Blurred Souls

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Chapter 5

SCHOOL IS FOR LOSERS was printed on a yellow cardboard next to the Biology class along period jokes and I couldn't feel more disappointed on the male generation.








I shook my head at the childless of the male generation of this school and even though it was taken down by students and the Biology teacher, the next day the words were printed almost on every paper. No one bothered anymore and got used to the sight of the ugly jokes made by kids a.k.a juniors.

When I reached history class I was completely shocked to see it was Alex freakin Blake. His sculpted face stared back at me. Here, my mind started running far off into the distance. A reverie of the future set down upon me.

I can still see it vividly.

I think I cursed in Spanish, and I can't even speak the language.

As I slowly opened the door, I felt my heart beats fasten, my legs turned into jello-it wasn't in a good way.

To my utter and complete surprise Alex's eyes were red. I knew he'd been crying and I frowned at the ugly mess in front of me. Do I look a freaking tissue to wipe your tears/ boogers? Unfortunately, I think I look like one.

I might have been a little curious to know what made the ultimate Alex Blake cry. They say curiousty killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back.

"Why hello there Alexie." I greeted him, offering my best fake smile cordially with a tilt of my chine.

He was sitting on the teacher's table whilst crossing his hands over his chest

"I'm not in the mood, Angel." his voice was rough, I wonder why he always drags the ge in my name. His red eyes were focused, blinking every one minute when he slowly moved.

"So what did you offer the poor boy? Or did you let your fist do the talking?"

Alex Blake had a frown plastered on his face as he whiped the tear that had escaped. He was clearly not in the mood for my humourous jokes.

What can I say people love my personality; that's why I have them following me like a lost puppy.

"He likes me." He said as a matter-of-factly.

"He must have some pretty low standards then."

I thought he had given him the name of some gym he works out in. Although I have 6 pack, covered in fat that contains pizza, chocolate and icecream.

"Or he must have higher standards than you." He smirked, his mood changing black to his normal self. I could see his gladdened emotions had changed to coldness.

"Do you secretly bat for the other team, Alexie? Is that what you're so scared to admit? Don't worry most girls here don't give a shit if that's what you're most worried about."

He looked at me from toes to head shamelessy before saying ," I'm not sure why we're having this conversation, but I must say I've heard a couple of guys saying you come out of the closest. "

"Don't worry, Alexie. I'm still perfectly fit in the closet even though you have no chance. Zero. Nada."

"Do you think I like bullying you, huh?" His question caught me off. At this point he was fully standing , wait what? His eyes were even after he changed his mood from sullen coldness to harsh, irritable anger, to vehement, impetnous, fiery wrath, and therefore the more deadly and unsparing.

"So why do bully me?" I hissed, walking toward him. His face softened, and I started breathing regularly again.

I wish I was a therapist so I would understand what kind of a sick game he was trying to pull.

"You won't understand." He repeated as a matter of fact.

"I won't say help me understand because I really don't care." I smiled, I'm kind of curious to know a couple of things about his life; there's a difference.

"Good for you."

"Why do you want to see me anyway?"

If he wants to use me as a punchbag, he's going to lose his family treasure.

"Can you shut up for a moment?" He looked broken, as if waiting for someone to help the broken piece inside of him.

I rolled my eyes,"I need to eat either say what you want or let me leave in peace."

"I w-a-a-n-t," he sighed as if trying to figure a way to sum up his words,"I just lost someone very close to me yesterday night and I feel like I can't fucking breathe. You know the pain, Angel. You know the pain of losing a person who means a lot to you . "

"I mean, I don't know what to say back. No matter how much of a jerk and a capital L you are, no one deserves to go through the pain of losing someone they love. I hope she rests in peace."

Alex nodded with a smile. "I hope she does."

"Do you want to call my non-existent therpaist? You could work on your other issues as well." I gave him a forced smile and glanced at the time. I had ten minutes left to eat.

"I'm such a fucked up person, aren't I?"

"I mean, I can't say no, my mother had always told me not to lie."

A laughter escaped Alex echoing through the usually boisterous room.

Are we April? I have a feelings it's April fool. His good behaviour was kind of terrifying me, I never came across his good side. To be completely homest, I thought it didn't exist.

"I'm really sorry about your sister, but it doesn't change my hatred towards you. My mind is pretty set on hating you."

"I never expect you not to, I mean I can't blame you, hell I can't even stand myself. "


"Hello, Mrs. Twist. My name is Angel. The principal told me I'll be working with you for the rest of the year. I hope you'd enjoy my sweet company. "

After asking the bubble gum boy to give it to the cafeteria lady before heading to class since he had a free period and mine were as full as a rain bucket and she leaves after this period, I made my way to Literature class and grabbed my notepad.

"Read about Hamlet by William Shakespeare and write a summary for every paragraph. If you don't give your paper tomorrow, your mark will drop by fifty points. Hopefully you're good students who do their homework."

The whole class sighed. I didn't know any of the people seated here since we had a mutual agreement to remain complete strangers. Or that's what I got from their usual glared and sarcastic tones.

"Please cooperate with me to get better grades. Literature is not just for writers or Shakespare as someone mentioned earlier, it's for everyone."

A blue note captured my attention as I opened my locker, the odly neat and shipshape handwriting caused in a frown to settle on my face. Why would anyone write this to me? Was this some kind of joke made by Sebby or Chloe?

Dear Angel,

I know you might be going through a bad time in your life, humans never get to take a break, do we?I want you to know that you're the strongest person I've ever seen. So strong and always has a bright smile that I fell in love with.

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