Immaculate Deceivers

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Chapter 15 | Girl's Night Out

“Naveah... how many fingers do you s-see?” Lucy slurred in my direction.

“Uh... twelve.” I mumbled, flopping over from my handstand. I used the wall to support my body, knowing I wouldn’t be able to do so on my own.

“Close enough.” Lucy smiled, putting her only three fingers down.

“Moron’s.” Callie sighed, obviously not a lightweight when it comes to alcohol.

“Hey! Call-IE!” Lucy began loudly. “Being mean is just... mean. Ya know?”

Callie rolled her eyes and poured herself another shot of Everclear. I found my parents stash of alcohol. I originally only wanted to take one bottle, but two bottles later; here we are in my living room.

“Good one Luc.” Callie deadpanned after downing her freshly poured shot.

“You need to d-drink more. You’re no fun sober.” I sighed, going to pour myself another shot.

“Actually, since you and Lucy are toasted, I think I’d prefer to be the only partial sober one. We don’t need to do anything crazy, right?”

Lucy and I looked at each other, and then we both turned to Callie and smirked.

“I cannot believe y-you allowed this to happen.” I glared, still feeling pretty drunk.

“Me? You’re the one who started pouring me double shots!” Callie hissed, having sobered up a bit.

“Will both of you shut up? I’ve got a migraine.” Lucy sighed, placing her arm over her eyes to hide the brightness of the lights. I could tell she was minutes away from blowing chunks.

“Did you at least call someone?” Callie asked me, to which I simply nodded.

“Should be here soon.” I leaned back against the wall and placed my head up against Callie’s shoulder.

“We are never getting trashed like that again.” Lucy said, forcing Callie and I to burst out laughing. Lucy soon after joined in.

“But did you see his face? It was priceless!” I laughed, still feeling a tad bit lightheaded.

“Something I will never be able to erase from my brain.” Callie sighed, still laughing along.

“At least we didn’t flash anyone our boobs.” Lucy laughed, smirking at Callie.

“Hey! It worked though, didn’t it?” Callie defended.

“Ladies, your ride is here. I expect you three to go home and think about what you have done and how getting drunk at such a young age, can lead to far worse things in the future. Next time I’ll have to call your parents.”

“Yes sir, your highness.” Lucy sang, as we all three piled out of the holding cell.

“I am a female.” The police officer glared.

“Yeah sure, whatever you say Charles.” Lucy laughed, pulling Callie and I out of the police station.

“It’s a family name... and I go by Charlie!” The police officer shouted just as we let the door to the station close behind us.

“What the hell have you three done now?” I immediately perked up at the sound of his voice.

“Mark!” Lucy cheered, jumping into his arms. I didn’t realize I had begun to glare.

“You called Mark?” Callie asked me quietly.

“I didn’t want to call Connor, not after us ending things.” I shrugged.

We all piled into Mark’s car and then he pulled out of the police station parking lot, heading for my house.

“So seriously... what did you three do tonight?” Mark asked, amusement shadowing his face.

“Well...” Callie began, all three of us girls sharing a knowing smirk.

|Earlier That Night |

“Come on Cal, you can’t be the only sober one of the group!” I pleaded, handing her another shot. Only this time, I poured a double-shot glass instead of a normal one. I hoped she didn’t notice, but I was pretty sure she had.

“Why do I need to be trashed like you two? Why can’t I be the only sober one?” Callie protested.

“Cause, it’s no fun silly!” Lucy smiled, bopping her finger against Callie’s nose.

Callie rolled her eyes, but took the shot nonetheless.

After the second bottle of Everclear had been emptied, all three of us couldn’t tell you which way was up.

“Whoa. My mind is blown.” Callie said, staring up at the ceiling. “I had no idea a person could be this drunk.”

Lucy giggled and I just smiled.

“We should do something.” I said, standing up, but wobbling.

“Like what?” Lucy asked, standing up with me.

“We should go out and explore!” Callie suggested, standing up herself but almost falling back down.

“Easy there, tiger. One must be able to stand if one wants to leave the house.” I mocked, giving Callie a funny look.

“Kiss my grits. Let’s go!” Callie sang, heading towards the front door.

As drunk as I was, I still managed to think responsibly as I grabbed my keys and stuffed them into the pocket of my shorts.

We all put on our sandals and left the house. After I locked the front door, we headed down the sidewalk with no real destination in mind.

“Where exactly are we going?” I asked, not at all feeling cold despite the breeze flowing through the air. I suppose I wouldn’t feel cold with the warmth of alcohol pulsing through my veins.

