Immaculate Deceivers

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Chapter 10 | A Black Eye and a Good Time

| Mark’s POV |

After school, I went straight home to get ready for my night out with Lucy.

Honestly, I don’t even really feel anything. It is just something to do so I am not home with my mom.

As I walked inside, I heard a strange noise coming from the kitchen.

“Ma, you alright?” I began walking towards the kitchen, a little concerned of the weird noise I kept hearing. It almost sounded muffled, but more like she was in some sort of pain.

Entering the kitchen, the scene laid out in front of me, is something that I will try to forget for the rest of my life.

“MOM! WHAT THE FUCK!” I yelled while covering my eyes with my arm.

“Dammit Mark! Get the hell out of here!” She yelled back while trying to cover her exposed body from underneath a strange man.

Fuming with anger, I darted for my bedroom and slammed the door shut.

I immediately hopped in the shower and once I finished, I got dressed. I decided on casual, so I put on my dark-washed blue jeans with a black T-shirt, followed by my all black converse. I styled my hair as usual, and then sprayed a touch of cologne.

I shoved my wallet and cell phone in my pants pocket, and then I grabbed my car keys and made my way to the front door.

Standing there saying goodbye to her disgusting one-night-stand, was my mother with just her purple robe on.

“Hey sunny, next time maybe knock.” The old man muttered.

“Hey asshole, next time don’t come over to MY house and screw my drunk mother in my kitchen. People have to eat there.” I scolded.

“Boy, you better watch who you talkin’ to, this here is your mother’s house and she will have me over whenever she wants.” He spit, his drunken breath penetrating the air.

“Please... if I wasn’t here, this place would be condemned.” I glared.

“You got yourself a back talker, sweetie.” The man chuckled to my mom who was currently giving me an icy stare.

“Mark, weren’t you leaving?” My mom said in an annoyed tone.

“Ah yes. Don’t let me ruin your evening hook-ups.” I deadpanned.

“Now that’s no way to s-speak to your mother, boy.” The old man glared in my direction, pointing his dirty finger at me.

“Who the fuck do you think you are? This is MY house and this is MY mother, though I strongly wish she weren’t sometimes. Don’t you come into this house telling me what to do like you are somebody’s dad.” I spit, stepping an inch closer to the illiterate drunk.

“I oughtta pop you one, boy. Or maybe I’ll just pop your mother again instead. I’m still feelin’ a little excited down below.” He aggressively winked at me, while gripping onto my mother’s arm.

“Let her go and leave.” I stated in an icy tone.

“Or what? You ain’t nothin’ but a punk. Get out of here. I gotta teach your mommy a lesson on how to discipline her boy.” He smirked, casting an evil look at my mom.

I didn’t like his tone or the way he looked at her, so I wanted him out of here.

“I said let her go, and leave.” I repeated, taking another step towards the man.

“You better get the fuck outta my face, or you won’t like what happens next.” He glared.

“No, you better get the fuck outta my face, and my house, or you REALLY won’t like what happens next.”

With that, the old man caught me off guard with a strong punch to the face. I stumbled back a bit and instantly felt the sting against my eye.

“You old bastard!” I hissed.

After that, I lunged forward and punched the guy back, causing him to fall over onto the floor. I then began kicking him repeatedly in the stomach, my mother screaming for me to stop.

She is defending him. Of course she is.

Finally realizing that the man was very badly hurt, I stopped. The old man tried to sit up, and then began crying.

This guy must have been in his forties. I laughed at the tears spewing from his face.

“Now, do we need to have this discussion again or have you finally learned YOUR lesson?” I asked, standing over top of him.

“Your son is crazy, and so are you bitch!” The old man yelled before finally standing up and hobbling out the front door and to his car, speeding off into the night.

“Great. Another drunk driver on the road. Man you really know how to pick them mom. Hopefully he doesn’t kill someone.” I scoffed, stepping over towards the mirror that hung on the living room wall and checking on my eye.

