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Being a teen with a house alone is kind of peaceful but with a job and a super weird town things aren’t always what they seem. My journey starts with one hell of a past I don’t know what itmight bring I never been one to believe, but that was before this came to earth, everyone's gone mad, I couldn’t even think, of how, it came from the fairy tales we read when we were young, but now our dreams are nightmares alive. My name is hale scarlet knight. And this is my story.

Drama / Fantasy
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Chapter 1: calm before the storm

I was in my room, waiting for the days, to go by and end. I live in a small freaktown,oak park. This town has legends from the start, but lately there has been missing people reports, I never been one to keep up with news around here. And I still don’t.

I live alone and I am a only child. I was kicked out by my brother. He was a total a**hole. I do miss him, but when I was with our parents, they ditched me to the curb, but soon three weeks after I found out they went missing. I wanted to find out why, after that happened my brother went down hill.

So for now this is me: my name is hale scarlet knight, my life is complicated. My hair is a deep reddish black, I wear contacts, to make my eyes blue, but my normal is hazel. I am kind of secluded to Myself. I am also a senior in highschool, and I am seventeen years old. I would like to go to college online, since I am the most popularly hated person on the planet.

The type of music I listen to is a mix between, death metal, gothic, punk, and alternative. But my all time favorite type of music is rock n roll. A few bands I love are, black veil brides, motionless in white, davey suicide( I know it is a different name but who cares), twisted sister, slipknot, Motley Crue, and kiss.

And for me my style is me wearing all black, skinny jeans, band shirts, leather jackets, black oversized hoodies. Combat boots, sometimes I will wear heels, I have one pair of demonia conquer boots, I also wear tapers fake ones, because I still wear earrings. And well band bracelets.

I like bands, metal, leather jackets, listening to music, reading, drawing, daydreaming to another world. But my dislikes are people at my school, Total idiots,fake people, liars, dresses, bright colors, except neon purple, sports, bullies.

And so that’s it for me, this is a average day for me, well what happened after school.

2017, June 2

I woke up to my scattered band poster bed room, and shut my alarm off, I got to my bathroom, and took a shower, got out and got dressed into a pair of black skinny jeans, my Alice cooper shirt, fuzzy socks, and a pair of black flats. I tied my hair up. And went back to my room and grabbed my belongings and went down stairs. I put my things into my black and red spiked bag.

I went to my car and thank god I live somewhere warm. I forgot to say that I live in New Orleans,Louisiana. I went to my car and threw my bag in the back, I put the key in and forgetting I was listening to motionless in white. I jumped to the blaring music of Abigail. I turned it down a tiny bit, and went to hel*o- I mean school.

At West Hudson high school

I parked and went inside. I swear this is probably the most horrid place on earth, school. This is really why I would want to go to online college just so I don’t have to deal with fake bimbos. I went to my locker, put my combination in and opened it to wretched notes.

I picked them up not even looking at them, I know what they say, this has been going on since freshman year since I transferred. I tried to tell the teachers, but they hate my guts to. So I keep quiet.

I put my Bag in my lovekr grabbed my books, phone and ear buds. Then went to my first hour which was history.

History class: period 1

Our history class is super weird, we just read from the story grimm’s fairy tales. This is pretty stupid, but I deal with it for the grade.

Math: period 2

So math she just lets us do a few problems, that are college level, not really, but then we’re done and it is like a study hall.

English class: period 3

So English right now we are reading through older poems, and we have to finish up this project which is super easy, but Friday we present it to the class.

Study hall: period 4

Study hall I sleep and the only teacher that likes me here at this school. Is the librarian, super sweet, her name is mrs. Dott.


Lunch I rarely eat. But today I was a little hungry, so I went in line like halfway to lunch, I grabbed a small cookie, and a kickstart. So that is the only thing they have for like that it is to me better than monster. I won’t drink it.

Chemistry: period 5

It is super tiring, I sleep through it because the only thing we do in that class is watch, videos. It sucks.

Computer business: period 6

It is still boring, we just get lectured, every day.

Family and consumer science: period 7

So this is my second favorite class of the day, one because I love to make things two, There is only four of us in the class. And I don’t talk to them so I leave them alone they leave me alone.

End of school day:After school

So I went to my locker grabbed my bag, and went to the diner in town here. I work a little shift. It’s not very long, four hours, I cook in the kitchen.


I got to the diner and walked in tying my hair up, I said, “ good after noon faith.” She saId, “ hi darling. What’s up?” I said, “ just another day from hell*o I mean school.” She laughed, “ okay well Mark is out for a little he will be back soon.” I went to the back and yelled from the window, “ got it.” I put my bags in the back room.

And worked my shift.

Four hours later: 6:30 pm

I said, “ bye faith see you tomorrow and have a nice night” I waved by as I was walking out the door. And went to my car, I pulled out my keys, and I felt a pair of eyes on the back of my head, I growled, “ who’s there?” I turned around and saw no one. I rolled my eyes and thought, “ coward.” I got in my car, and went back to my lonesome.

Back home

I got home and turned on the tv, then went to lock the door, and to the kitchen, I sighed, and said, “ just same old boring days.” I then heard the channel switch to, “ breaking news, tonight the missing people have been found, we have our best reporter chase.”

