Chasing Hope

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All it took was a matter of hours for everything to change. Waking up to a loving mother and sister every morning is all Hope Collins has ever known. With just the right amount of friends and decent grades, she leads a simple yet relaxing life. Never would she have expected her life to fall a part in a matter of hours. Changes come into Hope's life drastically. Forced to move thousands of miles away from her home, she is expected to converse with a whole new group of people, including her new family. All Hope wishes for is to wake up from the nightmare her life has become and have her saving grace, whoever it is, come help her. What she doesn't know is her saving grace is right where her messed up life landed her.

Drama / Romance
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Chapter 1

“Hope! Get out of bed right now and get ready for school!” Marissa, my older sister’s voice screeched from the doorway of my bedroom. Taking my massive pillow out from under my bed, I slammed it over my face as I tried to ignore her presence in my room. I had barely slept the night before due to the latest season of Modern Family I had just finished binge watching and I was not ready to get up for another eight hours at school.

I remained still on the bed and relished the silence that ensued in my room before hearing a huff and an array of footsteps marching towards my bed. Tightening my hold on the pillow, I felt her loom over me before my pillow was snatched from my grip. I felt the sunlight glare onto my face as Marissa pushed the curtains in my room open and slammed my palm across my eyes dramatically. Squinting my eyes, I sat up on my bed and turned to my sister who was staring at me devilishly, my pillow in her left hand along with her other hand was perched on her hip. I pouted towards her as a means of kissing up so I could get an extra couple minutes of sleep in but she simply shook her head before striding out of my room, leaving the door open as well.

If there was one thing she knew pissed me off, it was my bedroom door open.

I could not stand it.

Although I love my sister to death, I often get the urge to smack her upside the head.

Marissa was two years older than me and was studying in college a couple states away. She was already on break for thanksgiving and had come down to visit. I still had one last week to go before we would be also be released for our break.

As my eyes fell upon the clock on the wall in front of me, I groaned loudly as I realized that I would probably end up late to school.


That would be the third time this week and I think its safe to say that the attendance lady was not my biggest fan.

Shrugging my shoulders, I laid back down on my bed knowing that if I was going to be late, might as well make it worth my while.

I had just shut my eyes and was close to falling back to an abyss of darkness when the sound of pans clanking against one another startled me. Jumping up, I slapped my hands against my ears as I stared at my mother who wore a pleased look on her face.

“Mom!” I screeched, my eyes no doubt as wide as saucers as I quickly moved off my bed. Standing in front of her, I raised my hands in surrender as she finally set the pots down.

“See? It wasn’t that hard to get out of bed!” She mockingly exclaimed as I narrowed my eyes at her. Plopping down onto my bed, I pulled my knees into my chest as I tried to ease my heartbeat that had gone haywire after my mom damn near put me into cardiac arrest.

“I swear, it takes a marching band to get you out of bed each morning. You’ll be late for the third time this week and that attendance lady of yours won’t stop pestering me with emails about your tardiness.” She complained as she put her hand on her hip. Staring up at her, I saw the greta resemblance between her and Marissa. Not to mention the pose she was doing just now mirrored what Marissa had done a couple min Utes earlier. My mother was still young looking despite being in her orly forties. Her short blonde hair was styled in an up-do and her electric blue eyes shone against the sunlight as she looked down at me.

“It’s not my fault I don’t want to go to a place filled with people who are the sole cause of my insanity along with teachers who don’t know how to teach.” I whined as I pushed my messy hair out of my face.

“You’re the cause of my insanity so don’t you think you’re being a bit hypocritical?” Marissa’s voice called from the doorway as she leaned against the frame. I narrowed my eyes at her jokingly before making the creepy hand eye gesture.

“Watch it.” I tonelessly warned as plastered the most serious expression I could muster.

“I’m terrified.” She stated as she flatly stared at me while holding her hands up. Rolling my eyes at her, I stuck my tongue out to which she did the same thing while my mother shook her head and watched us silently.

“Hope, you’re in high school and Marissa you’re in college yet you both act like c children.” She scolded us as she feigned seriousness before a ghost of a smile appeared on her face.

My mother could try all she wanted to be hard on us but deep down she could never stay angry at us for too long. It was just the way she was.

“Okay Hope, I want you ready in ten minutes!” She announced as she ushered Marissa out of the room before closing the door behind her so I could get dressed. Standing up from where I was seated, I rushed to the bathroom where I washed my face and brushed my teeth before walking over towards my closet.

I randomly chose a pair of shorts and a plain white t-shirt along with red vans before stripping out of my pajamas and into my outfit for the day.

I quickly ran a brush through my dark brown locks before grabbing my backpack beside my bed and made my way downstairs where Marissa and my mother sat in the kitchen.

Hustling over to the fridge, I pulled out a cup of yogurt along with a banana and scarfed it down as my mother flashed me a disapproving stare.

“Slow down, Hope.” She chastised as I sent her a sheepish look. Tossing my finished yogurt into the bin, I glanced at the clock which read 7:21 a.m.

The first bell rang at 7:30 so it looked like I wouldn’t be as late as I thought I would.

Peeling open my banana, I rounded the island before placing a kiss on my mothers cheek as she flashed me a smile. “I love you sweetheart, have a great day.” She called as I mumbled an ‘I love you’ back while chewing on my banana.

“Gross.” Marissa commented, a disgusted look on her face. I rolled my eyes at her and tossed the banana peel in the trash before making my way outside towards her car.

As soon as we arrived, I hopped out of Marissa’s car and yelled a quick goodbye before rushing across the parking lot. Striding down the halls, I glanced at my watch that read 7:28 a.m and let out a sigh of relief. Surprisingly, I had made it in time thanks to Marissa’s reckless driving.

“And she lives!” An amused voice called from beside my locker as I flashed a small smile towards my best friends Nathan and Katie who stood waiting with their arms crossed.

“Just be glad I’m here on time.” I deadpanned just as the bell to go to our first class rang. Linking their arms with mine, I pulled them along for a long hour that would consist of us clueless in Chemistry class.

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