my shoulders.

“Hold your hands up! You... Old man, give me your money!” He may have noticed that Chris is the owner.

Okay, I’m composed but scared because this is the first time that we encounter a hold-upper. But I am the only one who can solve and do something before he takes the money that includes my salary! I grabbed the mop and hit the man with it. I don’t care if he’s gonna kill me; I will be glad if ever!

My hit is probably not strong enough for him to let go of the knife so I just stand in silence while waiting for the knife to hit me and Chris calling for my name; telling me to look out and dodge. Oh please, you know I don’t want to do that.

I waited for another second but nothing is coming to me. Nothing stings, nothing is touching me. I opened my eyes and saw the man grunting in pain while another man wearing a white hoodie is holding him down. I traced him from the back and recognized him because of the tattoo on his hand.

Another cruel man to hate. It was a good and great opportunity but this man took it away from me.

“YAH! What do you think you’re doing?!” I yelled to this man whose name is Samuel.

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