One Green Bottle

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Chapter 26

Not true. A girl friend or a whore that between women there is a special friendship which we all like to see and witness that it is the best of things which we got for our liberation from the kitchens. Where is the new position well it is in there somewhere between the bedroom and the office with the official capacity? How dare you say that the women are all not free? We have never been better we can choose whether to stay with a man or a woman what else do you all want? What is the position who is the real giver in this relationship? When did the man come in and out and leave such devastating thoughts with him? Where did we belong and not belong? Where did I lose myself in the thoughts of him taking responsibility when he doesn’t want to have anything to do with me? He leaves me to do all the gangs and leaves me to wipe my own tears and my arse is in the open but he takes and leaves it. He can take me or leave me at present. Does he have the remotest idea how much it hurts? It is a tale of unhappiness told by the forces of evil. I have pined enough for a man that doesn’t exist. Ok so I have not always been faithful to this image of the hero I have in mind but he was always on my mind and now I thought I met him and he turns out to be a clown.

I will probably knit him a scarf it will pass the time with him wallowing in the warmth and forgetting about me as he pushes himself onto some other unsuspecting idiot. I wish he would go and do so now because I am going to mark his car.

I am not wilfully going to jump on him to see what he has been doing maybe powdering his nose? I wonder if I should give him one for the road. Look when a man is incapable of protecting his girl then he should become extinct. Put on the shelf with the rest of the reads. Seen it done it been there. I have nothing to do tonight but listen to myself going on and on about how the ex tried it on and he the present one did not say a word. Wanted me to silence him his legs were onto my bum and he did not stop him. You know when a woman can’t go to the cinema without being preyed on. Do I look like a prostitute? I will put myself to sleep but there is no medication that can do that. It is as if painful thoughts come and won’t leave me.

Medicines will not help to point one in the right direction there are no right ways to see it through and that makes it murderers to the digestion and what does it mean when and why a person gets murdered when the only possibilities are that they are all cons. The mightiest persons in this world are huge con.


They are just so.


Are you in jest when a man an important man attacked me when I was possibly twelve.


Because had on my pigtails.


He thought I was a whore because only whores wear pigtails.


Go and ask him.

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