Immaculate Deceivers

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Chapter 9 | Blackmail and a Date?

“Mom!” I yelled upon entering my home.

“In the kitchen!” She yelled in response.

I placed my purse on the small table that rested by the front door as I approached the kitchen.

“Where’s dad?” I asked, picking up an apple from the bowl of fruit placed on the counter.

“Still at work. It’s going to be a late day for him.” She sighed as she stirred the pot of spaghetti noodles.

“What else is new?” I deadpanned, to which my mother gave me a pointed look.

My father works for a big banking company. He is at the very top of the food chain so to speak. He is the CEO of the entire company and makes a lot of money. So much so, that my mother has not had a job in a few years. I personally think she hates not working... but my father insisted she be a stay at home mom.

My father is not really the family man that every kid hopes to have. He always puts his business first. My mom and I hardly ever see him.

I am an only child as well, so my childhood was pretty lonely.

“Head upstairs to get cleaned up. When your father gets home, we will have supper.” My mom stated as she pulled a jar of spaghetti sauce from the cabinet.

“Yes’mam.” I stated before leaving the kitchen and heading upstairs.

After finishing my apple and taking a shower, I put on my fuzzy pajama bottoms with a tanktop, and pulled my hair up into a messy bun. I then plopped down on my bed.

I pulled out my laptop from my bedside table drawer, and opened it up.

I checked to see if Callie was online. Just as I saw her name, her face popped up on my screen.

I answered the Skype call immediately.

“Hey!” I smiled.

“Hola.” She simply stated.

“So, what did you find?” I asked anxiously. I have been waiting all day long for this news and I cannot contain my nerves anymore. I just pray that it is something I can actually use.

Callie pulled up her phone from her lap and began scrolling through it.

“So, as I read through her file, I found that she was-” Callie was cut off from my mother’s screaming.

“Naveah! Your father is home, come downstairs for dinner please!”

“Shit.” I cursed.

“Can I call you back after dinner?” I asked with pleading eyes.

“Of course, enjoy your fiest!” She smirked.

I rolled my eyes with a grin as I closed my laptop and went downstairs to eat.

“Hey dad.” I stated while sitting down at the dining room table. My mother was across from me as my father sat at the head of the table.

“Hello Naveah. How are your studies coming along?” He firmly asked, not a hint of happiness to his tone.

“They’re fine. Kicking butt as per usual.” I smirked to which my mother gave me another pointed look for my language.

My dad slightly nodded as he placed some spaghetti noodles onto his plate.

“I am glad to hear it.” He just barely chuckled.

“Naveah has been doing great actually dear, her teachers always compliment her work.” My mother smiled while passing my dad a dinner roll.

“I am sure Naveah is perfectly capable of speaking for herself, Meredith. No need to try and sell my own daughter.” He warned with a stern look, to which my mother simply nodded.

“Dad, she’s not lying. I really have been doing great. I’m going to be applying for colleges soon!” I tried to smile, hopeful to brighten his mood just a little.

“You should’ve started that last year Naveah. College’s like go-getters. If you wait until every other student applies, what makes you stand out from the rest?” His question hurt a little. He never made it a priority to praise me; only to analyze every move I make and tell me how I could do things better.

Father of the year award goes to...

“Well, last year I was only focusing on my school work and being a teenager. I figured I would worry about college when it was time to.” I shyly responded.

My father scoffed. “Naveah, please. Being a teenager is not going to set you up for the rest of your life. You need to think ahead and be proactive. College is not just a time to party and procrastinate. You need to make sure your priorities are in place.”

“My priorities are in place.” I defended.

“Don’t back talk me!” His voice grew in volume.

“Naveah, apologize.” My mother stated in her same robotic voice that I grew tired of hearing.

“What? Why? I didn’t say anything wrong.” I mumbled.

My father shot me a pointed look and I gulped down my bite of bread. “Sorry.”

“Sorry what?” My father responded immediately.

“Sorry Sir.” I stated.

“Meredith, you sit at home all day, perhaps teaching our daughter some manners should be at the top of your list from now on.” My dad commented, to which my mother shot him a look.

“I didn’t choose to sit at home all day, Steve.” My mom stated.

