My Dangerous Life - Book 2

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Chapter 8 ~ Apart of the team


On the way home, Arlo mentioned Brady and Tamelia having ‘drinks’ at their house and that we should stop by. I was hesitant about it because of how much I knew no one liked me - but apparently, after saving Tristan’s life, I had somehow received clemency and was ‘apart of the team’ though, I highly doubted that. His optimism was cute.

We pulled up to an apartment building, I could already tell which apartment they were in by the bright coloured lights and people hanging around on the balcony. I bit the inside of my mouth while he held my hand and walked me to the elevator.

“Wait, before we go up...” I was nervous but I also didn’t want to let this opportunity pass me by so, with some sort of false courage, I ceased my moment.

“What’s wro…” I took a step forward, closer into his personal space. Leaning in with my lips slightly parted, I snuck my hand up to rest upon the nape of his neck and firmly pressed my lips against his. With my eyes closed, I could taste the hint of wine upon the opening of his mouth, all senses on high alert, very aware of Arlo. Pulling back, I realised very quickly he had not moved and my insecurities were at the forefront, flooding my mind.

Maybe he didn’t like it? Maybe I had read the signals wrong? Maybe it was the wrong time? Maybe he was kidding about the kiss? Fuck, I can’t take that back.

“F-f for the w-win,” I spluttered out quickly, trying to conceal my awkwardness and apprehension. This seemed to kick him into gear.

He pushed my body up against the elevator buttons, the metal plaque jabbing into my upper back but as his lustful lips and tongue found mine, I cared less about the pain and more about what was happening. His rugged and powerful, alpha maleness had me captured and creaming in amatory need of him. His cologne awakening my burning desire to be adequately filled as his tongue played rhythmically with my own.

It held the secret promise of unbridled sexual passion and images of what that mouth could do with another pair of lips I happened to be gifted with raced through my lascivious mind. His hips jutted into me, pressing harder against the wall and I moaned in pleasure, my nipples, hard as rocks and I held them against his sinewy chest, desperate for devilish friction of the best kind. A heated flush danced across my face - I wanted more - I wanted his cock and as he devoured me, wonderfully dry humping me in front of the elevator, a clearing of the throat knocked us from our animated, sexual intoxication.

The older gentleman standing there gave us a wink before stepping into the elevator and was gone.

We both straightened our clothes and resumed our position waiting for the next lift, he possessively collected my hand in his again - I loved that Arlo was not afraid to show his affection - I also loved that my insecurities were wrong. He did want to kiss me and his performance had me grinning from ear to ear, nervously gushing in romantic satisfaction.

In all my dreaminess, I suddenly realised what was about to be undertaken and I guess Arlo picked up on my dramatic shift in atmosphere.

“You’re overthinking...” he stated as the doors closed, I stood silently while his thumb moved in a circular motion over my hand.

My heart was beating so fast now but not just because of what had happened - which had me rubbing my legs together trying to ease some of the burning discomfort I had to be sensually stroked to the peak of orgasmic bliss - by his cock. No, I felt the pit of my stomach anxiously rolling and I tried so hard to calm down but to no avail.

The doors opened and he led me to the apartment, no knocking, just walked straight in without even a breath for preparation. My eyes were immediately greeted by so many almost naked women, all different shapes and sizes. I felt overdressed, yet stripped bare at the same time.

On the couch sat Zavion, Brady and Tamelia, some leggy blonde with no shirt on, resting on her knee and then Blitz with two women either side of him - though they were not paying attention to anything he said - instead, looking over at Brady with lusting eyes and longing gazes but he ignored their every movement and sound, he simply had no interest in them what-so-ever.

“Hey, you two...” Brady called out, happily waving us over.

“It’s the Healer,” Tamelia watched me tensely, assessing my body language, although not hard to hide how uncomfortable I was.

“That’s my new name?” I timidly inquired.

“We’ll see, still have to prove your worth.”

“Give it up you guys, you know without her Tristan wouldn’t be alive,” Arlo commented while taking a seat next to Zavion, who surprisingly stood and pulled at my arm to follow him.

We walked into the kitchen, the regard of my surroundings wasn’t hidable. “What do you want to drink?”

