Scarlett's Death Wish

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Night 9: Waiting for a Stranger

I am at the diner as usual. Waiting for Samuel to show up while I do my job - sweeping the floor, cleaning the table and sometimes waitress. Although I feel sick, I feel much better than yesterday. Chris, despite asking me to take the day off, let me do everything. This might sound weird but I really am energized to work. And other than that, I want to see Samuel because I was curious about him and to what he showed yesterday.

Few hours until midnight, until the diner is full of people, there seems to be no Samuel at all. His car, his driver, his burger platter and beer is nowhere to be seen. I let out a sigh before Chris poked me, saying I had to throw garbage at the back since tomorrow, it will be the pick-up day.

I head to the back and moved all the trash he asked me. Still, no sign of Samuel. I feel strange that no one’s bugging me tonight.

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