Immaculate Deceivers

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Chapter 21 | This Isn't Over

After lunch, I needed to use the bathroom so I said goodbye to my friends and left the cafeteria. Connor sat with Marissa at lunch, while I sat with Lucy, Callie and Mark.

I didn’t want to feel angry, but every few seconds I would look up and see Marissa playing tonsil hockey with Connor. It almost made me nauseous.

Okay so I lied, I saw Marissa head towards the bathrooms and I needed to confront her. I need to know what her plan is and why she moved in on my ex-boyfriend.

As soon as I entered the bathroom, I noticed Marissa talking with Ruby, one of her friends.

“Oh, hello Marissa!” I exclaimed with a smile. “So nice to see you!”

“Um, what?” She gave me a pointed look.

“Hey Ruby, do you mind if I speak with Marissa for a sec?” I fake smiled. “It won’t take long.”

“Um, okay. You good Marissa?” Ruby asked turning toward Marissa, but Marissa only nodded.

“See ya.” Ruby said before walking out of the bathroom.

“What do you want?” Marissa glared.

“Oh nothing at all, I just would like to know why you are with Connor.” I smirked, taking a step closer to her.

“Why is that any of your business?” She smiled. “You broke up with him.”

“That’s not the point. We made a deal, Bradley. I will keep your little secret, if you steer clear of me. That includes Connor.” I took another step towards her, but she didn’t falter or take a step back.

“You didn’t tell me I couldn’t date Connor,” She began. “You simply told me I couldn’t tell him about you and Mark, which I didn’t.” She shrugged.

“Then how could you possibly get him to date you?” I asked, not believing her for a second. “He’s never liked you, even before I started dating him.”

That made her send me a glare.

“Simple; I told him that you were a conniving little bitch who liked to blackmail people, and that’s why Mark stopped seeing me. Then I told him that Mark lied to me and actually used me because he wanted another girl,” She sent me a smirk, “And so I basically cried into his arms and he eventually let me in. He told me all about how you broke his pathetic little heart and so I consoled him as he consoled me. One thing lead to another and let’s just say, he isn’t thinking about you at all right now.” She smiled wide, tossing a few strands of her hair over her shoulder while leaning over the sink to wash her hands.

“Why are you doing this? What is your motive?” I glared, feeling mad at Connor for trusting this fake Barbie.

“Who says I need to have a motive? Honestly, I figured something out. If I can’t hurt you by telling everyone your little secret with you and Mark... then I can certainly hurt you by dating Connor and tarnishing his perfect image of you piece by piece.” Her wicked grin sent me fuming as I lunged for her.

Marissa seemed startled at first, but then stepped to the side so I missed her and almost charged into the bathroom wall. Luckily, I caught myself and all I could do was laugh.

Hysterically laughing. That is what I am doing right here in this very bathroom standing next to Marissa.

Marissa gave me a confused look before rolling her eyes. “Man, you’re insane. Leave me alone, and don’t worry, your secret is still safe with me.” She winked at me before stepping around me to leave the bathroom.

“Hey Marissa.” I suddenly said after I stopped laughing.

She stopped just before the bathroom door and looked back at me with rose eyebrows.

“This isn’t over.” I glared.

“Oh, you’re right about that.” She smirked before blowing me a kiss and walking out of the bathroom leaving me standing alone in front of the sink and mirror.

I looked up at myself and my eyes widened. It was almost as if I couldn’t even recognize myself.

Who the hell am I becoming?

Shaking my head of my taunting thoughts, I freshened up and left the bathroom to head to gym.

“So, did you ever figure out why Marissa is with Connor?” Lucy asked as she pulled off her skinny jeans and yanked on her gym shorts.

“Well, sort of.” I mumbled as I pulled on my gym shirt.

“So... spill.” Lucy urged.

“Let’s just say, she’s mad at me because she thinks that I am the reason Mark stopped seeing her.” I began.

“Why would you be the reason?” Lucy asked, raising her eyebrows.

“I have no idea; I guess she’s always had this weird hatred for me.” I shrugged, sneaking a quick glance at Callie who rolled her eyes while brushing her hair up into a ponytail.

“Man, she’s insane. She needs to get over herself. Not everyone cares about what she does.” Lucy chuckled while putting a headband on, pushing her bangs back and out of her face.

“Agreed.” I sheepishly smiled, while tossing my hair up into a messy bun.

Once we were all dressed, we made our way outside onto the football field to run our warm-up laps. We wasted no time in starting to run, so Coach Brown wouldn’t yell at us.

“Good going girls! Way to stay motivated.” Coach Brown yelled in our direction. The three of us rolled our eyes, but kept running until we were finished.

“I. Hate. Running.” Lucy glared while collapsing onto the bleachers.

“Ditto.” Callie sighed while clutching her side and sitting down beside Lucy.