Breaking news report: missing people found

“ thank you Marie, so I am here with the state police right now, and we have some information on this, but the bodies say it all, they found 24 missing, and all but one was found, the people were ranging of the ages 16-30. But as we can see that the horrific scene here. But let’s go to the sheriff.”

“ Sherrif do you have any word or comment about this case?” “ yes we still need to keep the curfew, but for those who know they are back and wanting revenge on this town.”

There was a scared blood curdling scream that came from the back ground, the guy motioned to cut the film, but soon the camera went offline.

Breaking news report: headquarters

“ chase? Are you there?” She looked to her partner, “ it seems to be we have lost the footage of this report, but we will keep you in touch and updated if we hear more. This is Marie Winslow, breaking news report.”

Back home

I was wondering if this was just a stunt, but I turned the channel, and I thought I heard something in the back of the house, I put the television on mute, and I heard a crash come from up stairs. I grabbed a baseball bat, I had since I was a kid. And it was heavy, but metal. I went upstairs. And heard it coming from my room.

My bedroom

I pushed the door open with the baseball bat, and saw four figures, I snapped, “ what the fudge nuts are you doing in my house?” I pointed the baseball bat, in a swing formation and one of the four figures said, “ we thought this House was empty.” I said, “ what the heck. Bad excuse.”

One said, “ way to go Chris, now we’re probably going to be hit with the bat.” What the heck? Another said, “ you never know we could just have a meal.” Heart pounding what the unicorn.

I am trying not to swear, alright, I said, “ what the freaking in hello are you?!” They stepped from the shadows, and said, “ well i’m a hybrid.” Okay I just- how I said, “ you guys are motionless in white. Okay.” My Heart is about to pound out of my chest. They said, “ yeah. So?” I started to hyperventilate. And they looked at me like I was nuts. I said, “ move and you will meet the baseball bat.”

I controlled my breathing. And one took a step closer, I barked, “ I will do anything to defend myself, so listen to my warning.” He moved closer I swung, and he said, “ fu*k you have a strong arm.” I said, “ I warned you. State your business.” They said, “ well as you found out we’re motionless in white, I’m Ryan. That’s ghost or Devin, there’s Chris, and vinny.” I said, “ okay hi. But what the heck why are you in my room?”

They blushed I said, “ explain now or the bat talks.” They said, “ well we’re on the run.” I looked at them like why? Ryan said, “ so were on the run from hunters. We’re not really what you could say normal.” I said, “ I can relate.” They said, “ so I’m a hybrid, same for vinny and Devin. And Chris and Ricky are half fangs.” I felt my heart drop.

I said, “ and by fangs you mean-“ They nodded. I felt my heart pound again. I said, “ why do weird things happen to me.” They looked to me, “ look, I really don’t know you guys that well, so I really don’t know what to say.” They looked to me with just puppy eyes. I said, “ I don’t know.” They moved closer and still with puppy eyes, I said, “ fine, just some ground rules first. We can head downstairs.”

We went down stairs and to the front room. I was standing and they were sitting scattered around. I said, “ I can’t believe I am doing this.” But I said, “ okay ground rules, my room is off limits, got it?” They nodded, “ okay, you can eat what you want in the fridge the cabinets, I really forget sometimes. But it’s not bad, you can roam around the house, but the main rule.”

I looked to them, “ so fuc**ing help me if I find anything of me hurt, or has bite marks your dead. Got it?” They nodded, “ okay then well I have a spare room, it’s tiny but I will sleep down here tonight. You guys can fight over who gets which room.”

I sighed and went to the kitchen and grabbed my phone off the charger, then went up stairs a grabbed a few things. And I looked under my bed, and pulled out my case, I unzipped it and looked at it. My brother got this black guitar for me. I do play a little, but I just keep it hidden.

I jumped to the sound of someone knocking on the door, I quickly put it back and hid it under my bed I said, “ come in.” It was Ryan and Ricky I said, “ hi.” They said, “ you alright?” I said, “ no, I just am always on edge. I will go.” I grabbed my stuff and left.

I went downstairs and set up the couch, I looked on my phone and got a text, I opened it and saw it was from my brother, I read it, “ hey hale, listen could we talk, I need your advice. I fudged up.” I sighed and texted back, “ sure little brother what’s up.”

Conversation: hale and trey

T: so you know I have been dating tresse right?

H: yeah. Why?

T: so I fucked up.

H: watch it.

T: I know but I did, literally.

H: trey you got her knocked up didn’t you?

T: no, and gross.

H: then what did you do.

T: I might have said a few things and I assumed she was cheating and we broke up, and now she hates my guts.

H: trey we talked about this. Listen I can come over tomorrow if you want.

T: that would be great, I missed you thought.

H: I miss you to trey. But other than that incident how are you?

T: I am alright. You?

H: fine.

T: how’s senior year.

H: I hate it.

T: don’t worry it will get better did you see the news report tonight?

H: yeah, uh listen trey I am going to head to bed alright?

T: oh, uh yeah, I love you hale.

H: love you to goofy.

T: goofball

H: Pringle.

T: okay since when did this come about.

H: we’ll talk tomorrow trey night.

T: night hale.

I set my phone down and said, “ I wish things were different.”

Treys pov

I miss hale, I just miss my sister, I can’t wait to see her tomorrow. I want to get back to the way there were.

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