Scarlett's Death Wish

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Night 6: Random Stranger To Me

I got no sleep because I was thinking why Samuel is feeling close and interested about me. I am literally just nothing I mean.

Chris, suspiciously told me to not go today and instead, he sent me an address telling me that he can’t go out and I should be the one to check it out. Some sort of business he says. Anyway, since I had sudden insomnia in a daytime, I added a sketch on my book. It was a girl, of course me, standing by the door of a bus running 100kph. It was just so lame because I wasn’t sure if I’d die doing that or I’ll just get bruises and contusions. Other than that, I will just get attention of many people in the streets and I’ll not be meeting death yet.

I reached the park exactly 6PM and notice there was no one around; just children getting ready to go home after playing so much and mudding themselves. I checked my watch and it’s already past 6 and no one has arrived yet.

*Simple Plan - Rest of Us*

My phone rang and an unknown number is calling. I recalled Chris saying the one I’d be meeting might call me. In short, I answered.


“Oh, do you see any coffee shop around?

I looked around to see one at my 2 o’clock. A cafe which I barely go since it really sells expensive coffees. But don’t tell me he’s gonna meet me there? I mean, I’m wearing a home clothes because Chris told me it’s just someone he needs to get things for.


“Great. Then go there, I’m waiting.”

“Wait what?”

He hung up and obviously didn’t want to listen to my objections. Oh, sucks. At least, I tied my hair properly before gathering all the shame I have since I was one-year old. I gulp and swallowed my saliva while covering my mouth while I enter the cafe. It’s neat, it has nice interior; golden may I add and it is really not nice to only wear home clothes because aside from it’s cold, the people are also staring at you.

I feel like a beggar but who cares. I have business like you do.

“Scarlett! Over here!” Oh, crap. From the energy, to the tone of voice and to the sound, I knew it was from a certain person. A person whom I don’t really want to meet at this time. I did not dare to look; instead, I ignored him and tried to exit when I caught someone whom I also don’t like to see - the woman looking for me the other day at the orphanage. For a split second, I weighed the “not-wanting-to-meet” scores and Samuel is lucky tonight.

I ran back faster and sat across the table. Also, this could be a good place to hide what am I wearing.

“What happened back there?” He asked.

“None of your business?” He looks offended but who cares right. He called me here when I should be mopping in the diner.

“Oh, you’re not in the mood. What do you want? Latte? Macchiato? Frappe? Or just hot coffee? Anything, my treat. ” He asks while reading the menu and covering half of his face. I will take this as an opportunity to describe his face. He got fair complexion, everything is chiseled and I like the dimple on his right cheek. To add, his ocean blue eyes is kind of attractive; not for me but to other girls I’m sure. To cut it short, he’s good-looking and that’s an advantage when you also work at a huge company.

“Hey? You might want to answer me instead of checking me out?”

“Hot.” I only noticed I complimented him when he chuckled. “I mean, hot coffee... And dream on, I’m not checking you out!” It was too loud because everyone is looking at me now.

“You should lower down your voice, you know?”

A little silence when the mother I was talking about earlier, came to our table. Samuel looked at her but his mouth is not saying something like “Who are you?“, “What are you doing in our table?” Or even just “Do you want to take our order?”

I crossed my arms and looked outside while she’s asking things such as, how well I’m doing these days, do I go to school and we should hang out sometime. I keep my face on the window watching the sky rumble because this weather is very unpredictable.

“Hmm, excuse me. We’re really busy, right now.” Samuel finally said something. I saw the woman faced him while I don’t.

“I’m sorry, I just need to talk with my daughter.”

Wow, big word. I’m so used to persons like her so I don’t really feel anger, or pity or whatever. I’m just waiting for Samuel to ask a waiter about our order because that’s the only thing that can change my mood.

“Sorry, Miss but the girl here is my secretary. She belongs to a known family whom I really closed with. So, I think you’re just mistaken.” Surprisingly, Samuel did a very good explanation and even though I was obviously ignoring her, she left saying it might be the case and apologized for disturbing. “Okay, you can now look here or you might get a stiff neck.”

I looked around and the woman is just sitting in her own table with a few people with her. She still looks at us but I ignored her still, anyway.

“So, is that really your mother?” He asks while raising his hand to get a waiter.

“No. I don’t have parents.”

“No one doesn’t have no parents. I think you still know that.”

“I am trash-made so no more questions.” Finally, the waiter got here and also finally, we get to get our orders. I take a sip of my hot coffee while Samuel is still talking things about how his day went before going here and how did he convince Chris on ordering me to meet him.

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