“Well... it’s almost midnight. What’s open?” Lucy asked, pulling her phone out to do a google search.

“Um... McDonald’s.” Callie said, causing Lucy and I to smile wide.

“Chicken nuggets!” We all sang, heading towards the restaurant.

Something in the very back of my mind told me that three young intoxicated females entering a McDonald’s close to midnight probably wasn’t the best idea, but another part of my mind... an even louder part, told me it was the best idea we’ve ever had in our entire lives.

Upon entering the fine eating establishment, we looked around and saw only two or three people lingering at a few tables. Usually, most McDonalds’ closes their dining room after ten o’clock and only keeps their drive-thru open, but this particular restaurant keeps everything open 24/7.

Lucy was the first to greet the young man behind the register.

“Good day kind sir. I’d like to order a fifty piece chicken nugget, with a side of fries and a vanilla milkshake. Oh, and extra sweet and sour sauce!”

The guy behind the register couldn’t have been much older than us. In fact, he looked familiar. Maybe he went to Dunedin High with us.

“Hey guys. Sure thing! Anything else?” He smiled.

“Well, that’s my order. You guys are up!” Lucy smiled, stepping aside for Callie and me.

“Luc... you can’t possibly eat fifty chicken nuggets.” Callie deadpanned.

“Says you. You don’t know my life or my tummy!” Lucy yelled dramatically, causing the guy behind the register to laugh.

“See, he gets it. Er, what’s your name sunny?” Lucy asked the guy, who cleared his throat before saying, “Brad.”

“See, Brad gets it. Why can’t you?” Lucy sighed.

“Well, Brad, I’ll take a ten piece chicken nugget with a side of fries and a chocolate milkshake.” Callie said, batting her eyelashes dramatically towards Brad.

“I’ll uh... have the same as her.” I said.

“Um, the same as who?” Brad asked, motioning towards Callie and Lucy since I wasn’t in any way specific.

“The one with the hair.” I sang, as I wandered off to find a table to sit at.

Brad, with a puzzled face, look to Callie for an answer.

“Just choose me. She isn’t going to attempt fifty chicken nuggets.” Callie said, casting Brad another smile.

Callie stumbled a bit as she stepped back.

“Are you three alright?” Brad asked, noticing our drunken states.

“Peachy!” Lucy smiled. “Where’s my nuggets though?”

“Well, mam, you ordered fifty... so they are currently cooking.” Brad said.

Lucy apparently didn’t like his tone.

“Mam? I am not old! How dare you.” She glared. “Where is your manager, I would like to have a word about this.” She said to Brad, causing his now wide eyes.

“Please, no. I’m sorry. I’m still new and I will get fired!” He immediately began apologizing.

“Don’t worry, I won’t get you in trouble.” Lucy smirked.

“Hey George.” Brad yelled towards the back of the kitchen.

“What is it?” The man who we all assumed to be George asked, strolling up to the register.

“This young lady would like a word with you.” Brad said, motioning towards Lucy.

“And now he mocks me. Boy, you are cruisin’ for a bruisin’.” Lucy said, flicking her long blonde hair over her shoulder.

“What seems to be the problem miss?” George asked, his voice low.

“The problem, Georgie, is that Brad here is very sarcastic and I don’t like it. All I want is my chicken nuggets, can you accept that?” Lucy asked, sticking her right leg out dramatically and putting her hand on her hip forcefully.

George rolled his eyes discreetly and looked over to Brad.

“Brad, go see if we can expedite her intense desire at having fifty chicken nuggets right this very moment?”

Brad gave George a wary look before slightly shrugging and leaving the front register to head into the kitchen.

“Thank you Georgie. Glad you saw things my way.” Lucy proudly smiled with a nod of her head.

“Alright, for all three meals that’ll be $52.67.” George replied lazily.

“FIFTY DOLLARS? WHO HAS FIFTY DOLLARS?” Lucy yelled to the entire store.

“Um... I got fifteen.” Callie randomly said, pulling her money from her pants pocket and slamming it onto the counter.

“I got like... twenty.” I shrugged, handing my money to Callie and then going back to my table to sit down.

“That’s only thirty-five. And I have...” Lucy took out her money from her shorts pocket and began counting. “Thirteen! Making our grand total... Oh my gosh, we have a hundred dollars!” Lucy gasped.

“Oh good God...” George mumbled with a straight face. “I am sorry mam, but you don’t have enough money.”

