Immaculate Deceivers

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Chapter 8 | Detectives

I tapped my foot against the library floor as I waited for Callie to show up. She texted me shortly after I texted her to confirm meeting up.

I sighed as the clock kept ticking and I was just about to pull my phone out to call her when the library door swung open.

Callie strolled through and I waved her over to the corner I was standing in.

We each flopped down onto a beanbag and got comfortable. Luckily the library was open an hour after school let out, so we didn’t have to rush.

“So what’s up?” Callie asked as she pulled her zip lock bag of pretzels out of her backpack and began munching away.

“I um... need to ask you a favor. I completely understand if you say no.” I shyly asked.

She offered me some pretzels and I happily took some.

“Does this have to do with you and Mark?” She asked with rose eyebrows.

“Well, technically yes. But Mark and I are done for good! This has to do with that girl Marissa.” I stated.

Callie thought a moment to try to place Marissa in her mind, and then she nodded.

“What about her?”

“Well, today... during history class. Mark was flirting with her and I may or may not have gotten just a tiny bit jealous.” I began.

“Naveah...” Callie sighed.

“No, just listen!” I begged. “So I left class to go sit in the janitor’s closet to get some air. Mark followed me and we got into a fight. Long story short, he doesn’t even want to be friends with me anymore... so I have no idea what this will mean for the group as a whole.”

“So where does Marissa come into play?” Callie asked.

“Well, Marissa went to the bathroom shortly after I did, and when Mark left the closet... She saw. Then she saw me leave too and when I went into the bathroom, we got into this little argument and she told me that she would use her new information to her advantage. I told her to mind her business, but I am scared that she won’t.” I frowned.

“Damn Naveah, you really buried yourself deep.” Callie frowned.

“I know! Ugh!” I muttered.

“So why do you need me?” She asked again.

“Well, I was hoping you could help me keep a tight leash on Marissa. Maybe help me find a way to blackmail her into keeping quiet about what she saw... I know it is a lot to ask and I totally understand if you say no, I just don’t want this to get out to everyone especially since Mark and I are done for good. I just feel like since we are over, there is no need to ruining everyone else’s relationships.” I felt guilty for saying this but I just wanted everything to disappear, and for things to somewhat go back to normal, whatever normal may be.

“I... I don’t know Naveah. I love you and all, but just sweeping this whole thing under the rug isn’t right. Everyone deserves to know the truth, eventually. Maybe it would be a good idea to let Marissa tell Connor... then you can finally get this off your chest and deal with the consequences.” Callie apologetically smiled.

“Ugh... I know that. I just can’t lose them. Not yet. Connor will never speak to me again. Lucy will disown me. Mark is already saying he can’t be my friend anymore... and you. You will eventually take Lucy’s side and I will have no one.” I sighed in defeat. “I’m just a big ball of selfish.”

We sat in silence for the next five minutes. I assumed Callie was deep in thought about the whole thing. I was silently praying that she offers to help me.

“Okay listen. I will help you this once on making sure Marissa keeps her mouth shut, but you have to promise me... and I mean REALLY promise me that you and Mark are done. Forever.” She warned as she pointed her finger towards me.

“I promise! You have my word Callie! There is NOTHING between Mark and me anymore. It’s over.” I happily stated.

“Okay good. Now, let’s try and figure out what we can dig up on Marissa to keep her dirty mouth shut.” Callie grinned.

I sighed in content as I chuckled. “Let’s do this.”

| Callie’s POV |

“Naveah... why did you decide to wear heels today? Of all days!” I whisper-yelled.

“I’m sorry... they just went with my outfit.” She apologetically smiled.

I inwardly sighed. This girl.

“Okay listen, the principal goes to lunch at 12:25pm. It’s 12:15pm now. The secretary normally takes her bathroom break two minutes after the principal leaves, leaving the student assistant in charge of the entire office. We then have a ten-minute window until the secretary comes back. You need to distract the student assistant, while I go into the principal’s office and pull Marissa’s file.” I calmly stated, as if I have done this before. Which I haven’t, to be clear.

“Um... how do I distract him?” Naveah asked.

“Really?” I deadpanned. “You’re a girl for crying out loud... He is a grade ten. Use your tits or whatever.” I sighed.

Naveah rolled her eyes as she unzipped her jacket a little more. “Fine, but this is totally gross.” She shivered in disgust.

“Do you want Connor and Lucy to know the truth? No? Alright then.” I stated.

“Okay... the principal is about to walk out, quick pretend to be talking about something else.” We were currently leaned against the wall on the opposite side of the hallway.

“So, the homework for math, hard right?” Naveah nervously chuckled. I silently cursed her in my mind.

This girl is terrible at this.

“Um, yeah totally. Maybe we should form a study group.” I smiled as the principal walked past us and gave us a warm smile regarding our topic of conversation.

Once the principle was out of sight, we then waited for the secretary to emerge from the office.

After a couple of minutes, we saw her walking towards the door and then she appeared in the hallway.

“Did you girls need something?” She kindly asked.

“No thank you!” We both replied in unison with mischievous smiles etched on our faces.

The secretary gave us a weary look before shrugging her shoulders and heading down the hall towards the bathroom.

“Okay, now’s our chance! Remember... we only have about ten minutes, so keep the kid busy until I am done.” I shoved Naveah inside the office first, and waited for her to distract the boy from the front office door.

Once I saw Naveah give me the peace sign, our signal, behind her back... I quietly entered the office.

“Larry, is it? My... you are just so adorable.” Naveah began flirting. “I actually came to see you because I need help with my cell phone. Aren’t you a wiz on technology?” She asked him while batting her eyelashes.

