Whoever Said Loving You Was Easy Lied

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"Izabelle. Izabelle Marie Montoya Rose. Izzy. Izzy Patchett. Izabelle Marie Montoya Rose-Patchett. Jocelyn. Jocelyn Viemore. Jocelyn Patchett. Victoria. Victoria Camden. Victoria Patchett. VICTORIA!"

I sat up in bed and panted, looking around the room to see my sister sleeping soundly next to be and Jocelyn and Victoria sleeping on the ground below me. I sighed and laid back on the bed, putting my arm over my eyes and my left hand on my chest.

I glanced over at Candace and slowly got out of the bed, walking past Victoria and smiling when I saw Jocelyn's sleeping face. I crouched down and put my hand on her cheek, gently stroking it. She moved a bit and I stood back up before leaving the room.

I noticed Maxie and Adam sleeping in the living room. Maxie was half way off the couch and resting on Adam. Adam had his arm on her back and his other hand held his cell phone.

I picked his phone up when it dropped out his hand and noticed he had just ended an hour and 27-minute call with Claire. I smiled to myself and put the phone back on the table for him. Maxie shuffled a bit but Adam held her closer to him before sighing.

I swear the two of them have something going on.

I walked in the kitchen and opened the fridge, taking out some chocolate pudding and grabbing a plastic spoon from Carly's pantry. I opened the pudding and started eating it before I heard the shuffling of feet. I looked up and saw Izzy smiling over at Adam and Maxie.

"Cute aren't they?" I teased. She looked over at me and gasped. "Jesus Tori Bear, you scared the hell out of me," she groaned. She walked towards me and hopped on top of the counter top. "Couldn't sleep?" she asked. "Yeah…kind of had a nightmare" I replied. "So, you're eating pudding" she said smiling.

"Comfort food" I said. Izzy laughed and got a spoon for herself. "Mind if I have some?" she asked. I slid the cup towards her and watched as she helped herself.

We stood there in a comfortable silence before Izzy looked down at the ground. I noticed the change in atmosphere and walked over to look at her.

"What's wrong?" I asked. "Why did you…think I was Jocelyn when we…" she grew quiet and I looked away from her. "Um…I don't know. I guess you both kiss the same" I replied.

"We kiss the same?"

"Yeah like you both make me feel the same when you kissed me. At least, I think that's why or maybe it was just a bad guess".

Izzy nodded her head. "So why are you awake?" I asked. "Carly and Tyler kept me awake at first but I just couldn't fall asleep" she replied. I cringed at the thought of Carly and Tyler but I quickly shook it off.

"What was your nightmare about?" she asked. "Nothing really but I couldn't help but think about my feelings for Jocelyn" I replied. "Oh" Izzy said, getting down from the counter top.

"I told you that you should just go after her if that's what you want" she said, avoiding my gaze. I reached out and grabbed her wrist. "Hold on. I'm not finished," I said softly.

"You should be, Tori. I mean, you said it yourself. You've always wanted Jocelyn. You love her and now finally she loves you too. You have what you want, what you have always wanted. Now don't mess it up" she said, turning to face me.

Izzy was right. I had what I wanted and I did love Jocelyn but…why the hell don't I want her to go?

Izzy stared at me for a minute and before I know it, my lips are on hers. She clings to me as I grab her waist and pin her against the island. The kiss deepens and her tongue is in my mouth and I'm moving my hands up and down her back. She cups my face in her hands and her touch drives me insane.

She jumps on top the counter and I spread her legs before crawling on top of her. I run my left hand down her thigh and I hear her moan. A soft yet high pitched sound that I wanted to hear more and more. I kissed down her neck and when I reached her collarbone, the lights in the kitchen came on.

I hopped off of Izzy and fell to the ground as Izzy sat up and stared over at Maxie and Adam. The look on their face said that they had seen everything.

"Whoa Patchett! You and Izzy, really?" Maxie said in surprise. Adam just looked at me and then smiled. "What about Jocelyn?" he asked. Izzy glanced at me and I shook my head.

"I don't know. I really don't know. I'm sorry, Izzy. I'm so sorry". I got up from the floor and headed back upstairs, closing the door once I got back in the bedroom and keeping the wall, which hurt my foot, causing me to yell out in pain.


Candace, Jocelyn, and Victoria jumped up in surprise and Candace ran over to me. "Tori! Are you ok? What's wrong?" she asked, watching as I hopped on one foot and held the other.

"Sorry I woke you up" I groaned. Candace helped me to the bed and Victoria crouched in front of me. "Baby, are you alright? Did you stub your toe? Let me see" she said. I wanted to correct Victoria in calling me "baby" but I stopped and stared up at the ceiling.


I wanted to see her. I wanted to kiss her again but then, Jocelyn and I made eye contact. She stared at me for a moment and then sat down next to me on the bed. Jocelyn took my hand and I stared at her back.

"Who kissed you?" she whispered. I arched my eyebrows in confusion before her lips met mine. I didn't expect it to happen against but there they were.

The fireworks.

What does it mean? Why do I feel fireworks for Jocelyn and Izzy? I couldn't love them both. All the times Izzy and I joked together, all the times Izzy kissed me and all the times were I felt closer to her than anyone else, had those times actually meant something?

Jocelyn pulled away from me and I knew she knew in that moment. "I want you," she whispered. "…When?" I whispered back. "Before you realize the truth," she said. Jocelyn got off the bed and I felt Victoria's eyes on me.

Candace sighed and shook her head. "I think I should sleep somewhere else," she said. Victoria grabbed her things and slammed the door on her way out. I collapsed on the bed and Candace smirked.

"What have you gotten yourself into?" she said.

I shook my head and put both my arms over my head. The only thought going through my head was the same thing that had been on my mind since I went to sleep.

Izabelle Marie Montoya Rose.

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