Whoever Said Loving You Was Easy Lied

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The SleepOver

"So I think a sleepover is needed".

"Wait. What?"

"A sleepover, Patchett. At my house tonight. Come on, it will be fun"

"And who's going to this sleepover Carly?"

"Everybody. I mean, we can trust Adam because even though he's a guy he would never do anything with any of us"

"It's true. I wouldn't"

"I don't know whether to feel offended by that or to brush it off"

"Take it as a compliment"


"Guys! Off topic. Do you want to have a sleepover or not?"

"Sure, Carly. Why not?"

"Great! Then come over to my house at 9pm."

"Wait. What do you mean by everybody?"

"Everybody, Tori. I even invited Jocelyn for you. Oh yeah, and Vicki is coming too".

I groaned and hit my head against the back of the locker. Izzy laughed and rubbed my head for me. "It's just a sleepover, Tori Bear. She's not going to jump you in front of Jocelyn. She's pregnant and I'm sure her emotions are going to start acting up so you better be nice," she said.

"I'm always nice. It will just be awkward having everybody there and knowing that Victoria and Jocelyn both like me. Can you imagine being in a closed room with the girl you love and your best friends?" I asked. Izzy stiffened for a moment and pulled her hand away. "…Yes. Yes, I can actually" she replied.

Her face was emotionless and she smiled sheepishly before picking up her bag. "I'll see you later tonight, Ok?" she said, walking away. I arched my eyebrows at her and pulled her back towards me. "Are you sure you're ok?" I asked. She nodded and gently pulled away from me.

"I'm fine, Tori. I'll meet you at the sleepover" she said, quickly walking away. I didn't know why Izzy was acting this way and it was beginning to bother me. Izzy always gave me a hug before leaving so why hadn't she this time?

"Going to the sleepover?"

I turned around and saw Jocelyn smiling at me. I smiled back and pulled her into a hug. She laughed and wrapped her arms around my neck. "How are you?" I asked. "Good, but that doesn't answer my question. Carly invited me and I wanted to know if you were going" she replied.

"Oh, well of course. Why wouldn't I?" I said, smirking at her. Jocelyn shoved me playfully and we walked down the hall together. "So are you ever going to tell me if you feel the same?" I whispered. She just looked up at me and smirked, her gaze playful and teasing.

"I don't know. Maybe I will tonight or maybe you will have to wait," she said. I laughed and we walked towards the student parking lot where Candace was waiting for me.

"So, I'll see you later on?" I asked, looking over at her. "Yeah. Yeah, you will" she replied, brushing some of her hair behind her ear. I looked around and slowly leaned down. "I would kiss you but I don't want people to know your mine. Well, at least not yet" I whispered in her ear. I felt her body stiffen and then I kissed her neck.

"See you around, Viemore!" I called, walking towards my car and opening it for Candace. I got inside and laughed when I noticed the slight blush on Jocelyn's cheeks. Candace shook her head and tsk-tsked. "I don't even wanna know what you said to her," she laughed, buckling her seatbelt.

I watched Jocelyn walk away and then pulled of the parking lot, hoping that tonight would be fairly interesting.

Candace found out about the sleepover. I wanted to tell her that Maxie and Adam both were going to be there but I didn't. I wanted to see her sweat. Ha. I know I'm a terrible sister.

Carly answered her door and smiled when she saw me. "Well, well, well. I guess you make it a trend to show up 10 minutes late" she said in mock annoyance. "Hey, don't be mad at me. Candy cane here couldn't decide what pajamas to wear," I said, arching my eyebrows at my younger sister.

"There were just so many options!" she said in her defense. "Don't worry about it. No one else is here yet except for Adam, Maxie, and Izzy" Carly said as she opened the door for us. Candace stiffened at the sound of Maxie's name and I laughed to myself.

"You didn't tell me Maxie was going to be here!" she exclaimed, grabbing my arm. "Opps!" I said, smiling at her. I walked inside and Candace followed behind me timidly.

Carly's home was the same way I remembered it. The last time I had been to her house was on her 14th birthday when she had a pool party. Carly's parents were rarely home and most of the time she had a babysitter watch over her but when Carly turned 13, they realized she was old enough to take care of herself. I didn't hear her parents so I knew they must have been traveling again.

