the forgotten

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Lilian Williams known as the daughter of the famous singer finds her way to create her own name but the shadows of her mother still hunts her and argue her find out the mystery of her death

Drama / Fantasy
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Chapter 1


“can you stop the car” I told the driver, looking across the window, I think having a walk this morning won’t do bad, maybe fresh air will help me clean up my mind before going to work, streets seems beautiful today although I don’t take walks that much to know how things seems usually, it’s been years since the accident and I tried, I really did tried to forget what had happened, it’s been about seventeen years, but I still can’t take that night off my mind.

“you can go, I will manage it to the company on my own” I said closing the door of the car “yes, sir” he nodded and drove away, “ms Lilli” I heard a voice from behind, I turned my head to see a child, a small girl, holding a hand of a young and beautiful lady, I would think she is her mother, by the way the child holding her hand, but the child called her Ms Lili, so I suppose she is her nanny.

They kept going ahead of me, and their voices were getting lower as they go away, I don’t know what happened to me but I wanted to hear their talk, so I walked just behind them.

“you don’t need to call me ms Lili” the young lady said, walking slowly to match with the child short steps “why?? my mother call you that, sometimes” so, she is not her mother, I wonder what she is to her, ” why do I even care” I said to myself “because we are friends now, so you can just call me Lillian or just lili” the soft voice cut my thought, so her name is Lillian, “I heard this name before” I thought, I’m sure this name mean something to me, it is like I heard it in my childhood or maybe I’m just imagining, anyway her name is beautiful.

“are you not friends with my mother??” the little girl said, stopping to hear the answer from the young lady, I can see that she is going into a dangerous talk with the child, I don’t really like children because they are always curios, she kneeled down to be in the same level with the child “umm, we are not friends yet” she said touched her nose “beautiful” and she said completed smiling brightly to the little girl

“but, that is not fair, you also should call me Julia not beautiful” the child said with angry expressions on her face, the young lady or Lillian looked at her, don’t know what to say to the little girl, then she is laughing, her laugh was quiet, but also bright and pure, then she just stopped and turned her head towards me, just then when her eyes met mine, I realized that I was also laughing loudly, why was I laughing???, no no that is not the right question, how am I laughing??

it have been years since the last time I smiled, I stood there, like time has stopped and we were staring at each other, her eyes were chocolate, with short and brown hair, she was wearing a green dress, with a white coat over it “why are you laughing” a smooth voice said, which I assumed is Julia’s, I turned my head towards Julia’s, and found her looking at me,

I stepped closer to her then kneeled down to her level “because you are funny” I told her that and looked in her eyes “sorry for hearing your talk” I saw a confusing expressions one her face “were you chasing us??” she asked, “unfortunately yes” I said knowing that I revealed my secret to them,

“wha..........” and before Lillian completes her word I cut “but I can’t stop myself when I see an angel in front of me, “w..h..a........?” I heard Lillian stuttering from where she is standing, I didn’t noticed that she is standing before now, “I don’t mean you, I mean the angel standing here” I said that looking at her, for a moment I was lost in my thought there is something strange about her, I don’t know.

“come over here, are you scared????” a voice called, it was a voice of a little girl, around nine or ten years, she was standing in the middle of the street, waving her hand, ” don’t be scared” the image was going slowly, and her voice was loud in my ears.

I closed my eyes as that memory came flooded in my mind, “” why can’t I forget about that girl???, she is the reason for all my problems now, why can’t I forget about that night?? “sir!! are you ok” I heard a voice calling and a hand holding me still, I open my eyes to see a strange lady holding me by my arm, I raised my gaze to look at her, I remembered everything, it is not a strange girl, she is Lillian, yeah she is still strange to me, any way let get to the main point

“What happened??” I asked and tried to stand on my feet, I looked around me and saw the little girl, Julia standing beside Lillian with a worry expressions, do children ever get worry??, “you were screaming” Lillian said to me and let go of my arm,

“Was I???”I said trying to remember what happen exactly “you were saying” she said, more like asking, I guess she don’t believe what am saying, looking at me like am going to faint any minute “are you ok” I run my fingers in my hair trying to clam my breath “yeah am ok, sorry for that” I told the both of them “umm I have to go, sorry again for taking much of your time” I said to Lillian, she looked at me with concern like she really care or something,

“no problem, will you be fine” she said to me with care in her voice, I felt something within her voice like she know me years from now, “yes, I will be fine” I turned my attention to Julia “hey beautiful, I guess I should go now, but when we meet again, we will continue our discussion ok” I touched her touching her nose playfully,

“okay” she smiled to me, “it was nice to meet you both” I told them and walked across the road to the other side, I slapped my phone out of my pocket, and called my secretary and informed her to cancel all my meetings for today, then called my diver to come and pick me and take me home, when I reached home, I headed to my room when I heard my mother calling me, I turned to look to her direction

“edy, why are you at home, are you alright” I saw the worry expression starting to sneak to her face, I took her wrist in mine ” mom there is nothing to worry about” I told her trying to convince her that am fine, although she know me well, “am just tired” I said in matter of fact,

I really need to get some rest I don’t know what brought those memory back, but I have to get rid of them, “are you sure???” she asked me, putting her hand on my face side “yes” I took her hand off of my face, and held it in mine “I want to go to my room” I told her and went to my room, and got to bed, trying to actually have some sleep.

