Mad Dogs and Englishman

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Rivals and what they do across time and centuries and when the gold is never what it is or was. Who can eat what they like and not pay for it? We all are very likely to pay in the end. Between you and me there is nothing the matter with being a tale bearer in fact telling tales is good for a writer. I mean when a wife is not a woman of character and someone being myself is a better person than she is supposed to be what else can one do but tell tall stories about them all I mean having a family upbringing such as myself is one of bliss because I can delve and solve the mysterious at the same time develop a few things of my own. Psychology of bad behaviour is such a raw meat we must all devour it. Psychology of what is behaving today and misbehaving motives and good intentions gone out the window why do we do what we do and what does it mean? Does it matter of course in the old days it would have been called snooping now it is brainy work and deep all of it is very deep. What we all need in the end is someone to listen to us and if we do not have anybody we become writers authors and all that otherwise we can become unwise become like Shipman and then what would we do what did this man or woman do who had all the time to think in the world? Where did it take her thinking why is it thinking is bad for one? Who is in the picture a man/ woman who stole the show in C

Drama / Mystery
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Chapter 1

They were rivals. She was not tall she disliked to be going outside she dreamed and dreaded she had some sort of silly plight. She was not eventually going to become nothing. They were educated couple she had not much in the way of social veneer let alone education.

She liked telling stories so the other one began to tell stories too. Or was it the other way round they had known each other in some terms or other for years and they were in each others pockets but while she had the Savoy the lower down had the cabbages. They knew each other intimately they were in need of each other and then the one who was superior in station started to smash her up.

I’m a Barbie doll in a Barbie world and that means what it is what I am unkind and conceited and whatever happens there is nothing the matter with me. I’m a wife which everyone wants to protect adding to my illustrious career as well. I get along with anyone anything and it is all my world. I am a good Barbie here it is a good Barbie I look thin and have nice clothes and if there is nothing to wear I go out and buy some more there is nothing more than I. I am with money all the time because I marry for money my dears when I am doing something it is all signed and legal I make sure of that. If there are nothing to it then there is no Barbie and let me tell you what is nothing to do when there is no money? I am the thing which everyone loves and that is why I charge for it. I am the gamed the game away the away day and the freedom to be. I live safely dangerously and sanely insanely. In my enclosed world I am naked in front of the group involved in group activities and that is not all it did not go pear shaped it went well. Because I am a Barbie. I am the endgame the new game the game show the chat show the elements the vagina the penis and all that.

I had a dream to make a Barbie world and this is my world when a child this meant so much to me and I am now living my dream. In a Barbie world which is this world because we live and behave as normal as any other person we are recognised by our aversions to normality. In the Barbie world which is what we call the real world we love to behave in a obscene manner and take home pay is in double treble and many figures although we have the slim and the tonic and the shaking things which we do love are the underlies whom we fire. We live up in the moon with the moon shining on us. In this unnatural light we love to hear about ourselves and if anyone disagrees we go and lay them flat out. In this Barbie world which we might be calling the true thinkers we love to be. We are the beasts of burden and many carry us without any sweat because we are so light. Until they get hernia. In this Barbie world which we love to behave in and the light switch goes on and off as if we had the offensive all the time. In darkness and in the light we love to shag in and make our plots in and behave in our element whenever we destroy things. In fact how many times did we shag in front of the whole world declaring our love and our happiness in? Because we knew how it would hurt and maim the fool who he thought did not realise did not know did not understand.

There is always someone to hold to her and make her happy she is a doll. Console her and matter why she is sad or mad with someone the world is standing with her all the time. They are the world nothing like them they smirk they smile and they have everything in sight. That and one of that one, another one and the cuddly toys as well, how we love to be spoilt. If I want it there is no doubt I will get it. The opposition only makes it worth the fight. I am this Barbie doll with the face which can fetch the gold and without the dime there is not much you can say. I am this wit and that wit and there is all the time to make it right with the world but the friends I have matter to me as they share my wit and my vim’s and whims. They do all that I ask them to because I am quality and where quality is there is no equality. How kind of you all to say the statements read the die is cast there is now nothing to fret about but the whims of nature and this and that. Why is nature so horrid?

I stand accused of not being a Barbie doll.

And I stand accused of not behaving improperly.

I stand accused of being normal and dull.

I stand my ground.

I stand my ground totally I am boring.

I’ll make the world into a Barbie doll and make the world that much cleaner with the shiny and the glossy and that will be my reward.

We are all doing our job it is our work to destroy whoever stands in our way we are only doing the job which God has placed us into. We do matter because we are hard working people who do the work and we work extremely hard for the living we have. We get millions in one day because we matter and are perfect to look at. We worn out with talking about work and how wary we sound as we prattle at this event and that at how over worked we really are and with the kids and the baby sitter never on time we are like shelled peas and do not have enough for social activities. I do not know what to say what they mean by social activities oh I know do not tell me it must be the s word. When daddies and mummies are made? Yes dear child.

No sins involved in being a Barbie because Barbie does not have a conscience.

We hunt the men down for his looks and money and when his vigour is almost done we dump him with the fools who do not care for us it is all about strength and vigour.

But before a mate is caught the Barbie lays down traps for him. It is like hunting skills and all horse riding and hunting involves torture.

I am not complaining about the hip and hurrah I am getting but what is this about the fat lip the liposuction and the lip gloss which won him over and made me this sad creature. Although I was to blame while he lost it out with her and made off to the wonderland which was called the wonderful and lived in her caste system quite content I was here doing the work which settled into drudgery and despair. Look it was her high heels. Yes I said to the heel. I loved her legs in their heels what can I say when champagne tasted better within her soles? Ok now go and sin some more when you have time pop over with the pay check. You will be wasting your life I am not giving you anything but wages. “Wages of what”

Sin and that is a fact I want my cake and to eat it. Eat your cake and earn me as well out that door you bastard and come back no more. He looked startled as the door banged into his face bruising him totally. There that sorted him out dad can you give me a lift after all this is the working man’s club and I have done away with the best paying customer? Okay he said and shuddered some minutes he was so surprised at how bitchy and a fish wife I had become he had not noticed my muscles before or the fact of my tarragon. I can go by myself now thanks dad. I said and climbed out of the door sometimes it is past mistakes which come haunting one had forgot he alcoholic brain damaged schizophrenic. So dismissed this from my thought the atmosphere had to be normal for me to go back otherwise he would attack. I said fondly bye-bye and caught the bus to the college of further education. I was a bit unwell that night distracted as if something was on my mind but there seemed to be nothing to the point nothing at all it must be nerves after the energy which I had been doing.

The thing was there were guests in our house hopefully they will be in I thought I felt their presence would bring dad to his senses. Out of the boat into the rough sea otherwise I could go to a motel or something until the situation eases? I had the right amount of money and pay day was soon to be. So I sat it out and he sort of crumbled. When will it end this when will it be normal when will I feel safe where is the safety net what has happened to me why me?

Others do not matter at all they are meaningless because I am the leading thing I matter the most it is my world. If I say that you cannot do something my word is obeyed because I am connected as well as extremely beautiful. Look the beastly thing is good there is no use having the two of us fighting over the spoils of the world the world only belongs to us and our kind. As an English woman who is bisexual and good in bed with anyone or anything I rule the world with this. It is important it is important having this attitude because it is being clever and it is being the good things for the likeness of me. This vampire attitude has stood us in good stead for many years and it will be our gold mine to influence the likes of ourselves the lower classes do not matter they have to be told what to do and if they do not do it they have me to contain with and a number of us too. We said we told you not to read Longfellow and you persistently did.

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