My Dangerous Life - Book 2

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Chapter 9 ~ The Call


I stretch out feeling fully sated, arching my back as I released my body from its frozen prison - I had clearly spent all night not moving. The sheet slipped, exposing my breasts to the sun’s rays that shone through the bedroom balcony doors, Arlo always kept open. I felt the bed dip and a warm mouth surrounded my nipple, his tongue lavishly swirling and my back curved for a whole new reason.

“Good morning,” his husky morning grunt had me smiling stupidly. How did this man manage to elicit such mind-numbing erotic pleasure and devious thoughts? He climbs between my legs whilst simultaneously pushing me back to the mattress, nipping at my toned stomach, heading all the way down. I clamped my legs shut as much as I possibly could with this bulky hunk between them.


“Yes,” he gritted out.

“I need a bath.”

“Now?” He whined as if I was a confirmed insane person.

“You’re about to eat me out and I’m pretty sure our cum is all over me,” I stated. Normally, I wouldn’t have minded being licked to orgasm but we had been rather... eventful and adventurous last night, I needed a wash.

“I don’t care ab…” I interrupted him.

“Come with me?” Enticing him with my million dollar smile.

Like lightning, he shot up from the bed and into the bathroom, I watched in amusement as his sexy naked round butt disappeared behind the door. Is it possible to just know that this is ‘the one?’ The one person you are going to fall in love with? I swallowed hard, pushing that thought from my mind, maybe I am an insane person?

I get up slowly and stretch, my spine cracking loudly. Years of tension had somehow slipped away last night and I felt amazing. “Hurry up slowpoke,” well, I think someone is excited.

“Coming,” I called back.

“Already? Wait for me?” That was a terrible joke but I still chuckled.

“You are a deviously naughty man but I like this side of you,” I said, sauntering up to the bathroom door.

Sneaking my head around the corner, I took a peek at him climbing into his spa. I pulled back my head quickly and curved my left leg around the door frame, giving it a little shake with a pointed toe, relishing hearing him groan. Smiling wickedly to myself, I playfully glance around the corner as he winks from in the tub.

“Are you coming in?”

“Maybe?” He grabbed a remote that was sitting beside the spa bath and pushed a couple of buttons, next minute the blinds are lifted, giving us an awesome view of the ocean and music sounded through the speakers. “You have a sound system in your bathroom?”

“Of course, so? Are you coming in?”

The Wolf by The Spencer Lee Band was playing - it was only natural that my hips started to sway erotically as I made my way, teasingly towards him. My eyes glued to the blazing fire that consumed his soul as he perused my body with sexually charged appreciation. I had never felt so admired before, the allure was intoxicating, my prowess as a dancer, he had not seen yet and he lavishly devoured the performance.

Collecting the body wash, I lathered up my hands and stepped into the water. I could feel the strong jet streams as they pumped the water out, below my feet. The top of the warm wetness came to about thigh high as I began to rub the soapy liquid over my skin, starting at my thighs, moving in a circular motion, working a soapy film over my pulsating sex, along my wide hips. The encapsulating visual had Arlo in a trance as his sight trailed where my hands went.

Stopping a little longer as I moved fluidly over the swell of my breasts and around my erect nipples, he couldn’t contain his aroused excitement any longer and he grasped my thighs pulling atop of him. I felt his hard member rubbing against my soapy folds and lower abdomen.

“Hey, I was having fun,” I pouted.

“You Harlyn, are the biggest tease,” I slid my arm around his neck and captured his lips with mine. His kiss was electricity, everything about him set my body on fire, I was a mere puppet against his deliciously defined stature.

His strong hands gripped my waist and lifted, lowering me slowly down on his rigid pole. “Oh,” escaped from my mouth, the feel of him had me clenching around his perfectly shaped cock.

Our movement swished the water causing it to overflow and splash onto the tiles on the floor as our mewling sounds of ecstasy filled the bathroom, fuck, the feel of him was incredible.


There was no need for clothes while we lay on his couch, I was wrapped up comfortably in his strong and safe arms, his fingertips grazing lightly over the curve of my hip and the circling my left butt cheek.

“I saw you, you know?”

“What do you mean?” I questioned, slightly confused.

“We were at the lights of an intersection, you had your headphones in and were wearing scrubs and a Chicago Bulls hoodie.”

“Really? That must be where I recognised you from, you looked somewhat familiar.”

“You smiled at me, it was like my entire world stopped as you walked in slow motion passed the car.”

I laughed, “what like a movie?”

“Exactly like a movie - you were breath-taking.”

“And now I’m not?”

He laughed, “not even close, now you are a goddess.”

I blushed ferociously, “stop, I don’t think it’s possible to get any more embarrassed than I am.”

“Harlyn, you have no idea what you do to me?”

I couldn’t reply because there was a knock at the door, I leapt up from my position and frantically searched for my clothes while Arlo laughed at my panicking ass and walked naked to the door, grabbing a towel off the floor.

A managed to slip on a shirt just as he opened it, with a scowl on my face and bright crimson cheeks, I stood there awkwardly. “Hey Cap,” in walked Blitz with his laptop and a ringing phone, all light-heartedness stripped from Arlo’s face and his business mask was fixed in place.

In behind Blitz, walked Brady, Tamelia, Zavion and Tristan, a little worse but the main thing being, he was alive. We were all thankful. They all looked at me curiously, Tam and Brady smirked knowingly, Blitz and Tristan just smiled politely but Zavion scrunched his face as if annoyed, why?

“Gregorius Mannetti speaking.” Blitz pressed a button on his computer so we could all hear.

…Mr Mannetti, I hope you are enjoying my wife?... Everyone looked up at me and I just rolled my eyes.