There was purple starting to form around it, and I knew it would be a deep black eye by morning.

“Why did you do that, huh?” My mother screamed, walking over towards me.

“What are you talking about? I just saved your ass. That guy pretty much insinuated hurting and/or raping you, but hey I guess you can’t really rape the willing can you?” I glared, pushing past my mom and heading for the front door.

“You’re such an asshole. Just like your father!” She yelled, before making her way into the kitchen.

I heard the cabinet open and then I heard the sound of her opening a bottle.

“Sure, keep it up mom. I’m surprised you haven’t needed to get your stomach pumped like last month!”

Finally feeling fed up with this entire encounter, I decided to leave.

“I’ll be back later. Try not to burn the house down.” I glared before storming out of the house and getting inside my car.

I began speeding down the road, my knuckles turning white from gripping the steering wheel.

I hate this. I hate her. Why does she do this every night? Why does she treat me this way? Why does she always take up for the drunk bastards that she brings home?

I cannot wait until I move out of this hellhole for good.

Turning up the radio, I decided to put all the drama from home to the side and really try to salvage the rest of the evening.

I had to be in a good mood before I met up with Lucy.

God I wish I were going to see Naveah instead. Naveah knows all about my mother. I mean, everyone knows she’s a drunk, but Naveah knows the smaller details.

Shaking my head of my useless thoughts, I pulled up to Lucy’s house and texted her that I was here.

Normally a guy would walk up and ring the doorbell, but I wasn’t just a normal guy. I am Mark.

A few moments later, Lucy came into view as she walked down her driveway.

I had to admit, she looked pretty hot.

Her blonde hair fell perfectly over her shoulders, while her long legs spoke volumes in her tight jeans.

I noticed she sported quite a bit of cleavage and I smirked knowing she tried excessively hard.

“Hey Mark!” She smiled while getting inside my car.

“Hey there sexy.” I winked, causing her cheeks to turn a light shade of pink. “Ready to go?”

“Of course! Where to?” She blushed.

“I thought about something casual. Dinner at Applebee’s and then a movie.” I smiled my handsome smile that I knew she loved.

“Sounds perfect!” I saw her fidgeting with her fingers in her lap and I chuckled.

“Nervous babe?” I rose my eyebrows.

“Maybe a little. Is that cheesy?” She sheepishly giggled.

“Nah, not one bit.”

I brought my hand to her thigh and rested it there as I drove. I could feel her body tense up and I knew I struck a fiery nerve.

I didn’t need to even look at her face to know she had red cheeks. Man, I love having this effect on women.

Suddenly, Lucy lifted her hand and placed it over mine. Her skin was warm and gentle. I tried to ignore the heat rising from my hand, but for some reason, I liked it.

Without realizing, I turned my hand over and intertwined our fingers together, holding her hand tightly.

I caught a glimpse at her and saw the smile on her face.

I instantly realized what was happening, and I immediately pulled my hand away, gripping the steering wheel tightly.

“Sorry, I can’t stand sweaty hands.” I chuckled nervously, though I felt bad noticing her smile slowly diminish.

“Oh, it’s alright.” She smiled, though I knew it was fake.

The rest of the ride to Applebee’s was spent in an awkward silence.

Dammit Mark, you idiot.

|Naveah’s POV |

Watching Netflix alone in bed, I glanced at the clock and realized that right about now Lucy and Mark were out on their date.

I sighed, noticing the jealousy riling up inside me.

Connor was supposed to come over tonight to hangout, but got tricked into babysitting Gracie, his younger sister. He invited me to come over to watch her with him, but I refused the offer, telling him that I really felt tired and wanted to rest for the night.

Out of the blue, I remembered that Friday was two days away and I needed to quickly start planning Connor’s surprise birthday party, though it’s no longer a surprise as I had to tell him about it to cover up another lie involving Mark.