I woke up, by an annoying sound, which is my phone, I squinted my eyes to see the time, it still afternoon, I guess someone is calling me, I tossed in my bed trying to reach for where my phone is, I found it and took a look at the screen, it is my father, I let out an annoyed groan, and put my phone in silent, before got back to sleep.

the next time I woke up it was late, I picked my phone and saw it was seven, and have ten missed call from my father, two from my secretary and one from my friend luis, got up and took a cold bath, going down stairs I heard my father voice yelling from down ” ok, your son, does not care for anything ok” I heard him yelling again “he is just tired, and took some rest why are you making it a big deal” I stopped as I heard my mother saying that, “and low your voice because you will wake him up” she whispered to him “let him wake up, because I have something to tell him” he yelled more loader than before

“you know what am done of his childish acts” I guess someone is mad today, as usual, “but you know.........” my mother stopped talking when I got in the living room, my both hands hidden in my pockets, I already know what she was going to say, “then talk, because I’m right here” I told him and took a sit in the couch “mom, come and sit, let us hear what he has to say” I said winking to her, she grabbed my father arm, they exchanged gazes, and I know my mother is begging him to not make any bushing, “sooo???”

I waited for them to sit and say what is going on, my mother sat next to me while my father sat across me on the other couch “why didn’t you come to office today” my father was the first to speak, “because I was sleeping, obviously” I told him, “do you know what happened???” he asked me trying to keep his anger down “no” he looked in my eyes, “of course, because if you picked up your phone, you would have known what happened” he yelled “James!!!”

my mother was reasoning him, to not yell “stay out of it Rina, please” my father said to her, his anger taking over him, and turned again towards me “my phone was in silent” I told him calmly, I don’t need to yell like him, yet, “so are you yelling just because I didn’t answer to your calls???” I said to him, knowing that will make him even more offended, “you canceled a meeting with famous artist, few minutes before the meeting??” he asked yelling loudly at me, but today I just don’t have the desire to argue with him

“soo??, what’s the deal” I didn’t know the meeting is with him, I mean that famous artist, but I didn’t want to tell my father that, “you know that, it is insulting him, to cancel the meeting like that??” I can see now that his anger is reasonable “ooh, I’m sure you were there to solve that” I said that and give him a sneer look, ” what are you trying to do huh????” he stood up, shouting, “what happened seven years ago wasn’t my fault, so stop blaming me” my eyes went wide at his words, “James!!!!”

my mother yelled beside me and stood up as well, “it’s been seventeen years for God sake” my father yelled again, “if your brother knew he is sacrificing his life for an useless person” I hold my breath as I heard his words, “jamess!!!” my mother yelled “stop it ” she told him and sat back beside me, grabbing my right arm, I looked down at my feet, then I heard a steps, my father sat in the couch “am sorry, I shouldn’t say that“.

“bolis!!,” I was screaming, my brothers name, he was just crushed by a car, everything went so fast, that I didn’t adjust it when it happened, the light!!, the collisions!! and, bolis!!!, I saw him there laying on the ground without moving, the blood was gushing form his chest, and head, I couldn’t move, and it was dark, I remember that it was late , after a while I took a step ahead, then run towards his lifeless body, if I knew this would happened I wouldn’t follow my brother out that day, it was all my fault, but I was worried about him, I thought he is leaving us, I didn’t know it will end with nothing but my brother’s death , it was all my fault,

I should be the one in his place, he shouldn’t save her, if I only I stayed at home, nothing would have happened to bolis, I should’ve went with her to the other side of the road, I saw it all happening in front of me, the light was so bright in that dark night, and everything just went quickly, the car came, and she just stood there in the middle of street, looking at the car with a shock on her face , but before the car hit her, I heard my brother’s voice calling, then in a blink of an eye he ran pass me and pushed her across the road,

the car missed her, but hit my brother, he was laying there on the dirt, and I couldn’t do anything, other than crying, the police came and my brother was taken to hospital, but he was dead when he reached there, the girl disappeared after the accident, and I didn’t tell the police about, her although the driver said he saw another kid with us, and was the one who pushed by my brother, but police thought he was effected by the accident, and couldn’t remember what happened exactly, I made all people think my brother saved me that day not that strange girl, I didn’t want my parents know that my brother sacrificed his life to save a strange girl.

