Immaculate Deceivers

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Chapter 2 | Scandal in the Bathroom

Just as I was pulling up my gym shorts in the locker room, I felt a random slap on my ass that caused me to jump.

“Damn girl, yo momma let you date?”

“She does, I’m just not interested in females.” I replied lazily.

“Dang, and I was just going to tell you how hopelessly in love I am with you.”

“Hello Lucy. Didn’t think we’d see you today.” I laughed.

“Yeah, well, I finally convinced my mom that the kitchen wasn’t her old art studio, and then after I succeeded on that, I spent twenty minutes cleaning up paint and glitter off the kitchen counters. Once I had her in her bed, I called Maria and she came to take over.” She replied as she pulled out her gym clothes from her locker.

“Lucy, I wish you would just-” Lucy waved her hand to cut me off.

“It’s fine Naveah, really.”

I could sense the annoyance in her voice and tried not to press her further. I know her mom was a touchy subject for her, but I couldn’t help but feel sympathy every time she had to miss something or be late for school, all because she deemed herself her mother’s caregiver.

“Lucy the next time you leave me alone in geometry, I’m going to personally hurt you and not feel a single hint of guilt.” Callie chimed in once she finished brushing her hair into a ponytail.

“Callie, how many times do I have to tell you? I don’t like you at all and I want you to suffer through fractions every single day until you’re bleeding with numbers.” Lucy smirked.

Over the course of the last year, I was glad at how close Lucy and Callie had become. I didn’t think they would get along much because Callie and Lucy were complete opposites as well. Lucy was free-spirited and energetic. She didn’t have a care in the world and she went with the flow. Callie was a little more reserved and didn’t like being the center of attention, even though that’s all she seemed to be regardless.

“Alright you two. Let’s get out there before they send in a swat team.” I laughed while heading for the door that leads to outside.

“Fine, but Lucy owes me a cookie.” Callie stated.

“Lucy owes Callie nothing.”

“You guys are annoying.” I whined as I opened the door and let it close after me.

“Wow, thanks so much for holding the door for us Naveah, you’re a true friend.” Lucy stated sarcastically after her and Callie walked outside to join me.

“Girls! What the hell took you so long? Get out here and run your laps!” Coach Brown yelled.

“Yes Coach Brown!” We all three yelled in unison as we started to stretch.

Exercise should be illegal.

“I can’t believe you’re dragging me to this stupid game.” Callie complained as she pulled on her black skinny jeans.

“I, for one, am grateful for the experience.” Lucy smiled, touching up her light-blue eye shadow.

“That’s only because Mark will be there.” Callie deadpanned.

“Or maybe I really like football.” Lucy defended as she turned around in my computer chair.

We were all at my place getting ready for the game tonight. I had to admit that I was excited to hang out with everyone, even if I didn’t necessarily want to see Mark. He annoyed me to no end whenever we were with our group. It’s like he purposely acted like a jerk to me because if he acted even the least bit nice toward me, it might bring up cause for concern with the others.

“Let’s face it Luc, you’re head over heels for the guy and you’d go to a cattle drive if that meant spending even five minutes with him.” Callie laughed as she pulled on her black boots.

“Or maybe I really like cattle?” She tried to convince.

“Lucy, stop denying it. Everyone can see it.” Callie pulled on her red cardigan and sat on the edge of my bed, grabbing her phone from her pocket.

“Callie is right Luc, you’re infatuated. I just don’t see why. He’s a jackass ninety-nine percent of the time, and the other one percent he’s being a flirtatious creep.” I scrunched my nose up in disgust as I applied mascara.

“Of course you’d say that. You’re head over heels for Connor and to you he’s the ultimate package. Well you know what, I’m sorry, but not every guy is perfect like Connor. Some guys have flaws and it’s our jobs as women to accept them, flaws in all, or we’ll all be alone. Is that what you want for your two closest friends?” She gasped dramatically.

I playfully rolled my eyes and grabbed my baby-blue sweater, since baby-blue and silver are our school colors.

“Whatever. All I’m saying is, there are way better guys out there for you both.”

They’re right, Connor is perfect. God I’m such an idiot.

Just as we were finished getting ready, my mom yelled for us from downstairs.

“Girls! Get down here! The boys are here!”

“Yes!” Lucy squealed, “I’m so glad Maria decided to stay with my mom tonight.”