“Come on you wimps, get up and get moving!” I mocked Coach Brown’s voice, but soon regretted it as I noticed him sending me a glare.

“Dang he heard me.” I chuckled, sitting down on the other side of Callie.

“Luckily today is free day; otherwise I would be dying over volleyball right about now.” Lucy laughed as she leaned back and rested on her elbows, using the upper level bleacher to lean on.

“Hey I need to go to the bathroom, anyone wanna join?” Callie suddenly asked, giving me a pointed look. I realized she wanted me to speak up, because she wanted to question me about Marissa privately.

“I’ll go with.” I said, standing up.

“You gals have fun, I can’t move now even if I wanted to. I’ll be here when you return.” She waved us away while taking a drink from her water bottle.

Callie linked her arm into mine and yanked me with her to the bathroom.

“Do you have to pull so hard? You’re making us look suspicious.” I sighed, following along with Callie, as if I had a choice.

“I need to know what you really found out from Marissa.” She insisted as we neared the door entering inside of the gym. Once we made it to the girls bathroom, Callie turned around to face me as she crossed her arms over her chest.

“So, what happened?” She asked.

“Well, I didn’t lie. She did tell me that she told Connor I am the reason Mark stopped seeing her, but she told him it was because I was black mailing her.”

Callie’s eyes widened. “Did she tell him that-?” I instantly cut her off, “No, she didn’t tell him why I was blackmailing her, but she did tell him that Mark stated he liked someone else... that being me but she didn’t tell Connor it was me.” I sighed.

“What else happened?” Callie urged.

“Well apparently Connor began telling her how I broke his heart or whatever, and so they basically just fell into each other’s arms. Then she told me that she was going to use Connor to her advantage, meaning to keep me quiet about what I know about her.” I shrugged. “She said she’s going to tarnish the ‘perfect image’ Connor has of me piece by piece.”

“So... basically she is blackmailing you to keep quiet about you blackmailing her? Man this shit is so twisted. Do you see Naveah? Do you see how one lie can escalate into something so much bigger? This is why you should have just come clean about everything to begin with. Then none of this would be happening.” Callie suddenly exploded.

“Cal, I didn’t want this to happen. I thought threatening Marissa would keep her out of our hair, which it did for a while. I didn’t think she was smart enough to discreetly fight back.” I sighed, hoping that Callie will see that I didn’t mean for any of this to happen.

“Well obviously it is happening now, so what are you going to do about it?” She asked, hoping I would give her the answer she wants.

“I guess I just have to let her make Connor hate me. I mean, if he finds out the truth about Mark and I, he will hate me anyway. It’s pretty much a lose, lose situation.

“Orrrrrr, you could just come clean about everything and then Connor will only hate you for one thing instead of whatever lies Marissa comes up with on her own. You can’t let Marissa have the upper hand. God, why am I even helping you?” Callie sighed while leaning against the bathroom sink.

“Because you’re my best friend.” I frowned. “At least I hope you still are.”

“Ugh, Naveah...” Callie pouted. “Of course I am your best friend. I just really hate this entire situation and I hate that you’re the cause of it.”

“Hey, it isn’t only me!” I defended. “It’s Mark too. It takes two to tango.”

“Yeah, that may be true... but think about it. Mark didn’t already have a girlfriend, who happened to be Connor’s crush. And Mark didn’t cheat on said girlfriend with you. Mark is single and yes, he shouldn’t have went for you being that you were his best friend’s girlfriend, but come on. It’s Mark. Everyone knows that Mark Chase never follows the rules.” Callie replied.

I didn’t even want to acknowledge the fact that Callie was right.

Out of nowhere, I began to cry.

“Shit, Naveah...” Callie came over to put her arm around me.

“God, why did I let all of this happen? Why did I have to follow Mark into the janitor’s closet that day? Why did I cheat on Connor and then break up with him? Why can’t I leave Mark alone?” I began frantically sobbing while spewing out everything.

“Naveah shut up before someone hears you.” Callie whispered while looking around the bathroom.

“I just... I am so sorry all of this happened, but it’s my own fault so I’m really not allow to be sorry, am I?” I quietly asked.

“Sorry for what?”

Both Callie and I’s heads whipped around so fast, we could have broken our necks.

There I was, standing face to face with Lucy.


“My God... L-Lucy, how long have you been t-there?” I tried to wipe the tears from my eyes.

“Not long, why are you crying?” She asked, genuinely concerned as she stepped towards me.

“I just, I’m upset over Marissa and Connor I guess.” I shrugged, grabbing a paper towel to clean my face.

I put some water on the paper towel and added some soap before rubbing the makeup from my red cheeks.

“Forget them. If Connor can move on so quickly without any regards to your feelings, then you should move on too.” She sadly smiled. “Even if you’re the one who broke it off with him. He should know that it was still really hard for you to do, and it isn’t cool of him to move on so quickly and with Marissa of all people.”