“nooo....” I put my hands in my ears stopping the sound of the crushing from repeating, and closed my eyes, to stop the memory from coming over and over, “edy!!” I heard voices calling my name, but the memory keep coming, “it was my fault, it was my fault” I mumbled those words to myself “edy!!!”

I heard the voices again, then, I felt a cold water in my face, which torn me from my thoughts, and made me aware of what happened to me, I used my hand to take some water off my face, so my view get clear, “edyy!!, are you ok??” my mother asked me from where she is standing, I raised my gaze, my father was carrying a glass in his hand, I know now who throw the water in my face, my mother kneed in front of me and held my face in her hands, I stared at her, and slid my fingers between my hair, “are you fine??”

my mother asked again roaming with her eyes over my feature “yeah, mom I’m fine” I told her, and closed my eyes, trying to clear my thoughts “what happened son??” my father is the one asking now, with a worry expression on his face, “I..I...don’t know” I said stuttering, “I need to take some rest” I said and stood up, my mother stood with me, but I couldn’t look her in the eyes, and headed up stairs, “dad, sorry, I didn’t meant to fret you, I didn’t know that it was a important meeting’ I told him, and continued my way to my room.

Next morning I woke up, with a headache, I haven’t drink so I don’t know why I have this bad headache, but it hurts so much, that it took me half hour to get up off the bed, I took a quick bath, because I have work, and I don’t want my father to make another drama like the one yesterday,

when I was done with dressing it was still seven, so I went down stairs, and made myself a cup of tea, because I don’t like coffee, and speed walked to work, before my mother wake up, and start asking me her worried questions,

today I’m going alone, having a driver all the time bother me, I’m just doing it because of my mother, she is afraid that I may get into unconscious while driving, I called luis to know why he called yesterday,

although he call for no reasons, but he said he would tell me when I get to the company, which is strange because he seemed excited and when he is excited he spill it out, I steered along the road, to the company, I arrived to the company, and walked to my office, there were few employees, because it was early, when I got inside my office I fund luis sitting on the couch, he stood the moment he heard the door open and closed,

“man, where were you??“he asked and sat in a chair in front of my table as I sat in my chair behind the table “don’t worry am fine” I told him and looked at him to start the real reason we are here in the first hours of the morning, “so, what is it???” I stared at him, and he stood up and brought a file from the small table near the couch, and gave it to me, I took it from his hand and open it to know what is it about, “what is this???“I asked him as I continued reading the files, “it’s our new shot, I was thinking, after we lost the artist”

“we lost him??” I was shocked, I thought my father solved the problem like usual, but I guess not this time that’s why he was angry yesterday, “yeah, and I was thinking, if we could find another thing, and I found this,” he told me and took the files from my hand to show me a picture of a beautiful lady, “look!!, this is lurens”

I looked at him with confused expressions, he gave me a really!!! look and continued “the artist that won people hearts within days just with her songs and her beautiful voice, how did you got in this business??” he frowned and sighed, I looked at the picture carefully, she look familiar to me, but there is no way I had meet her before, “anyway, after months of her being the successes she just disappeared” he told me “so, are you saying, we look for her??”

I questioned to know what he is trying to say, because if she disappeared, it would be for a reason right??, “no, because she passed away seventeen years ago” I stared at him confused “so, we are chasing a ghost??” I said, laughing with a smirk on my face, I don’t see the reason of talking about all of this if she is dead “ed, it’s not funny, and we are not chasing any ghost, but her daughter” I shook my head not understanding what he is saying “I mean if we found her daughter and made her a famous singer, imagine the successes she will achieve if people knew who she is??”

when I think about it, that’s totally crazy, but in another way he might be right he but.. “but we don’t know where she is now” I told him before we go so far into his plans, a smirk grew on her face before he tell me what is it about “I already found her, she works as a teacher of music, which is useful to as, because she will be having experience in the field” he sat well in the chair, looking at me with a smile on his face “everything is arranged, you just go and see her”

Wait what!!! “see her???” I don’t understand why I need to see her, its not my idea, also I’m coming to think that it is a stupid idea “yeah, to convince her “I understand that but why “and why me, it is your idea” he lend forward and put his hand on the table “because we are partners” wait!!!!,

maybe that’s it, I need to make it up for my dad and if I did this plan of luis, he will be happy, and forget about his loss, I don’t believe I’m going to say this “ok” luis looked at me with wide eyes not believing either “what??” I questioned him “really!!, are you going to meet her??” he asked sitting probably in his chair, “yes, when will it be???” I asked closing the files in front of me and looked at him, “today”.

I looked up when I got out of my car, and looked at the paper in my hand, to check the address, and stared at the building before me, its small to be a music school, but it can do good, I thought and walked into the building,

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