Adam and Maxie were sitting on the couch watching a movie and Maxie had her feet on Adam's lap as he leaned back against the couch. I almost wanted to "awww" but I knew that I would get an earful from both Maxie and Candace. Adam wouldn't really care.

"Hey there" I said, waving. Maxie looked over at me and Adam glanced my way. "Bout time, Patchett" Adam teased. I laughed and sat down next to Maxie with Candace sitting beside me. "What are you watching?" I asked. "Some movie called "Friday the 13th" Maxie replied. I gasped. "You've never seen "Friday the 13th?" I asked.

Maxie just shook her head and I sighed. "Why not?" Candace asked. "I don't like scary movies. Adam is making me watch it" she replied, kicking him with her foot. "Hey, you said put on whatever you want and now you wanna complain about my choice. You shouldn't have said that because you knew I was going to torture you with whatever I picked. I did reverse-psychology on your ass," he said, smirking.

Maxie frowned and he laughed before handing her the remote. The doorbell rang and I heard Carly talking to someone before Izzy walked in the room.

"Izabelle Marie Montoya Rose!" Maxie and Adam said in unison. Izzy rolled her eyes at them and then looked over at me. "Hey Tori Bear" she said softly. "Hey" I replied. Candace looked between the two of us and just shrugged before Victoria walked in the room.

"Carly, why are your parents never home?" she asked. "They travel a lot. As soon as Jocelyn gets here, we can order some pizza or something" Carly replied. "Wait. Jocelyn is coming?" Victoria asked. Carly nodded and Vicki looked towards me before looking away.

I knew that tonight wasn't going to go as smoothly as I wanted it to but I just hoped that Victoria's hormones wouldn't get the best of her. Tyler walked in and said "hey" to everyone before taking a seat next to Adam and talking about some videogame.

"So what's going on here?" Candace whispered. "What do you mean?" I asked. "Izzy walked in here as shyly as I did and she's friends with you all. Did you two get into a fight or something?" she asked. "No. Nothing happened. I don't know what's wrong with her. Maybe she's just hoping that things don't go down between Jocelyn and Victoria like everyone else" I replied.

"Wait. So there's a "you and Jocelyn" now? Since when?" she asked, smiling at me. "Well nothing has really happened yet. She kissed me this morning and nobody knows but Izzy and Vicki. At least, I don't think nobody else in here knows. Jeremy was on my case all day today" I replied.

"I'm guessing Jeremy knows too," she said. "Not about the kiss but he knows that Jocelyn and I have feelings for one another. It's all turning into a bunch of drama that I want nothing of" I sighed.

"So why is Victoria upset?"

"She knows if I get with Jocelyn, I'll stop having sex with her"

"I hope you haven't been having sex with her since she got pregnant"

"No! I would never do that. God, that's so fucking nasty!"

"Just making sure, sis"

"Yeah but I just don't feel that way about Vicki, you know?"

"Yes I understand".

Jocelyn finally arrived and we ordered a large pepperoni pizza and watched crappy movies until the food arrived. We split our money different ways and found a way to pay for it.

I looked around the room, as we seemed to be lined up on her couch. On my left were Carly, Tyler, Adam, and Maxie and to my right were Candace, Jocelyn, Izzy and Victoria.

"This movie has really bad special effects!" Maxie groaned. "It's supposed to! It's a comedy" Carly shot back. "Nobody said it had to be shitty though," she said. Candace laughed and I just shook my head.

"Alright! Who wants to play a game?" Carly announced. Izzy smiled and Adam and Tyler both shrugged. "Like what? True or Dare? Never have I ever?" Jocelyn asked.

"Nope! Guess who kissed you!"


"Shut up Maxie! We're playing it"

"I don't know Carly. Things could get awkward really quick," I said in my defense. "Fine. I'll put down some ground rules. You can't kiss someone who's already with someone else" she said groaning.

"Well, I'm out" Adam chuckled. "You're playing!" Maxie exclaimed. "Why? Do you want me to kiss you that bad, Maxie?" he teased. Maxie glared at him and he laughed harder.

"Sounds fair to me. So Tori and I are out too," Victoria said. I arched my eyebrows at her and frowned. "We're a couple?" I asked. Jocelyn looked over at me but kept quiet. "Of course we're a couple" Victoria replied, trying to brush me off.