“I’m enjoying breaking her,” Arlo didn’t even look apologetic as I slumped onto the messy bed.

…Well, as you know, things didn’t go down quite as I planned last time…

“Yes, you’re fucken lucky I managed to collect my merchandise.”

…Say, now that you’ve brought it up, that’s exactly why I called…

“Oh yeah, and what this time Mr Muntz?”

…Well, as a gesture of good will, I’ve decided to part with an extra hundred thousand, for the last order…

“You’re willing to pay $450 grand on a shipment that previously would have cost you $350,000?”

…That’s exactly what I’m saying…

“Actually, you are in a particular trade, which I now have clients requesting. I want all of your ‘product’ on display for selection, this Saturday when I fly back into town.”

…I thought you weren’t into them?...

“As I said, my clients are interested, not me. Personally, I prefer a challenge, I feisty screamer that fights back from the rape table.” I felt my stomach churn in disgust, I know it is fake but the thought still made me uncomfortable.

…You are a sick man, Mannetti. Deal - see you Saturday, pier 13, warehouse 462…

“Mr Muntz, If there is another deal running at the same time?...” he drops his voice low and dangerous, “I will fucken kill you.”

…There will be no others…

Arlo hangs up the phone, throwing it to Blitz and drops at my feet, “I’m sorry you had to hear that.”

I cup his cheek, “it’s okay, I understand, will you be saving Paisley?”

“I’m hoping she’ll be in the line-up, if not, I will take all the girls.”

I just nodded, “can we fucken get to work?” Tristan cut’s in, clearly, he still did not like me.

“You want to thank her for saving your life?” Arlo bit back, I turned my head to the side, wishing the floor would swallow me whole.

“Ta. Now, can we get to fucken work?” Arlo stood up in a tense position. I jumped in front of him, grasping his face to look down at me.

“Arlo? He’s your friend, thanks is not needed…”

“His attitude…”

“Is fine, he doesn’t know me, he’s right to be suspicious…”

“You saved his…” he was getting angry now.

“He’s right though, you all have work to do and I need to sneak back into Carmelito Esperanza’s mansion and retrieve my stuff from the servant quarters.”

“You’re not going there alone,” he states.

“Arlo, think about this? You can’t stop what you are doing, just to escort me everywhere, this is far too important not to put all your focus into. I’m sure the cops have left by now, I’ve watched enough spy movies to know how to get in and get out…” I tried to assure him but he cut me off.

“What spy movies have you watched?”

“The Pink Panther mainly…” he scoffs, “… but I’m sure it will be fine, I’ll wear your clothes and stay out of sight. I promise.”

“Blitz, she needs a phone.”

“Way ahead of you Captain. This phone has a tracking device linked to my computer, if you need us, dial number 1 and the alert will come straight through.” He hands me a small black flip phone, from like the early 2000s.

“See, safe.” I smile sweetly at him, trying to get him to lighten up.

He pecks my lips as Zavion and Tristan stormed out of the room, the hurt was evident as I flopped back onto the bed. Honestly, I thought I was getting somewhere with at least Zav?


Dressed in Arlo’s clothes, well, my jeans, his hoodie and his baseball cap, I arrived at the mansion. The main entrances were covered in police tape, I waited a while, checking to see if any patrol was doing rounds. When I was satisfied, I snuck under the giant cast iron gates, through the once perfectly manicured hedges, ran around the lawn perimeter before ducking in the back door with the key always left under the back door pot plant.

Opening up the cleaning closet at the end of the servant’s quarters, I grabbed the robot vacuum cleaner and walked back into a servant’s bedroom. I switched the setting to slow, pulling the chewing gum from my mouth and stuck the gum to the back of the phone, then attached that to the circular machine, closing it in the room, it will circle slowly about, which is exactly what I needed.

I had to get to the safe in Carmelito’s office and extract the envelope with the emergency escape plans, if Paisley was rescued this Saturday, by The Brother’s, it was imperative to be ready.



We sat around Uncle Chase’s desk in his office, discussing the details of Saturday’s upcoming raid, Blitz had his laptop open - tracking Harlyn’s movements. I could see how anxious Arlo was getting despite his trying to concentrate. I don’t know what happened before? I was pissed to see her in his shirt, looking guilty - but when they kissed, that was enough for me. Now I’m staring at that damn screen watching her movements.

She waited across the road for a long time, it crossed my mind that she had left the phone there and I was just about ready to walk out of the meeting when I saw her marker moving, guess she was serious about making sure no one saw her, she obviously wasn’t an idiot but then again, I already knew that.

Her marker moved into the servant’s entrance, then all the way down to the end before entering one of the rooms. This is where she stayed, slowly moving about her room, I pictured her soft face and imagined her collecting her belongings, packing up the life she once had. The marker stopped moving, guess right now she was folding up everything and placing it in her bag. I wonder what her room looks like?

“Zav… Zav? You with us son?” Uncle Chase pulled my focus back.

“What’s wrong? Has something happened to Harlyn?” Arlo panicked, noticing I was staring at the screen.

Blitz looked down, “no, at a guess, I’d say she was sitting on her bed packing her things, her marker has been slowly moving around the room.”

Arlo sat back down with a sigh of relief, Tristan leaned in close to my ear, “why were you so focused on the screen?”

“Fuck off dickhead,” I spat, “let’s not forget who’s responsible for saving your life.”

“And let’s hope Arlo doesn’t notice your fascination with his toy.”

“You’re talking shit.”

Tristan scoffed at me, I found it unnerving the way he was assessing my reaction to the blip on the screen.

Was he talking shit? I really enjoyed our conversation, she laughed a lot and made me laugh. Fuck, I need to focus on something else, maybe I just need to get laid. It’s a stupid thing, she’s simply just an interesting person.

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