“What was that?” My father asked with rose eyebrows.

“Nothing.” My mom sighed as she finished her dinner.

I took my second to last bite of spaghetti as I placed my napkin on my plate.

“May I be excused?” I asked, eager to leave this tension-filled atmosphere.

“Yes.” My father replied before my mom had a chance to.

“Thank you.” I smiled, before standing up from my seat. Before I darted for the stairs, I discreetly shot my mother an apologetic smile to which she subtly nodded.

I inwardly sighed as I made my way up the stairs.

Dinners never used to be like this. My father wasn’t always this much of an asshole. I remember a time when there were nothing but laughs and smiles radiating off our home. My dad wasn’t the CEO of a major company, and he never worked late nights. My mother had a day job and loved the people she worked with. There was a real time when all three of us were actually happy together.

I longed for the days when I didn’t despise my relationship with my parents. My father looked at me with disgust every day, and my mother always stood up for him even if he was in the wrong. Her being afraid of him, made it almost impossible to get my way even when I deserved it. Although he never laid a hand on my mother, she still felt as though he could pop off at any moment and do something he would later regret.

I really hope something changes soon.

Upon reaching my bedroom, I plopped down on my bed yet again, and opened up my laptop.

Callie was still online, so I gave her a buzz.

“Welcome back.” She smiled.

“Yeah, sure.” I mumbled.

“What’s wrong?” She asked, concern filling her features.

“My dad.” I scoffed.

“Ah yes. Mr. Olsin’s wonderful charm at it again huh?” She frowned.

“As always. Oh well, anyway tell me about Marissa! I need some good news right now.” I begged.

“Alright, alright. Anyways as I was trying to explain earlier... I found out in Marissa’s file that she was adopted! I also found out that no one knows about it... and I found out something else but I really don’t think we should use this on her.” She sheepishly warned.

“What is it!” I evilly smiled.

“I don’t think I should tell you Naveah...” Callie looked down at her lap.

“Oh come on! If it’s that bad, I won’t use it. I promise.” I stated.

“Okay well, last year when she went to that upper class boarding school,” Callie put air quotations when she said boarding school. “turns out she wasn’t really in boarding school... she was, having a baby that she too gave up for adoption.” Callie mumbled.

“Oh. My. Lanta!” I squealed.

Clearly, I watch too much Full House.

“Naveah you can’t tell anyone this! It’s too sensitive.” Callie sternly spoke.

“I won’t! However, if it comes down to it... I may have to.” I shrugged.

“No Naveah, you promised.” Callie warned.

“But Callie... what if I have no other choice?” I whined.

“If you tell anyone about her being pregnant and giving her baby away, I will tell Connor and Lucy the truth about you and Mark.” All of a sudden, Callie’s expression changed from worried to serious.

“Okay, fine. Chill out.” I huffed. “Her being adopted should be enough information to scare her into keeping her mouth shut about Mark and me.” I nodded.

“One can only hope.” Callie stated with a chuckle.

“Hey, thank you for all of this. I know you really didn’t want to do this. I know you’re against it.” I frowned.

“Naveah, I love you and while I disagree with your prior actions, you’re still a really close friend to me and I don’t want to see anyone get hurt.” She softly smiled.

“Thank you.” I blew a kiss at her and said my goodbyes as I shut my laptop closed again.

“Hopefully this works.” I mumbled to myself as I laid down in bed.

Pretty soon, my eyes closed on themselves and I found myself in a deep slumber.

The next day at school, Marissa wasted no time strolling up to me while I was with Callie at my locker. Lucy was late again due to over sleeping after her late shift at work last night.

“Ah, Naveah. We meet again.” Marissa sneered.

“Ah, Marissa. Bite me.” I calmly smiled.

“You better watch what you say to me. I have information that could ruin you.” She evilly smirked.

“Oh but my dear, sweet Marissa.” I began with a smirk of my own. “I have my own information about you that I very well know you wouldn’t want to get out.”

Her face fell a little.

“W-What information?” She began to look panicked.

“Oh nothing really... just information about your um, parents.” I lazily yawned.

Her eyes grew wide. “You’re lying.”

“Afraid not, sweetie. Naveah knows all about your mommy and daddy... or should I say adoptive parents.” I grinned wider.