The poor kid looked so uncomfortable; perhaps this was his first encounter with a female. He eagerly nodded and looked down at Naveah’s phone with her.

I slowly got down on my hands and knees and began crawling towards the principal’s office door. I pushed it open, thankfully it wasn’t latched shut so I crawled inside. I pushed the door almost closed again, then I finally stood up.

“Okay, time to find the files.” I whispered to myself.

I checked my watch and saw that I had about eight minutes left.

I began walking around to each filing cabinet before I finally found the one that contained all of the student’s files. I pulled one drawer open and found the section for the last names that started with “B”.

Once I finally found Marissa’s folder, I pulled it out and opened it up. I used my phone as a light and I began reading over everything, trying to find something to use against her.

Once my eyes landed on something big, I smirked and began taking pictures with my phone. I quickly shut the folder and placed it back in the cabinet. I made sure to place it in the exact spot I took it out from and then I quietly shut the cabinet closed.

I checked my watch again. Five minutes.

I slowly opened the principal’s door and peered out, Naveah still had the poor kid engaged into her phone and when she looked up at me with questioning eyes, I gave her a small thumbs up.

She smiled with victory, but the smile soon faded as the secretary came strolling in the door... EARLY.

I panicked and mouthed towards Naveah to, “do something!” to which she slightly shrugged her shoulders, unsure of what she should do.

“Oh, hello dear. What seems to be the problem here?” The secretary asked.

“Oh um, Naveah here had some troubles with her phone and asked me for help.” The boy said with a wink in her direction, to which I silently laughed.

“Hm... the bell had rung dear. Would you like me to write you a late slip so you won’t get a detention?” The kind secretary asked Naveah.

“Oh um, sure... but I, I think I feel one of my dizzy spells coming on!” She faked a frown as she gripped her forehead and started to fake stumble.

“Oh my! Frankie, call the nurse!” The secretary shouted towards the student assistant to which he disappeared behind another door.

Naveah frantically flopped onto the floor and faked a panic attack I assume from her behavior.

“Oh... make it stop! Please!” Naveah whined.

The secretary began panicking herself as she kneeled down beside Naveah and tried calming her down. “It will be alright dear, just hold on a minute. Frankie is calling the nurse, everything will be fine!”

I almost felt bad for the poor woman, but seeing her back turned to me and to the front office door... I got down on my hands and knees and began crawling again. I just barely made it to the front office door when Frankie came running back out and starred right at me.

My stomach dropped as I realized that this was it... but an idea popped up in my head almost instantly.

Frankie looked at me with questioning eyes as I held up my finger to my lips, urging him to be quiet. He smirked and shook his head no.

I rolled my eyes and did something that I am not proud of... I pulled my top down and showed him A LOT of cleavage... but not everything.

His eyes widened in shock as he stumbled back a bit. Clearly, this was the most he has ever seen in person. I smirked and held up my finger to my lips again and all the poor kid could do was slowly nod his head as he sat down at his chair.

I quickly opened the front office door and crawled away.

I then heard Naveah speak up. “I think it’s gone now. They come and go so suddenly. Annoying they are. Thank you for your help Mrs.!” Naveah smiled as she jumped to her feet. She then grabbed her phone from Frankie’s hand and darted out of the office.

The secretary shrugged her shoulders and then sat back down at her desk beside Frankie.

I just barely made out her voice to the boy. “Frankie... are you okay? You look like you’ve seen a ghost.”

I laughed once I moved away from the door and Naveah soon joined me.

“Oh my gosh... that was so close!” She gasped.

“I know... ah, that was fun!” I giggled.

“You’re normally so quiet, and don’t really break the rules. I am very impressed!” Naveah laughed alongside of me.

“Eh, sometimes I like to come out of my shell a bit.” I smirked.

“So, did you get anything?” Naveah smiled.

“Yep! It’s all on my phone!” I grinned holding up the small device as if it were a lost treasure.

“Thank God! If that didn’t work... I would have been so mad!” She laughed. “Especially after all of that.” She pointed towards the office front door.

“I heard that! Now let’s go... lunch break is just about over.” I sighed with relief.

She linked her arm into mine as we made our way down the hallway. We told the others that we needed to handle something at the front office, and thankfully, they didn’t press us for details.

Once we got to the cafeteria, there were only about five minutes of lunch left.

Naveah and I sat down and Connor greeted us with a smile. “Everything handled?” He asked.

Lucy looked to us for an answer too. Surprisingly, Mark was nowhere to be found.

“Yep. Sure did.” I smiled to which Naveah smiled with me.

“Everything’s all good.” Naveah stated as she leaned her head against Connor’s shoulder.

“Okay, weirdos. Hey Connor, where is Mark?” Lucy asked.

“I think he left for the day. I haven’t seen him since this morning.” Connor shrugged.

“Oh... okay.” Lucy frowned a bit.

I instantly felt bad for her and I knew Naveah did too by the look on her face as well. I hated that I helped Naveah keep everything with her and Mark hushed, but I honestly thought long and hard about it and decided that it was the best way to keep everyone from getting hurt. Even if it was wrong.

I looked at Connor as he smiled down at Naveah and I knew that I was doing the wrong thing, but it also felt right to know that no one was going to get hurt over all of Naveah and Mark’s nonsense.

At least... I hope not.

I made a mental note to skype with Naveah later tonight to show her what I found on Marissa.

I smirked as I thought about the information that I found.

I just pray that it actually works in our favor.

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