Loving Her Curves

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Arthur didn't ever expect anyone to fall for him. From his childhood, he knew and as adulthood set in, he had completely settled at the thought of spending the rest of his life alone. Melia completely shattered those thoughts. Full-figured and jaw-droppingly gorgeous, Melia sauntered into Arthur's life effortlessly, bringing him to his knees in more ways than just one. Unfortunately, the past doesn't stay in the past and new obstacles run their way through the couple. They stand strong, but one can only go through so much.

Drama / Romance
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one: the grocery store boy

“Oh fuck. I’m hungry as shit,” Melia groaned slamming her pencil down on her sketch pad. The brunette let down her hair only to quickly wrap it up again into a ponytail.

“For the love of god Mel, watch your language,” Xenia hissed, squinting through her tinted glasses to finish a part of her sketch.

The two women had been friends since freshman year in high school. Melia was the loud one in the hallways, always wanting to make new friends and was never afraid to speak her mind. No matter how perverted it was. Xenia, on the other hand, was the girl who had spent all her time in the library or in the classes alone and secluded.

The day they met, Xenia was wandering the school library, clutching the cardigan she wore tightly around her body, remembering how the comments about her body earlier weren’t very nice. Her attention was caught when long brown hair was suddenly seen on the other side of the shelf, the girl clearly making out with some boy quietly. She had his hands held up above his head and her knee between his legs, rubbing up against the bulge in his jeans.

Xenia let out a gasp, making Melia slowly let go of the boy jutting her chin out towards the exit. He nodded and scampered away with a blushing face, as Melia turned around and smiled sweetly at Xenia who had been covering her eyes.

“Enjoy the show?” Melia had laughed, no sign of remorse seen on her face.

And that was the start of a twelve-year friendship.

“Fine,” Melia mocked, “I’m hungry as hell.” She moved back in her chair, making that jaw-clenching screeching sound.

“Eh, still not good enough. You have a dirty mouth,” Xenia said, smacking her glossed brown lips.

“Oh trust me. It can get worse than this sweetheart,” Melia replied, grinning at Xenia’s sigh. She opened the refrigerator and frowned, gesturing at its nearly empty contents, clearing her throat.

“Mel, I’m not going shopping for you again. The grocery store isn’t that far of a drive.” Xenia set down her pencil and turned around, adjusting the oversized wool sweater on her shoulders.

“Ugh, please? If you love me–”

“Rest assured, I don’t.”

“You heartless little...midget!” Melia retorted, pointing an acrylic covered fingernail at her best friend.

“Take that back,” Xenia narrowed her eyes.

“Buy the food and I’ll think about it.” Melia shrugged, walking back to her chair.

“I’m taking your car then.” Xenia finally gave in, snatching Melia’s car keys from the counter. Muttering on about how she was tired and how much her feet hurt.

The grocery store was only a good ten-minute drive from their clothing store–a plus-size lingerie store. All The Right Curves. The two of them had decided to start up their own line of lingerie for the bigger woman like themselves. And to say the least, it was a huge success.

Xenia turned into the parking lot, quickly walking into the store to avoid any stares or any comments about her clothes. Nudging her glasses, her shoulder bumped into a passing stranger, making her drop her purse.

“Sorry, I’ll get that for you,” the man spoke gruffly, grabbing her bag before she could. He straightened up, towering over Xenia by a good 7 inches. By the looks of his clothes, he was a construction worker, but Xenia most definitely didn’t fail to notice his rippling muscles nearly busting out from his tank top. Or the abs that were clearly seen through the tight fitting shirt.

Xenia stood there, mouth agape in pure astonishment.

“Close your mouth amore, no knowing what you’ll catch in there,” he grinned, the dimples in his cheeks showing. Was that an accent she heard?

And there went her panties.

Damn her for being a sucker for dimples and foreign accents.

Xenia shook her head and snatched the purse back from the awfully attractive man in front of her. She just had to be dreaming.

“Sorry!” she squeaked, before running back into the store, suddenly feeling a bit too hot in her sweater.

Never in her sad little life had she wanted a man so bad.

Too bad it would be the last time she would see him.

Xenia continued with her designated shopping, placing whatever goodies she and Melia enjoyed into the cart. When she finished, she walked up to the register, and loaded everything into the conveyer belt, meeting the cashier.