“What! How? I have a hundred dollars. Can’t you see?” Lucy put all of our money on the counter.

“Actually, that’s forty-eight.” George sighed. “The total you owe is $52.67.”

“Crap... guys,” Lucy began while looking back at Callie and I. “We don’t have enough money’s.”

Being as intoxicated as I am, I became very overly dramatic.

“Oh no! We don’t have enough! What’s going to happen to us? Please don’t arrest us... my dad will strangle me!” I pleaded, standing up from my chair.

“No one is going to get arrested... Christ. Just take away your fifty-piece nugget and buy a twenty piece. Then you’ll have enough money.” George said, clearly annoyed by our small dilemma.

“But... then I’ll have less chicken nuggets. How is that a good thing?” Lucy glared, folding her arms over her chest in protest.

George ran a hand over his face in annoyance and huffed. “Well you need to figure out something because you don’t have enough money for your meal.”

The next thing we knew, Callie had strolled up to the register and leaned over the counter towards George.

“Now Georgie, surely we can work something out.” She flirted, twirling a piece of her curly hair around her finger, in an attempt to be seductive.

Why does this woman always go for the flirt card?

“Here’s your full order ladies. All chicken nuggets accounted for.” Brad announced, placing the tray full of food on the counter.

“No Brad, they haven’t paid yet.” George instructed.

“I know how we can pay.” Callie said, a smirk on her lips.

Without any hesitation at all, Callie pulled her tank top up and flashed poor old George and little Brad.

All Lucy and I could do was let our jaws drop and put our hands over our mouths.

“Jesus!” George said abruptly, holding his hands up to cover his eyes, still peering around them just slightly.

I really felt bad for Brad. I assumed he was probably a freshman or sophomore. The poor kid was placed in a state of a hypnotic trance. His wide eyes never left Callie’s bare chest the entire time she had them on display, which was only a few seconds.

“Damn...” Brad mumbled, unconsciously moving his hand to push the tray towards Lucy.

“No Brad! They didn’t pay!” George cursed, stopping Brad from giving the tray to Lucy. “I’m calling the police.” George yelled!

At the mention of the word police, Callie snapped out of it as she yanked her shirt down and pulled me by my wrist towards the front door of the restaurant. We yelled for Lucy to follow, but when she didn’t, Callie and I stopped to see what she was doing.

Apparently, Lucy was on a mission to have her chicken nuggets. She pushed Brad away from the tray, jumped over the counter, grabbed the box of fifty chicken nuggets and then darted for the door to the restaurant.

“You annoying little shits! Get back here!” George yelled, trying to jump over the counter himself to chase us, but failing miserably as he fell onto the floor.

Laughing hysterically, all three of us ran out of the restaurant and down the street to the next block.

“Anyone hungry?” Lucy asked, opening the box of chicken nuggets with a proud smile.

“I can’t believe you s-stole.” Callie said, while simultaneously trying to catch her breath and eat a chicken nugget at the same time.

I wasted no time in reaching for a chicken nugget myself.

“Man, this was worth it.” I sang, happily eating the greasy guilty pleasure that is McDonald’s.

After a few moments of eating, a pair of red and blue lights began flashing towards us.

Of course, three drunk girls who are eating on the side of the road didn’t pay the lights any mind.

“Ooooooh, those are pretty!” Callie smiled, referring to the police lights.

The thought to run just completely didn’t register as the cop car stopped, and a police officer got out to approach us.

“Hey, you three. Stop right there!” The police officer said.

Callie, Lucy and I just smiled and waved.

We are so going to regret this later.

“Hey, did you buy those lights from target? I seen a light in target that was colorful and rotated! You should put one of those on your car!” Lucy smiled, popping another chicken nugget into her mouth.

Callie giggled and I continued stuffing my face as well.

“I’m going to need to take you three in. I was told about some public nudity and theft.”

“Can I bring my chicken nuggets?” Lucy asked, now a frown on her face.

The police officer rolled her eyes but motioned for us to get into the police car, with a nod.

Lucy smiled and we all ran for the car, jumping inside.

Once everyone got situated in the car, the police officer began driving.

“So, which one showed the nudity?” The police officer asked.

“Oh, that would be me.” Callie pointed to herself with a smile.

“You do realize that you just flashed a fifty-seven year old man and a sixteen year old boy?” The police officer asked, her eyebrows rose as she looked at Callie through the rearview mirror.

“What can I say, I like variety.” Callie shrugged, causing Lucy and I to burst into a fit of laughter.