I looked up into her eyes and I wanted to smile too, but the images of Mark and I kept myself from doing so.

“I suppose you’re right.” I tried to smile, but only gave a half smirk.

“Guess it’s time to find Naveah a date.” Callie smiled, trying her best to forget about our heated discussion before Lucy came in.

“I don’t think I am ready to date anyone.” I confessed, not entirely lying.

If I can’t have Mark right now, then I certainly don’t want anyone else.

“What about Mark?”

My head jerked to the side to blankly stare at Lucy as Callie’s eyes widened in surprise.

“M-Mark? Why would I date Mark?” I tried to play it off as if this were something I have never even dreamed of before.

“Why not? He is cute right? I mean, he’s single so maybe you should hit Connor where it really hurts... with his best friend.” She stated so calmly, it almost scared me.

Does she know something more than she is leading me to believe?

“No, that’s insane! I can’t be seen with Mark. Besides, wouldn’t that upset you?” I tried to pry, knowing I was leaning on very thin ice.

“Why would it upset me? Mark told me he just wanted to be my friend anyway, so it’s not like you’d be doing anything wrong... right?” Her eyebrows rose slightly.

“Sorry Luc, but I can’t. I already told Connor that I didn’t want to date anyone whenever we broke up... which I don’t. I think I just need to be single right now.” I confessed, not entirely lying.

I knew I couldn’t jump the gun and be with Mark now. Then Connor would know I was lying and he would eventually figure out that there was something going on between Mark and me all along. I need to keep my cover hidden, while simultaneously figuring out a way to get Marissa back for going after Connor.

God, my life is so messed up.

“Suit yourself.” She shrugged. “Let’s get back to gym or Coach Brown will send out a swat team.” Lucy chuckled, pulling Callie and I along with her.

I discreetly gave Callie a knowing look, but she only shrugged followed by a soft chuckle.

“Stop enjoying this.” I whispered, loud enough for Callie to hear, but not Lucy.

All Callie did was shake her head no, and then lightly pat me against the head, her eyes full of amusement.

I quietly huffed while following along with Lucy.

Once we made it back outside, we were shocked to find that both Connor and Mark were outside too. Connor had Marissa under his arm while Mark looked to be in a heated discussion with Connor.

“Do you think Mark is mad that Connor is with Marissa?” Lucy asked, knowing that Mark and Marissa once had a thing.

“No idea. Let’s go see.” Callie suggested, tugging us towards the commotion.

“Whatever Mark, I can do what I want.” Connor lazily replied.

“Why her? She’s nothing but a whore.” Mark huffed, seemingly pissed off. I winced at his use of an insult.

“Hey, watch your fucking mouth!” Connor instantly stood up, and both boys were standing a few inches away from each other, noses almost touching. “Why do you care anyway? You only hooked up with her one time and then tossed her aside.” Connor retorted, causing my eyebrows to slightly raise.

He hooked up with Marissa? As in, they had sex? When?

“Because, she’s bad news.” Mark simply replied.

“Shut up Mark. If anyone is bad news around here, it’s you.” Marissa spat, sticking up for herself.

“Why would Mark be bad news?” Lucy suddenly asked, causing the three of them to finally notice our presence.

Mark gave me a pointed look, probably mentally asking how much of everything I heard. I turned from his gaze to look at Marissa.

When Marissa saw me standing there, she knew she couldn’t say why Mark was really bad news, because she knew that I would then out her secret to the entire school.

“L-let’s just go Con. We don’t need to be seen with the likes of these people.” She flipped her perfectly straight hair over her shoulder and wrapped her arm around Connor’s waist, slightly tugging him along with her.

I shot Marissa a smirk, silently saying that I won this round, while she and Connor left the scene.

“Wow that was intense.” Callie laughed, causing Mark and I to shoot her a glare.

“What the hell was all that about?” Lucy asked Mark.

“I just wanted to know why Connor was with Marissa. It just didn’t make any sense to me.” He shrugged, trying to play it off as if he didn’t really care all that much.

“Hey, if Connor wants to date her, then let him. If he wants to also be a dick about it, then let him. It’s his life. All we can do is try to be supportive friends. Well, obviously except for Naveah.” She sadly smiled over to me.

“Yeah, I am the last person to try and be Connor’s friend right now.” I admitted.

“We will figure it all out. Don’t worry.” Lucy put a protective arm around my shoulders before we all walked back inside the gym as the end of class neared.

When Callie and Lucy both walked into the girl’s locker room to change, I was just about to walk inside myself before I felt a hand on my shoulder.

I turned around to face Mark.

“What?” I sighed.

“We need to talk. Can I come over tonight?” He asked with pleading eyes.

I knew that I would soon regret my answer.


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