I didn't want to blatantly tell Vicki off so I shook my head. "I want to play. It could be fun…as long as I don't kiss Candace. That's too weird" I said. Candace nodded her head in agreement.

"Ok! So the people who are playing are Maxie, Candace, Tori, Izzy, Jocelyn, and Victoria" Carly announced. "All girls? Oh this is going to be hot!" Tyler joked. Adam high-fived him and Maxie glared at him once again.

"Ok. Everybody shout out a number between 1 and 30" Carly said.







Carly pointed at Candace. "It was 9. You were the closest so Candace, you go first!" she said.

Candace nodded and Jocelyn helped tie the blindfold around her eyes. "Can you see, Candy cane? No cheating," I teased. She tried to hit me but was nowhere near my body so I laughed.

"Tori, naturally you don't have to play this round. Izzy, Jocelyn heads or tails?" Carly asked.

I covered Candace's ears as Izzy picked 'tails' and Jocelyn picked 'heads'. Carly flipped the coin and it landed on tails. "Alright. Maxie, Victoria heads or tails?"

Maxie picked "heads" and Victoria picked "tails". It landed on "heads" this time and then Izzy and Maxie repeated the process and surprisingly, Maxie won.

"Ok. Tori, you can let go of her ears now" Carly said. I did as I was told and moved away. Maxie rolled her eyes as Tyler and Adam catcalled. I looked down at the ground because I really didn't want to see Maxie and my little sister going at it.

They kissed for a while and then separated. "Ok, who kissed you?" Carly asked her. "Um…Victoria?" Everyone in the room laughed and Victoria just smiled. "No. Try again" Carly said.




Candace took off the blindfold and Maxie smiled. "Sorry if that was your first kiss, kiddo" she said. Candace's eyes widened and she shook her head. "Uh..no. No it wasn't. It's fine," she whispered. I knew exactly how Candace must have been feeling right now. It's always great to be kissed by your crush, even when it's just a game.

"Ok Izzy. You were next!" Carly exclaimed. Jocelyn put the blindfold on Izzy and once again, Maxie lost.

"Damn! This game is rigged!" she groaned. "Sorry, Iz" she mumbled before kissing her.

"Who kissed you?" Carly asked. "Maxie. I can tell because you used way too much tongue" Izzy replied frowning. "Ha ha ha. Fuck you, Izzy" Maxie teased. We all laughed and Victoria went next.

Surprisingly, Jocelyn won and I knew this was about to get very weird. She glanced towards me and I looked back at her. I didn't want to see them kiss and I was certain that Victoria was going to be pissed if she knew she had.

So I took one for the team.

Kissing Victoria was such a common practice at this point that it was almost like brushing my teeth. I cupped her face in my hands and pulled away when she tried to deepen the kiss.

Carly mouthed, "cheater" but I just smiled at her. "Who kissed you?" Carly asked. "Who else?" Victoria replied as she took off her blindfold. Tyler and Adam catcalled again and I just laughed.

Finally, it was my turn and I felt Jocelyn wrap the blindfold around my eyes and I was surrounded by darkness. "Thanks for taking the bullet for me" she whispered and I simply smiled.

I couldn't hear anything as someone's hands were over my ears put I prayed that I wouldn't get Victoria again. Nothing against her but whenever she tried to kiss me, she always wanted to be overly aggressive. Like she wanted to make me want it.

It felt like forever but eventually the hands were off my ears and I heard someone shuffle towards me. She gently put her hand on my cheek and slowly leaned in. When I felt her lips touch mine, I immediately knew who it was. Only Jocelyn could get this kind of effect from me. Only Jocelyn could kiss me as tenderly.

I felt fire spread through me as the fireworks went off and I placed my hands on her waist before she pulled away.

"Now, who kissed you?" Carly asked. "Jocelyn…" I replied breathlessly. "Uh…no" Carly said. My heart skipped a beat and I took the blindfold off of me.

"What?" I exclaimed. "Guess again" Carly said. I looked at all the girls and then…at Izzy.

"…Izzy?" I asked. She nodded her head but didn't say a word. How was that possible? How could Izzy kiss me like Jocelyn? Could it be that…Izzy was my firestarter?

Yeah. Things officially got awkward.

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