One Green Bottle

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Chapter 10

“Yes you. Come here otherwise I am not going to let you go downstairs. Why have you gone too?”

“I am away on an away day.”

“She is totally mad creature.”

“I am what I am nobody knows or understands...”

“I think John Clare rotten why are you reading him? He is absolutely nonsensical a poet without a life isn’t a poet.”

“He had no millions to burn that was his trouble.”

“Fuck off. I am going to a real woman and you will have to watch me fucking.”

“I always do. I prefer porn. They make it more interesting it is more educational when I meet the right man I will perform on him and make it his worthwhile.”

“I you now stop I am performing this and that with this and that girl.”

“Fidelity is an overused word?”

“You are not God. I can’t be faithful to one woman. It is beneath a prince to be. Our forebears have the attitude and it is becoming a burden on my soul. This strange creature what I’m I going to do? When I love good times more than her? Yet he can’t stay away from her. I want my meat and not to eat my mead is the holocaust that has set us against each other drove this lamentable girl into this fat zombie.”

“I have not always been fat. I was slim when we met.”

“You are tight. Even size 20 is too tight for you. I can’t be seen with you I will be a laughing stock.”

“Don’t worry I don’t wish to be seen with you either.”

“Do you want any more food shall I bring it from the kitchen so that you can burst?”

“I have burst already it is the most delicious meal I have ever cooked.”

Begins to hit her and hit her. She is always in a good frame of mind and being hit seems to upset her not at all. Emine is laughing her head off. She seems to be enjoying his fists so she glares into his mind and snaps his synapses. He groans in pain and desire leaves him. Emine is limp trying not to cry only babies cry and weak women and Emine has always been strong. He glares at her she looks at him.

“How do you do that?”

“How do you mean?”

“Arouse me and then snap my head off?”

“It is a trade secret.”

“Good you are getting the hang of it now. That is what you are going to be a call girl.”

“Will you call first then your little friends and others beside yourself? I think I’ll burn down the building too. My father was an arsonist.”

“How dare you say that? You little whore what right have you to deny what I want?”

“You know not everybody gets what they want sometimes they get what they deserve but not everyone gets what they want.”

“I am not everyone I am a most important person I have the means to break nations.”

“Oh you mean down at Brussels with your whores?”

“Yes damn it? How did you know?”

“Luck it is.”

“Do you mean to say that you are lucky?”

“Well you did save me from drowning.”

“I’ll put you there again if it is the last thing I do. I wish I never laid eyes on you. It’s not what you say or do it is something I can’t put my finger on that I just can’t leave it alone? You witch with your eyes and what used to be you now look at you a tom-tom will make it better.”

“What you mean a figure of fun?”

“Yes so you are.”

“We are the cats who have paid for our pleasures.”

Laughing goes and tries to strike her heart. She is too quick for him and they are spent waiting for the other to give up. They are in this position for some minutes then her mother calls for the shop has to be seen too. There is a million things to do everything has fallen into dirt and anarchy since she has been away. A health inspector has called and everything had been dirty the inspector will call in two hours and they all have to do the shop from top to bottom.

Emine rushes downstairs and the cleaning begin. The cleaning is done from top to bottom the place gleams in its newness and pride. The inspector calls as arranged and he says it can be done this place can be kept clean look it has been done. Goes away and Emine and her mum feel pleased with themselves that they have done all that in two hours.

All that scrubbing and the mop not out of their hands the washing and the cleaning the sink washed the surfaces the rat things the dust on the walls the plates cleaned the litter emptied the dustbins placed so that the rats won’t feed the oily pans and saucepans the customers to see too. It is everything done in less than two hours. The floors swept the garden and toilets done the washing the endless washing the oil and the dirt the filthy smell the disinfectant the place to be if one wishes to remain anonymous.

Emine could not feel her legs like the legs had icy water on them. She felt cold her mother came from the stock room. Her face was red with rage. Emine did not want to look at her.

“I thought you had done the stock room?” Mum said.

“Dad didn’t want me to do it said it was a waste of time.”

“We nearly got closed because of that.”

“Well that would teach you two a lesson to do the cleaning and not to leave it all to me. Not to interfere and not to rush and tell me not to do things that is sensible to do.”

“You know I don’t know where I got you from?”

“From that feed the pigeon newsletter instructing how to poison all the pigeons you see, I have a phobia about them that is why I landed in trouble and that is how you got me.”

“That might be reasons why we could have been closed. Now go and wash yourself because the inspector will come and if he sees how dirty you are looking he might close the place for sure.”

“It’s too late he is here.”

“It is a dirty apron? Let me not see it.”

“Was busy doing the cleaning?” Emine said

“Ok. What is that meat doing outside?”

“He is serving a customer. I’ll put it in the fridge now.” Mum answered.

“Not the freezer?”

“Oh no”

Violence can beget more violence when the thugs use their children to shield themselves from me. What I’m I that they can do that? They don’t like my eyes they fear to look into my soul for then they can see such as themselves reflected and their reflections bother them. Those nice men who murder and steal can get annoyed by the look in my eyes that set their tenses past and send them scurrying for cover. I learnt the trick when my dad beat me up. I looked at him with just such an expression followed him with my eyes as if hell bent on arousing his conscience. He my dad had scurried away too. Banged up mum he soon ceased following me to school. I willed him to follow me or to touch me again. He never touched me but tried to murder my thoughts that look I gave him did not help he wanted to murder me nevertheless.

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