One Green Bottle

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Chapter 4

So, he took off.

He should not have bridled I have his secret. I am fidgeting now it is such an important manner I fidget in. I like being difficult. I am now being courted by Tom and the girl’s boy friend is very busy patting the girl as if she were a prize he has just won from the jumble sale not that he goes to any jumble sales but he likes a bargain when he sees one. To remember days gone. When to remember but those days when life was even more of a struggle when eating was a triumph when the days were lonely and dull always snowing as if the skies had tumbled down. It is there in my heart that the snow did not melt. I was the snow queen with all my demons from hell on my heels petrifying me. What I saw of myself was extended into what there was. People were pretending who they weren’t. There were untruths and falsehoods and lies. Everyone somehow lived a lie. Pretending perfect bliss classiness and being secure in a world without any fact.

I the tormented was invited to a place to work which was a showcase for something more sinister. The people glared into one looking for thrills and money. They saw me as a commodity. After boss used up then it would be their turn. I was very enchanted with this prospect. My prospective boy friend looked on at me delighted with me. I was equally delighted with him but he had to pass certain tests. My endurance was calibre and manly tests that we Turkish women put our men through. It is traditional and wise to make the man pass these tests it passes the courtship and makes the woman feel some power before surrender. What happens when the man fails the tests? She does not marry him. Love does not lie to someone else but life is made up of lies. Does not lie with him does not acknowledge him does not make him a present with it does not say good day to him says bye byes to him. What happens when he does not accept her decision? All out war my friends all out war. It is beastly what happens between a man who does not succeed and a woman who wants nothing to do with the man because he is not the man she wants, or is looking to fulfil herself with. Even if he is a prince a man must lie to pretend and protect himself, especially if he is a prince. What to give up obscurity and accept notoriety and being shy into the bargain? Death to peace death to all that.

Life is like death to youthful dreams of peace and quiet. Death to all that is unlikely luck that escapes death and makes us learn from the mistakes from the past if not lucky farewell to all that is good in one. What in hell am I supposed to have done wrong it is the thing in my blood is it my fault if I am imperfectly informed? Life is not perfect ok it would have been easy if I had given in and been a jerk accepted a farm accepted my pension and been a good lay. I am not a dog, nor a cat I am not like his employees out to do the greedy thing to humour him adore him and left cast aside outsider in the cold without any goodness left. I am me is that impossible to be? I am me because of all that strength I am about to be exploited is it any wonder I wonder why I didn’t go with the penultimate one? I was being forced into prostitution. I saw the four poster bed it was there freely offered me as if on a dish this is where you belong he said.

“Did I?” Oh God to be so exposed to this to see this before going to hell.

“Which side will you sleep on?”

“I don’t know maybe the left or the right?”

“How about the centre the core of this when shall we tell her that sort of thing?”

“That too often does not happen to us.”

“How about the foot of the bed it is too narrow”

“That too”

“How about me burning the bed”

“It is walnut you can’t burn a walnut bed?”

“You seem to be burning this relationship.”

“Look you can’t accept marriage or expect all that because you are a dishwasher.”

“I can move on.”

“Then move on it has been five years since we met and you still haven’t moved on.”

“I barely survive all this?”

“All what”

“How about my putting your penis on the mantelpiece with all the rest of the junk”

“I might have uses for it other than a show piece?”

“Look fuck off we don’t speak the same language!”

“I’m speaking perfect English I want to share my four poster bed with you?”


“I have a house or flat anywhere you care to come with me? I’ll show you where?”

“I’ve got to do the washing up there are plates as high as your arms and I don’t have time to be doing all that.”

“I’m going to destroy all this that you have fucking you is my business and you aren’t even meeting me half way.”

“How many girls have you fucked recently?”


“My point that is my point”

“What does that have to do with anything? You are always flirting? Do I complain?”

“Oh yes you do.”

“Then come with me and I’ll be as faithful as you?”

“You know I can’t be faithful to you.”


“I don’t care for your lifestyle we haven’t the common ground.”

“Please come with me I can give you a good time.”

“I like being miserable.”

“Why do you always end up winning the argument? You’re maddening you know. You’ll go too far one of these days and I’ll end up hurting you!”

“Oh it is so nice of you to say that you haven’t hurt me now is that it?”

“Give in to me?”


“Give in to me”

“Let’s kiss.”

“No kissing me to kiss you changing the subject again that is what you are doing.”

“You know my dear if you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen.”

“You whore you bitch I can’t stand you bloody bitch of a bloody whore.”

“Now now it is very unmannerly to come to another person’s house and call them names go to your own place and call those people whatever you like.”

“Ah you bitch.”

“It is a simple fact you know that when I haven’t got anybody to help with the dishwashing and you changing the subject as it is I am short staffed you go and play with your toys while I change the sink water that is a good boy.”

“What did you call me?”

“I called you a man with the dick now go and get laid.”

“I will you know.”

“You and I are through you known that don’t you?”

“I’m not through with you yet.”

“I shouldn’t tell you this but there is someone else in my life.”

“I’ll get rid of him immediately and you’ll be sorry you ever met him.”

“That should be interesting even exciting. How you love to get rid of my friends. It is a passion with you but you still haven’t done the thing that I want until you find out what you need to do I am not letting you in.”

“What haven’t I done?”

“When you figure it out I’ll tell you I am always fair?”

“I have too much to think about to be thinking out that problem.”

“Exactly my point with it” then he continues with the glee, “If you can’t figure out that problem then we can’t you do much with you. Been spreading yourself too many times over it must be over work.”

“Patronising bitch I’ll teach you a lesson tonight I am having the biggest bash there is ever going to be seen. It will be talked about for years to come?”

“April fools is it?”

“Who do you think you are?”

“Just a bitch with a sink, don’t you are hurting me.”

“One day you are going to do it then we will see who is hurting who?”

“I’m going shaky with it all. “

“Nervous are you?”

“No not at all.”

“But you seem to mind the bash tonight?”

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