He was pretty. Not too muscular, not too skinny. Extremely long eyelashes batting down to cover those soft green eyes.

This one was definitely Melia’s type.

“And your total is $26.90,” he spoke gently, his voice deep yet soft-spoken at the same time.

Xenia handed slid her card into the machine, waiting for it to beep, pulling it out when it did that ugly little sound.

“Thank you,” Xenia uttered as she took the bags into her hands.

“You’re welcome ma’am,” he replied, nudging his glasses to keep them from falling off his face.

Xenia sighed. She knew the pain.

When she entered the store again, Melia instant rushed out, thanking her friend as she took the bags to the back room.

“So I’m pretty sure I just fell in love today,” Xenia announced, taking off her sweater.

Melia’s eyes widened. This was probably the second time Xenia had ever mentioned having an interest in anyone. The last time was in college and it was only a fascination over that actor Henry Cavil. The Superman guy.

“But!” Melia’s shoulders drooped. And there it was. Xenia’s constant denial in a surely potential relationship. “I’m not ever going to see him again, so there’s no point in mulling over that piece of fine artwork,” she sighed the last part, squeezing her sweater closer to her.

“Well at least describe him. Give me a visual of that so-called artwork,” Melia said, taking the wrapper from her popsicle.

“No no. There’s no reason to do that. We most likely won’t ever see him again.” Xenia brushed the loose strands of hair away from her face, tucking it behind her ear, saddening herself with her words.

Melia sniffed once. Then she sniffed again, bringing up her popsicle to her nose, smelling the wrapper. Dropping the cold treat into a napkin, she began to rustle through the bags, sniffing through all of its contents.

“Mel I know you’re a werewolf and all but can you keep the little doggy tendencies down to a two?” Xenia furrowed her brows, watching the woman look frantically around the room.

“I found them,” she mumbled incredulously, “I finally fucking found them!” Melia hopped around the room, lifting Xenia from her seat to jump around along with her.

"Language Mel. And you found who exactly?” Xenia questioned her friend’s sanity for the umpteenth time that day.

“My mate.” Melia grabbed her keys from the table. “And you just helped me.”

“You’re...welcome?” Xenia tried her best to grasp the situation but just couldn’t.

“I could just kiss you right now!” Melia exclaimed, grabbing Xenia’s cheeks and pressing her lips against her forehead.

“Mel!” Xenia huffed, wiping off her sticky chapstick from her forehead.

“Oh shit I gotta go, I gotta go!”

In no less than six minutes, Melia was in the parking lot of the grocery store, fixing her clothes and hair. The moment she entered the store, their scent immediately bombarded her senses almost making her squeal with happiness. She followed the scent down the candy aisle, watching a man unpack boxes of sweet and sour candy, stacking them onto the shelf.

Melia slowly walked to where he was, tapping his shoulder lightly. There was no ignoring the spark she felt and he most definitely felt, turning around suddenly.

As soon as his eyes laid on her, his mouth dropped open in utter awe. He wasn’t sure if goddesses had existed before that moment, but now he was sure as hell.

The man’s hands became clammy, his stomach churning with anxiousness for some reason. She wasn’t pretty. Hell, she wasn’t even gorgeous. Her level of attractiveness couldn’t be measured by those simple words.

She had these light blue cat-like eyes, that just pulled Arthur in. Mischievous and under control. Pink lips that were naturally plump and just so perfect, Arthur’s mind has drifted elsewhere. And her body–god her body. If Arthur had the guts to move he would’ve had his first in his mouth to keep from touching her.

Melia smiled softly, stepping closer to the man who was already backed up against a shelf.

“N-need something m-ma’am?” he stammered, his low voice making Melia squeeze her legs together. She looked down at his name tag, mouthing his name quietly, then in a normal tone.

“Not at this moment, Arthur,” she purred his name and she was sure his breathing had stopped. “I’m Melia.”

His glasses had fogged up so much, Melia slid them from his face, grabbing the collar of her shirt to clean them, purposely letting her cleavage show.

Arthur didn’t mean it when he glanced down quickly, his view blessed with her breasts. But Melia had caught him in the act, taking a step closer to Arthur.

“You’re really cute Arthur. You know that?” He shook his head. “I can’t wait to fuck you up,” Melia growled, trailing a finger down his chest, before leaving the grocery store boy, in the middle of candy aisle, stunned with arousal and fear.

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