I quickly pulled out my laptop, and created a Facebook party invite, tagging everyone from school and more. I left Connor off the list on purpose, so people thought it really was a surprise.

I decided that we would have the party at Callie’s house, since her parents are away on a business trip and she has no siblings to worry about. I texted her to make sure it was okay and I got a thumb’s up emoji in response.

Relaxing since the party planning were done, I looked at the clock again and sighed.

I told Lucy to call me when she got home, so I could get all the details of her date. She thinks I am being a best friend, but in reality, I just need to make sure nothing serious happened.

A couple Netflix shows and one movie later, the phone call had finally arrived.

I immediately picked up the phone.

“Luc, tell me everything!” I gushed.

“Naveah! I just... I can’t believe this.” Her tone was high-pitched and I couldn’t tell if she was happy or upset.

“What happened girl?” I inquired.

“We kissed.” She finally said.

“Y-you what?” I tried to keep my spirits high, but hearing that they shared a kiss almost set me off.

“We kissed Naveah, and it was incredible. At first, I thought the night would be a dud, but after the dinner and movie we decided to walk around the park for a bit and we just talked. Well mostly I talked, but he is a very good listener. After he drove me home, he actually walked me to my door!” She squealed.

“He did? Wow!” I said happily, though the scowl on my face told a different story.

“I know right! We had one of those slow, romantic kisses that every girl has at the end of her date. I am telling you, I felt something Naveah. It was real.” She sounded so happy, meanwhile, I was fuming.

Pulling myself together, I tried my best to sound happy for her.

“Wow Luc, that’s great. I am so happy the date went as amazing as you say.”

“Are you okay Naveah?” Lucy asked.

“What? Oh yeah, I’m just tired. It’s late.” I fake yawned.

“Oh, okay. Anyways, I can’t believe that it turned so good so fast. Although, I was a little skeptical at first after noticing his black eye.” She began saying.

“Wait, black eye? From what?” All of a sudden, I became very concerned, having knowledge about Mark’s home life.

“He didn’t tell me what happened, just said not to worry about it.” She replied.

“Oh, okay. Well, I think I’m going to head to bed Luc, we can discuss more details tomorrow with Callie during gym. I’m happy you had such a wonderful night.” I said reassuringly.

“Thanks, girl. I’m really happy. It’s such a foreign feeling; I almost forgot what it felt like.” She chuckled. “See ya tomorrow! By the way, way to invite people to a party for Connor so close to the actual day.” She teased.

“You know me, always the procrastinator.” I laughed. “Bye!”

After hanging up the phone, I immediately dialed Mark’s number.

“Naveah, what’s wrong? Are you okay?” Mark said upon answering my phone call. I smiled at the concern he had.

“I’m fine Mark. I just got off the phone with Lucy and she told me about your black eye. Just wanted to make sure you were okay.” I realized that calling Mark probably wasn’t the best idea, giving our present agreement of not being friends anymore, despite the small talk we still make while in our group.

“I’m fine.” He simply stated, his voice turning deep and precise.

“Are you sure? I’m here if you need someone to-“, He instantly cut me off.

“Naveah, I’m fine. It’s none of your concern anyway. We aren’t anything anymore, got it? Now go call Connor up and chat with him since you’re in the mood for conversation.” He deadpanned before hanging up on me.


I angrily plugged my phone into its charger before slamming it down onto my bedside table.

“That asshole.” I mumbled to myself.

I shut my bedroom light off and collapsed into bed, ready for sleep to consume me.

My brain, however, decided that I shouldn’t go to sleep just yet. Thoughts raced through my mind about Mark and how he got his black eye. I knew it had to do with his mother, I just couldn’t figure out what could have possibly happened.

I was also mad at how he spoke to me on the phone. He sounded so concerned when he first answered.

I sighed and forced my eyes shut.

Images of Mark fluttered my mind until my eyes collapsed on themselves, inviting sleep to finally present itself.

Tomorrow is a new day.

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