“Okay, let’s go!” I smiled as I grabbed my phone off of its charger, and stuck it inside my purse.

We all walked downstairs, and the first one I looked at was Mark. He was leaning against the door frame wearing dark-washed jeans and a black t-shirt. His hair was gelled and styled perfectly. The tattoo on his right arm was just barely sticking out from under the sleeve of his shirt, and to be honest, I immediately felt bad about the thoughts that were running through my mind.

“Hey babe!” Connor smiled as he wrapped an arm over my shoulder. Instantly brought out of my daze, I glanced up at him with a smile of my own, “Hey! Ready for the game?” I asked.

“Duh. Otherwise why would we be standing here waiting on you three who decided to take forever and a day to get ready?” Mark blurted out.

The anger that I always felt whenever I was around Mark and the others, came rushing back and I instantly frowned.

“Nobody asked you, dick.”

“Naveah! Language!” My mother scolded from the living room.

“Sorry mom! We’ll be back later, Callie and Lucy are going to spend the night. See you later!” I yelled as we all walked out of the house.

I watched as Mark wrapped an arm around Lucy’s shoulders.

“Lucy you look hot.” He smirked.

“Compliments will get you nowhere Mark.” She grinned.

“I was hoping it would get me into those fine ass jeans.” He playfully licked his lips as he looked back at Lucy’s butt.

I had to fight the painful urge to roll my eyes in their direction.

“Mark, you’re a terrible flirt.” Callie sighed as she got into the backseat of Marks car. Lucy sat right beside her in the middle and I sat on the other side of Lucy.

Connor got upfront with Mark, and I stole a small glance at Mark through the rear view mirror, just as he was looking into it at me.

I quickly diverted my eyes, and reached forward in between the seats, to turn on the radio.

Roses by The Chainsmokers started blaring and I smiled at the tune, resting my hands into my lap.

“Ugh, can we listen to anything else. Literally anything else.” Mark complained.

“No way dude. I love this song.” Lucy started doing little dances beside me.

“Dear God... Connor, bro, turn this crap off.” He pleaded.

“Sorry, can’t upset the ladies.” Connor sang as he smiled at me over his shoulder.

I nodded my head with a smile and for a split second, I was happy. Connor reached behind him and placed his hand on my thigh, and then the happiness was gone, replaced with another forced smile. I couldn’t describe the feeling. When Connor and I first met, doing something as simple as grabbing my thigh made it to where I couldn’t breathe. The butterflies would take over my stomach in protest and I was blissfully happy. Now, every time Connor shows affection towards me, I feel nothing but sadness and guilt at the simple fact that he has absolutely no idea that I’m going behind his back every week to hook up with someone who was supposed to be his best friend.

Every single day I always try to find the urge to tell him. To release all of my lies and demons in the small hopes that he would try to forgive me, though I knew he’d never be able to.

I knew that the instant I decided to tell him, I would lose him forever and I wasn’t ready to let him go. I’m selfish and horrible and I want my cake as well as I want to eat it too. I loved Connor, I really did, I just couldn’t seem to let go of the urges that I got whenever Mark and I were alone in that janitor’s closet every Friday before lunch.

A while later, we finally made it back to the school. We were playing at home against the Ridgewood high Falcons, and I knew we were going to win as we do every game. Our team was unbeatable. We had won numerous championships and awards and so had the school’s cheer-leading team. Lucy and I always said we were going to try out for senior year, but we decided all that hard work and exercise just wasn’t worth it. Instead, we spent our spare time partying and eating cold pizza the next morning to cure our hangovers.

“Woo! Go Bears!” Lucy cheered as we sat on the cold bleachers.

“Luc, the game hasn’t even started yet.” Callie sighed as she scrolled through her phone.

“Sorry... sour-puss.” Lucy glared.

“Okay! Who wants nachos?” Connor smiled as he stood up.

“I’ll go with you. Anything to get away from these things.” Mark stated as he stood up next to Connor.

“Nachos please!” Callie and Lucy both said in unison.

“I’ll just take a water.” I requested as Connor leaned down and softly kissed my cheek.

“So, two not gonna happens and one bitch please, coming up!” Mark sarcastically cheered as he made his way down the bleachers.

Connor laughed as he shook his head, following after him.

“I hate him.” Callie glared.