“Man, I can’t wait to tell Red about this.” I laughed, eating the last chicken nugget to which Lucy glared at me.

“Oh man... he’s gonna think I’m some easy sleaze ball!” Callie whined, causing the police officer to chuckle.

“Or, he’ll think it’s hot and then you and Red can have crazy wild sex.” Lucy pointed her finger at Callie, trying to reassure her not to worry.

“But I’m a virgin!” Callie whined some more.

“So am I, but we’re gonna lose it sometime... might as well be with someone you care about.” Lucy shrugged, trying to search the box for any hidden chicken nuggets.

Out of nowhere, Lucy began to hysterically laugh.

“What’s so funny?” I grinned, ready to begin laughing myself.

“Your name is Charles?” Lucy excitedly asked the police officer. Charles turned red in the cheeks.

“It’s a family name.” She glared.

“A family name for boys!” Lucy teased.

“I go by Charlie! It can be for any gender.” Charles’ grip on the steering wheel began to tighten.

“Sure thing, Charles.” Lucy taunted.

Callie and I began giggling, and Officer Charles actually turned up the car radio to try to tune us all out.

Needless to say, it didn’t work.

“Wow, you three are crazy.” Mark simple stated, after pulling into my driveway. Callie helped Lucy out of the car, who could barely keep her eyes open.

“I’ll put her in the guest room. I’ll sleep on the couch.” Callie said, waving goodbye to Mark.

Mark walked over and gave Lucy a sweet kiss on her cheek.

I could feel a slight sting of pain at the sight, but kept my emotions on lock down.

“Goodnight.” Mark said, facing to me.

I gave him a look, that even I couldn’t explain, and all he did was nod.

I wasn’t sure what the nod meant, but I’d soon find out when I walked inside and up to my room.

“Mark, what the hell!” I whispered upon closing my bedroom door and locking it.

I turned on the small lamp that sat on my bedside table, only illuminating a small portion of my room.

“I’m sorry.” He said.

“F-for what?” Sobriety started to kick in, but I could still tell I had a slight buzz going on. I knew I wouldn’t be completely sober until I had some sleep.

I glanced to the balcony doors and saw that they were just slightly opened, telling me that he climbed up and came through the doors. I need to start locking those damn things!

“I thought you left?” I asked.

“I moved my car to down the street. Then walked back.” He shrugged; walking over to the lamp I had just turned on, and switched it off.

I stared at his motionless figure, and tried to gain control over my breathing.

Mark suddenly turned to face me. Then he slowly started taking steps towards me, startling me in the process.

“What are you doing?” I whispered.

“Shhh.” He whispered back, continuing to take steps towards me until my back was forced against the wall.

He placed a hand on either side of my face, leaning against the wall. He leaned in, his face only centimeters from my face. I could feel his steady breathing, slightly flowing against my face.

Just breathing in his scent again, brought chills to my spine. He licked his lips and I bit mine. He pressed his body further against mine, and I did nothing to protest.

“Mark...” I barely whispered against his soft, inviting lips.

“I don’t know why I keep doing this to myself.” He confessed, leaning his forehead gently against mine.

“I don’t either.” I admitted, swallowing a small gulp of air.

My lips parted, and Mark just barely grazed his lips with my own.

“You make me crazy Nave.” Mark muttered, softly breathing me in.

Before I could think about anything else, his lips were attached to mine. He immediately requested entrance to me, and I fully accepted, not at all caring about the two girls that also occupied my house; one of them being Lucy.

I brought my hand up and around Mark’s neck forcibly and pulled him closer to me. With the only space between us our clothes, Mark reached around and picked me up, forcing me to wrap my legs tightly around his waist.

He pressed my back into the wall and began passionately kissing me, pure desperation inflicted in his sudden dominance.

I moaned his name against his ear, and I could feel him grow from below the waist. I grinned as he pulled me away from the wall, and gently placed me down on my bed.

He pulled the blankets over our heads, and in that one moment, nothing else mattered.

He was it for me. He was so it for me and I didn’t care about anyone else as this realization hit me.

I can’t live without Mark and he knows it. He knows it, because he can’t live without me either.

The more we try to stay away from each other, the deeper the intensity gets to have each other. It’s a need for someone that is so powerful, so strong, nothing in this entire world could break it.

When I have Mark’s beautiful lips pressed against my own, I see nothing but pure blissful happiness. I see someone who makes me feel immaculate. I see home.

Mark is home, and I am a permanent resident.

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