Madam Fidil and Mr Abdul

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Gross and worse what can you expect? In a husband and wife who are mad in their madness they run their business and their lives in some sorry statements in some states and always stranded going nowher When Mrs so and so lost herself in the life she had and became this figure of fun and doomed to remain so she lost it became the lost cause of womanhood and serfdom which she said she became the thing she did not want to answer to what do women do who have nothing? What can they do they take from others so that they might get something. Some women are like that they are thieves they take from others in order to live their enchantments to live lives through better than most people to mate in order to mate when they do not only live within the boundaries of society but cross over many times the arena and mate in order to mate so that they live the better for it and then they go all sore like the lies when found it was not it what everyone said we should have said and done because we are the very fools which society made us to be? Rather than to admit they are in the wrong they are now saying that they were the victims themselves in fact if they can they will cry out that they have been raped by the very society which fed them. Look help me I have been made a victim society has taken me and I am now losing it.

Drama / Erotica
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Chapter 1

Madam Fiddle and her son Mr Abdul has moved down the lane into the big house and they are having a ball. The thing was all the girls at the Fats were so fed up because they had to smarten up and make believe that their life depended on being agreeable. When the Fats were in such a turmoil rumours began to circulate that they did not have any sense nor the clothes in their wardrobes as they had sold their clothes in order to pay off the mortgage repayments.

The heir Mr Fiddle had asked to see the statements and accounts and there was no accountability for the life that they had lived before.

“Most definitely they had not degraded themselves by defrauding the Fiddle’s.”

Their property due to unforeseen circumstances was entitled to Mr Fiddle as he now only the one with the IOU’s which someone called their father had signed away but the whole house was in that person’s name which Mr Fiddle soon realised. His daddy was a far superior gentleman and had made off with the lot.

Mr Fiddle seeming to be relentless in the pursuit of wealth and unhappy thoughts for the future of his fortune he knew to the last dime where it was and how to make more of it. He knew to be agreeable too so he thought and thought how to make amends to them girls who his father had robbed and seeing himself as the fortunate man whom everyone must marry he did not see his nose and his thinning hair all he saw was his good nature.

The girls were too young but Mr Fiddle too was in his beastly year of forty and the girls were in their twenties so Mr Fiddle had the right age gap. His mother wanted an heir as soon as possible seeing that Mr Fiddle was fast approaching decline and that meant nothing to do but to give to her nephew which she detested more than anybody could being her half sister’s and the nephew was mad to boot.

Mr Fiddle now harassed to produce the proper heir did as he was told when his mother called to do her bidding he did.

Very obedient too but it did not always work as they both would have wished it to.

Mrs Fiddle had become recently a widow and that meant she now must have the right attitude to her deceased husband who had been a man a womaniser and a cheat drunk to boot but that was nothing when she heard he had also set up house with some woman whom he had children by she was so enraged that she split her corset. She never acknowledged his prior engagements or commitments.

She was that angry? So much so that they did not even go to the funeral and the other woman had she been well would have done so but she had been not well so they had to fork out the bill. And they did they told the funeral directors where to send the bill when the other woman got up and re stamped the bill and sent it back to them that is how ill she was. Said Mrs Fiddle in a huff.

“Highly unused to such a thing going on.”

“The goings on is sure to bring them to heel.”

“Mr Fiddle now wants to marry one of the girls as a bad will gesture.”

“Nobody wants to.”

They prefer to work.

“At what?”

“Work it work and more of it.”

“What is in it for the parents?”

“They get free views and have a suppers on the house.”

“Dining in?”

“We don’t know.”

“You don’t know anything at all.”

Mr Fiddle had turned a corner when he had made money and he had no intention of letting go of his fortunes and most definitely his former friends were so fired by his lack of spending that they left him.

“He is a miser my dear.” Said Mrs Hasan sadly, “Otherwise we would have owned up to the relationship and the obligations which his suit would have made.”

“Mr Fiddle my dear is a..”

“A what husband?”

“He is a millionaire.”

“We know that but if he is not spending what does it matter to us?”

“They are all living in a run down shack.”

“You are right but what if one of the girls could undo the purse strings?”

“It is a gamble but I am not betting on it.” Said Fat who prided herself on her virtue and good sense and deportment, as she was sewing her dress she was in some annoyance. Her hair looked like she had fizzed it and had been at the curlers too long and her pale skin was looking even more pale.

“The girls would have to be crazy to marry or even think about him in such a manner he has no table manners and he only thinks about himself.”

“Self centred to the point of obscenity.”

“So he made money and his father gave him all his money?”

“Yes unfortunately money goes to money it is as if gold follows gold like a magnet.”

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