Lucy and I nodded at that, though Lucy was still looking at Mark as he walked away, a small smile on her face.

A few minutes later, the game started and we already had control of the ball, perks of winning the coin toss.

“Hey guys, got your nachos! Sorry babe, but I didn’t have room to carry the water. Mark said he was going to bring it once he finished chatting up some girl he met at the concession stand.” Connor handed Callie and Lucy their nachos, while Lucy had a frown on her face at the news of Mark’s whereabouts.

“That’s alright. I can wait.” I smiled as I rested my head against his shoulder.

The chilly air was picking up and I was glad I wore a sweater instead of just a T-shirt. It was the second half of the game and we were kicking ass with a dazzling 28-0 score.

“Man, is Mark ever going to come back with my water?” I sighed as I looked around for the dark haired boy.

“He might’ve gotten lost.” Callie suggested.

“Yeah, in a girl’s vagina.” Lucy glared as she searched for him as well. That caused a laugh from Callie and Connor.

“Well I’m going to go get my own water then. I’ll be back.” I got up and left the bleachers.

I wondered over to the concession stand and Mark was nowhere in sight.


I ordered a water and while I was waiting for the concession stand guy to bring it out, I heard my phone going off. I pulled it out of my purse and saw a text message.

M: Meet me in the girl’s bathroom. Now.

What the...

I paid for my water and went to the restrooms, which were located only a few feet behind the concession stand. I walked into the girl’s bathroom, and standing inside with his arms crossed, was none other than Mark.

“What are you doing in here?” I asked.

“Waiting for you, clearly.” He deadpanned.

“But... we only meet on Friday’s before lunch. We can’t do this here. Not with the group twenty feet away!” I whisper-yelled.

“Like hell we can’t. I’ve been wanting you since you walked down those stairs earlier.” He walked over to the entrance of the bathroom and locked the door so no one could enter.

He turned around in one swift motion, picking me up off my feet, and sitting me down onto the bathroom sink.

“Ew, Mark. I don’t know who’s touched this sink.” I scrunched my nose.

“You don’t know who’s touched the sink in the janitor’s closet either, genius.” He replied while nibbling against my neck.

I resisted the urge to slap him and instead, wrapped my legs around his waist, pulling him closer to me. The truth was, I had wanted him since I walked down those stairs too. I ran my fingers through his perfectly styled hair, and leaned my head back, giving him full access to my neck.

He nibbled gently, making sure not to leave any marks. I lifted my arms instantly and he yanked my sweater and shirt, all in one, over my head and threw them onto the bathroom floor.

“Ew! God, Mark.” I scolded at the sight of my clothes on the dirty floor.

“Oh shut up.” He sighed while reaching down and unbuckling his belt, letting his pants fall to the floor around his shoes.

I stood up in front of him for a mere second, so I could let my pants fall too, but as soon as I did we heard the sound of the bathroom door jiggling, as if someone was trying to open it.

Mark and I stopped dead in our tracks and whipped our heads to the door as if we were deer caught in headlights. We heard muffled talking coming from outside of the bathroom.

“Great. Someone locked the door. Let’s go get someone to open it.”

At that, Mark turned back to me and continued as if nothing had just happened.

“Mark, we have to stop! They’re coming back and will open the door!” I whined, trying to stop him from pushing down my pants any further.

“Who cares? We have time before they get here. Keep going.” He urged as my pants fell to the floor.

I wanted to stop. I wanted to just push him away and leave the bathroom, but I couldn’t. His beautiful scent flowing through the air and the way he kissed me made it almost impossible to care about anything else.

He brushed his body against mine and my skin grew goosebumps instantly. He reached down and pushed himself inside of me, and just as I felt the sensation, we heard keys jiggling outside of the door.

“Shit, shit, shit!” I whisper-yelled while pushing Mark off me. Mark grabbed his pants, pulled them up, and ran into one of the bathroom stalls locking it.

I pulled my own pants up and reached for my shirt and sweater just as the door opened. The old guy holding the keys looked at me, and his face instantly turned red.

“Goodness miss, I’m so sorry. Please, excuse me.”

He took the keys out of the lock and quickly walked away, revealing the one person I did not want to see standing behind him.

“Oh... um... hey.” I muttered nervously, praying that Mark wouldn’t make a single sound from inside of the bathroom stall.

I am such a horrible person.

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