Scarlett's Death Wish

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Night 5: A Not So Unfortunate Trouble

We didn’t get a chance to talk which means I didn’t get a chance to hit him, I mean Samuel and I, because he and Chris were both invited to the police station for some investigation. Also, the staff were sent home and the diner closed immediately because of what happened.

But now I’m here. Feeling weird of myself because I am strangely waiting for Samuel to show up. No. Maybe because I am eager to smack him because of what he did last night.

Oh wait. He’s here. Even though I am so ready to struck him, I stayed on my post and wait for him as he walks towards me with a huge smile on his face.

“So, hello, Scarlett. Do you have a free time after your work?” He asked while leaning his elbow on top of the bar counter; looking at me in the eye. No, flirting.

“And why do you ask?”

“Hm, nothing. I just want to invite for a cup of coffee.”


“What? No, I mean. I think we should be friends since I saved your pretty ass yesterday.”

I smirked and grabbed him by the collar which I think is a wrong move because everyone is looking at us. Of course, realizing they were right that I am a bad person.

“Do you really think I will thank you for that? Do you know what opportunity you stole from me?” A little silence while I let go of his neck; Chris told me to do so. “Never mind.” I walked away and head at my smoking post - back of the diner to criticize myself.

Although I know he did good for me, why do I keep fighting people who only wants to let me live.

The door behind me screeched revealing Melanie with her bag and when she saw me, she just ran like someone’s looking for her. It’s 12MN, it’s not time for her off.

I came back and Chris was talking to Samuel when I interrupted. “What’s up with Melanie? She’s kinda in a rush.”

Chris sighed before answering me while Samuel is still watching at us. “That girl is in debt with Mr. Samuel for a long time now and she hasn’t paid yet. Hiding but caught.”


“This man.” He pointed at Samuel who’s standing behind the counter, looking at me and shrugged.


That explains everything. The KGC brooch on the collar I grabbed earlier explains why is he on a working uniform every time he visits and eats at the diner. He’s someone prominent. He works for Kings Group of Companies. I heard about that group; powerful enough to kill people without going in jail. Wealthy enough to buy my life. Oh. Wait, I am no expensive.

That’s why he got the ways to get me checked.

I gave Chris time to continue his conversation with Mr. Samuel King while I sat at my post, waiting for others to finish their food and I clean it up. The same routine happened until before 9AM for the closing time. But Mr. Samuel is still here, sleeping in the last table of the diner.

“Hey, before you leave. Wake Samuel up, he drank too much last night.”

“Whaaat? I won’t do that.”

“Just wake him up so you can go home.”

In the end, since Chris looks like he’s sick that’s why he’s asking me to do that, I raised my hands up saying I’ll do it. I grabbed my bag and snuck it on my right shoulder and begin walking as loud as my feet can to distract Samuel. I reached his table and he’s not yet awake. What a terrible sleeper.

I grabbed the spoon from his coffee and hit his head as strong as I can.

“Ouch!” Actually, he didn’t hurt himself just because I hit him with a spoon, but he smashed his head at the back of the chair because of shock that someone interrupted his sleep.

“Well, the sun rose hours ago so you should go and I can also leave too.”

He looked at his wristwatch; as expected his eyes got big when he realizes he’s super late for work. Serves you right, jerk.

“You enjoyed sleeping on a table huh.” I said watching him fix his clothes while calling someone, probably a colleague to tell the boss he overslept and running late.

“Clarissa, do I have important meetings today? Ah shit. Sorry, I just feel sick. Tell Eric to fetch me at Burp’s Diner now... I’ll try to catch up.” then he hung up. Let me guess, Clarissa is her girlfriend and Eric must be his close friend.

“So why didn’t you tell your girlfriend the truth that you drank too much and slept in a random place.”

“What? No. Clarissa is my secretary and Eric is going to get me because he’s my driver... So. Did I talk while sleeping or broke some glass or did I invite a fight?”

“Huh. Guess what. You just sleep there the entire time after you finish 8 bottles of beer.”

“Thank goodness! You saved the day.” He did a tight grip on his hair just in time a car starts honking outside. “Oh, that’s him. Thanks, I’ll be back later!” He put both of his hands on either side of my cheek before running.

Iw. Germs.

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