“What you got?” He scrutinised me, waiting with descry curiosity for me to answer his original question. Wow, Arlo was right when he said about Zav’s lack of words, “okay… um, lemon, lime and bitters?”

“With Vodka?”

“Okay, sure… thanks.” He just nodded and started to mix. I was quite enthralled by his bartending skills, he seemed like a man of many talents, Zav though, kept his heart hidden behind an impenetrable brick wall.

Handing me my drink, to which I mumbled my ‘thanks’ - he rested, leaning against the bench, visually assessing me. I sat down on the breakfast bar stool and observed him back, with just as much fervour as he was me.

Finally, he cracks. “I heard what you said.”

“And what was that?” I tilted my head on enquiry.

“About Tristan’s actions the other night at dinner, in front of Captain’s bedroom door.” I swallowed nervously, I, in actual fact, could not remember what I had said, but I had to remain nonchalant and unnerved.


“And, I appreciate what you said. Tristan sometimes forgets the weight that Arlo is burdened with, he acted off impulse to save your life, yet, he knew something we all did not…”

“Knew what exactly?” I bit a little harshly, petrified of where this was going.

“That you were his calm.” I scoffed at him, inwardly thankful that’s what he was on about.

“That’s an awfully big assumption to make from a distance.”

“And yet, I have not seen him happier,” he shrugs at me. Pregnant silence rolls between us before I pluck my courage up and voice.

“What do you want from me Zavion?”

“To get to know you, to be friends.”

“Is that all or does it come with certain… requirements?”

He’s silent for a moment, a frown upon his face, both of us not breaking eye contact. “What have you had to go through that a simple friendship offer is mistaken for something insidious?” I looked away from him feeling foolish and insecure, struggling to gain a calm breath, I don’t have friendships without conditions, people in my life were usually untrustworthy, but these were the heroes - my heroes. The emotion build-up betrays me and my eyes begin to well, I attempt to hide my shame. Zav pushes away from the bench and extends his hand for me to shake. “Hi, a pleasure to finally meet you, my name is Zavion, you can call me Zav,” I smiled broadly, relieved by his warm action.

“Harlyn, p-people call me Arly...” I shook his hand, a small sob escaped the back of my throat.

“Great Arly, let’s get to know each other and meet some of our new friends?”

I liked this Zavion, it was far nicer to have someone willing to talk to you, rather than stare at you, scrupulously scrutinizing my every move with unwarranted judgement.

Zav and I took our seats on the couch and held a continuous conversation, he was funny and respectful, far different from the others. He paid no attention to the almost naked ladies walking around, but then again neither did Arlo, he watched me closely, my eyes catching his, every now and again, but then I would be drawn back into the conversation. Every time we did lock eyes, the intense burn that flowed between us was intriguing - fuck did I want him.

I apologised to Zavion as my body had become tired and I was yawning in his face, Arlo collected me, ready to leave and I kissed Zav’s cheek, “thank you for everything.” He just nodded and smiled as we left. I hope someday Tamelia, Brady and Blitz will talk to me too.

“Should I be worried?” I peered over at Arlo with a creased brow, that was a rather odd question.


“You and Zav,” I laughed heartedly, realising his sudden insecurity - wow, and I thought I was the only one.

“Oh my god, the beginning was intense, I thought I was on trial for murder in that kitchen. But then he extended his hand and offered friendship, it was sweet, kind, warm - Zav is, well he’s - he’s very… funny,” I smiled up at Arlo feeling tingling about the encounter.

“Funny is not usually a word associated with Zav.”

“He had me in hysterics.”

“I could tell, I don’t think any of us have seen him smile that much.”

“Well, I enjoyed it, in fact, I enjoyed all of today so much, thank you. I’m sorry I am so tired.”

“It’s fine, it’s been a big day.” He got out of his door and walked around to open mine. Arlo’s chivalrous behaviour had me weakening again, did this hunk of a man do anything wrong? I felt my insides fluttering with dangerous emotion, we had been sleeping in the same bed but now, we had kissed. That damn beautiful man was right - I do over think things - we will just head to bed like normal, it was a kiss for winning a bet, that’s it.