“How the hell did you find out about that!” She glared while stepping closer to me.

I did not back down an inch. Instead, I stepped another inch closer to her, our faces a few inches apart.

“Let’s just say... I have my ways.” I smiled.

“If you tell anyone about this... I swear.” I cut her off immediately.

“Ah ah ah, hold on... I already have a deal for you. If you so much as hum a syllable to Mark or Lucy or Connor, or anyone else about anything you think you saw that day in the bathroom, I will broadcast your pathetic life story to the entire student body, and then some.” I sneered.

What the hell just came over me? I suppose I do have my father’s cruel genes.

I saw Callie slightly frown from the corner of my eye and I almost winced.

Marissa looked as though she wanted to scream. “Fine. We have a deal. For now. You just wait; I will dig up something even worse on you, Naveah. Then you’ll be begging for mercy at my pedicured feet.”

“Oh I doubt you’ll find anything more useful. My life is pretty luxurious and simple.” I sweetly smiled.

“Run along now.” I shooed her away with my hand.

“Ugh!” She huffed while slamming her heel to the floor and stomping away.

“Wow... that was, intense.” Callie commented.

“Yeah, I know. I hated acting so mean, but she left me no choice.” I shrugged.

“I guess so.” Callie slowly shrugged as well. “Let’s get to class.”

“Good idea. I think we’re late.” I sighed as I followed Callie down the hallway.

| Mark’s POV |

Entering the cafeteria for lunch, I spotted Connor sitting with Naveah, Lucy and Callie. I thought about ditching them again, but if I didn’t sit with them soon, everyone would become suspicious.

I hated being away from everyone, but I just could not face Naveah after our scene in the janitor’s closet the other day. I still hurt from her rejection to come clean. I wanted to be with her more than anything, but I was not going to just stand by and continue to be her side bitch.

Having to see Connor all over her constantly was enough torture.

I slowly walked up to the table and sat down as if I hadn’t been MIA for the past few days.

“Hey guys.” I simply stated. They all gave me curious glances, all except for Naveah. She wouldn’t even look at me.

“Where have you been?” Lucy asked with her cute smile.

“Oh ya know, around.” I smirked followed by a wink.

Lucy rolled her eyes with a smile and I decided why not give this girl a shot. Who knows, she may be a better lay than Naveah.

God, why am I such a jerk?

“So Lucy, I was thinking... we should get together some time.” The silence was deafening. Naveah swallowed her food hard as she shot me a hard glare that no one else seemed to notice. Callie rose her eyebrows in surprise and then gave Naveah a weird look.

Connor, oblivious to it all just smiled. “About time bro!” He playfully smacked my back.

“Do you really mean it?” Lucy hesitantly asked.

“Why of course Luc. By the way, you look beautiful today.” I gave her my award-winning smile.

“Um, okay Mark. Sure. I’d love to.” She smiled widely.

“Cool, I’ll text you later.” I smirked again as I began eating.

“Oh hey, we should double!” Connor suddenly stated.

“Yeah that would be so much fun!” Lucy jumped up.

“Oh um, that’s alright. You guys just enjoy your alone time.” Naveah suddenly responded.

Lucy frowned.

“Why can’t we double?” She asked Naveah.

“I just think your first date should be just the two of you. Really get to know each other.” Naveah smiled, though I know it was fake just by looking at her beautiful face.

“Maybe she’s right.” Connor said as he placed an arm over Naveah’s shoulder. “Plus, I’d like alone time with my girl too.” He smirked at her.

I wanted to punch him in the face.

“So Lucy, be free tonight alright?” I spoke up, trying to pull the attention away from Naveah and Connor.

“Of course! Can’t wait.” She smiled.

After I finished eating, I got up and walked over to Lucy. I pulled her up from her seat and planted a sweet kiss against her cheek. “See ya later.” I winked.

“See ya.” She barely spoke above a whisper as she sat back down.

I casted a quick glance at Naveah who looked really unhappy, though when Connor looked over at her, she smiled another fake smile before planting a kiss directly on his lips.

I clenched my fists discreetly as I walked away.

That will never be okay with me.

Her touching Connor will never be okay with me.

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