Whoever Said Loving You Was Easy Lied

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Izzy Listen To Me

Izzy didn't say a single word as I approached her after school. She barely even looked at me. I felt lower than the Earth and Candace wasn't helping. She was disappointed in me but I couldn't blame her. I had done a lot of fucked up things in the last couple of months. Carly and Maxie tried to talk to Izzy and explain that my feelings were true but she wouldn't speak to them.

I had ruined what I worked so hard for and I felt terrible because of it. Candace nudged my shoulder and I looked over at her. "I promise you that the cheerleading team would help you remember?" she mumbled. "Yeah" I said, not moving from my spot against the wall. "Well, I intend to keep that promise. You just have to do your part and get Izzy to speak to you long enough to convince her to meet you somewhere" she replied. I stared at her and then jumped up. "Wait. You're still going to help me? For what? It's over Candace. Izzy won't talk to me. I told Jocelyn the honest truth that we couldn't be together and Victoria, she rightfully hates me but that's cause I'm shit and I'm just as bad as mom," I sobbed, sliding down on the floor and crying into my hands.

Candace crouched down next to me and rubbed my back. "That is not true and you know that. Just because you made some bad choices doesn't mean anything. You and Victoria weren't dating so you weren't cheating on her. Yes, you used her but you've been honest to everyone about your feelings and that's what matters. I know it's hard and you probably feel like an asshole because you've been an asshole but I know you're better than that. So why don't you fix the mistakes you've made, get Izzy back, and let Victoria hate you until she forgives you because Tori, only you can fix the mess you've made".

I looked at her in surprise and laughed before wiping away my tears. "When did you get smarter than me?" I joked. "When you started acting so stupid" she said, laughing with me.

"So, where'd everybody else go?"

"Maxie, Adam, and Carly are talking to Izzy by the football field and I'm about to go back to practice. If you feel like you want my help or anything, just text me and I'll get the girls ready"

"Alright. Thank you Candace".

I got up from the ground and headed towards the football field. "You're welcome," she yelled after me. I started to run down towards the field and saw Izzy sitting down on the grass; the others were walking up towards me. I slowed down and Carly shook her head at me. "What're you doing, Tori?" she asked. "Making things right" I replied. Adam put his hand on my shoulder and Maxie shrugged. "Good luck my friend," she said. They walked back up the hill and I walked over to Izzy. She was leaning back on her hands and looking up at the sky.

I sat down next to her and faced in her direction. I knew she had heard and saw me sit down but she was trying to ignore me. I sighed and took her hand. Izzy looked over at me and I could tell she was confused. "What's going on Tori? Do you want me or do you want Jocelyn or maybe even Victoria? Just make up your mind!" she exclaimed. "I want you!" I yelled back. "Oh bull shit". Izzy jumped up and moved away from me. I followed after her and reached for her hand. "I do. I'm serious Izzy. I told Jocelyn how I felt. I admitted to Victoria that I was wrong and I would be kidding myself if I didn't say that I didn't truly have feelings for you because I do. I really do. I want to be with you Izzy," I explained.

Izzy looked at me and I stared back at her, hoping she would listen to me. "You'd better not be joking" she said, trying to hide her tears. "What do I have to joke about? I care about you Izzy. That much I know now and I would be making a mistake to just let you go". I walked closer towards her and Izzy wrapped her arms around my neck as I hugged her back just as tight.

"I love you Izzy," I said, resting my chin in the crook of her neck. She held me tighter and I sat down on the ground with her in my lap, still locked in our embrace. I ran my hands up and down her back and she played with the ends of my hair. I could tell that my work here wasn't done. I had gotten Izzy to trust me but I needed to keep that trust. I would do anything for this girl so without hesitating; I sent Candace a text message and prayed for the best. Let's hope my little sister won't let me down.

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