Once in his room, I began to slowly disrobe while he sat on the edge, his eyes burning holes into my back, I could feel them and my body shuddered with pleasure. I seductively lifted my shirt, fully aware my entire bare flesh was exposed to his heated gaze and I temptingly reached for my camisole, allowing just a hint of side boob to tease him further.

“Stop,” he ordered and I froze completely still.

I felt the warmth of his body right behind me, radiating pure sexual masculinity and an extremely light touch, trailed over my upper back. “You’re hurt, there’s a mark.”

A mark? Mark? Oh, shit, the elevator. “It’s fine...” I soothed, “the up and down buttons dug into me when we… um… ya know... before we... went up.” I downplayed the whole kiss.

“I did this?” This time the warmth of his whole palm across the supposed abrasion, my body quivered, adoring his tender touch.

“I-it wasn’t on purpose, it’s fine really.” I moved my head to the side to look back at him over my right shoulder, feeling braver and bolder than usual. “A little rough never hurt anyone,” I remarked, breathy and with a sensual purr in my tone, the lust rolling between us near strangulation point.

He moaned, bringing down his lips upon the offending blemish, his heated mouth ministrations on my back had me curving my spine and whimpering out aloud - but he didn’t stop at the mark, no, he carried out his torturous tasting all the way down my back. I was helpless against his affection and quickly became an almost liquified mess as his kisses ran across my side, spinning me ever so slowly and just enough, so he could capture my needy breasts with his divine mouth. Arlo’s talented tongue swirling over my pointed nips causing my cunt to salivate as I mewled in passionate indulgence.

He made his way up my neck and along my jawline, claiming my lips forcefully this time. “Fuck Harlyn, I want you so bad,” he moaned out as his hand plunged into my panties, cupping my horny and desperate vagina, “so wet,” he cried, “makes me think you want me too?”

“I do,” I confessed, “I do want you...” I mewled in between kisses, “fuck me,” I wailed in heady lustful haze as he toyed generously with my aroused folds.

He needed no further instruction - tearing my panties straight from my heated body - my hands fumbling to remove his but trying hard to concentrate on kissing him - a sloppy sex kiss, driven by pure carnal lust. He had me, once again, up against the wall. What was it with him and walls? My legs were lifted to wrap around his waist as he rubbed his glorious manhood against me.

His hand angled the tip of his cock and plunged straight into my dripping wet centre. I gasped in surprise, his intrusion was bigger than I anticipated and my walls pulsed happily around his humongous member. “Oh god,” the words left my mouth with a husky, guttural appreciation.

“I can’t wait - it takes too much strength to hold back from you.”

His thrusts into me were all driven by primal desire and I was loving every hard pump more than I ever expected too, he was rough, raw and untamed - as though a beast had finally be given the okay to be unleashed.

All I could do was hold on for dear life as I was fucked toward oblivion. Number one orgasm came fast and hard, I had no chance of even holding back, I moaned with utter elation at finally being relieved of my pent up sexual frustration and he grunted as I clenched down around him. “fuck Arlo...” I cried out in ecstasy.

Pumping again, my back pressed firmly against the wall, he snuck his thumb down in between my folds and played with my already sensitive clit. “Arrrlllloooo,” I cried again, as wave upon wave of orgasmic pleasure ripped through my body. My mind was shattered, floating somewhere in the cosmos as he slammed up into my centre.

“Just one more for me Harlyn, the sight of you cumming is beautiful,” he whispered in my ear. Sweat drenched his forehead but still, his stamina and physical ability held strong. His firm grip on my hips as he moved us to the couch, surprised me, then he lifted my legs over his shoulders. Fucking me deeply, my body grinding into the cushions below us and my eyes rolled to the back of my head. I had never felt anything so incredibly magnificent in my life. Again, his hand snaked between us, manipulating my clit fiercely - I could see his glorious length sliding in and out of my sopping wet hole.

“Fuck! Me! Arlo!” I screamed as I came undone.

“Hhhhaaarrrlllyyynn,” he growled, cumming deep inside of me, painting my insides in his milky spurts of semen.

He flops down in between my legs, his head resting on my breasts. Never had I ever been satisfied so thoroughly like that before, he knew just how to make my body sing and man was I in heaven. I couldn’t leave now, no, not now, somewhere in that sensational romp I had lost not just my mind but my heart and I wanted more, no - I wanted him.

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