Whoever Said Loving You Was Easy Lied

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Epilogue: Loving You Was Easy

t’s been a month since Tori and Izzy started a relationship and summer is quickly approaching. Tori, Izzy, Maxie, Adam, Carly, and Candace have all decided to spend the summer together at a beach house owned by Carly’s parents.

As they make plans, the outside relationships of everyone slowly begin to change.

Victoria and Jeremy have entered into a relationship and have plans to raise their child together.

Carly and Tyler’s relationship is slowly falling apart and Candace is trying to get closer to her main target, Maxie.

Everyone seems to be dealing with their own individual problems but Tori and Izzy couldn’t be happier.

The question still arises though…did Tori make the right choice?

Jocelyn walked through the parking lot towards her black Camry and stopped when she noticed who was standing next to it. Victoria stepped closer to her, one hand rubbing her swollen stomach and the other pushing a strand of hair behind her ear.

Jocelyn sighed and stood next to her. “What’s this about? You know Jeremy doesn’t like you being out here alone” she asked, looking out at the road.

“Jeremy worries too much. I swear, these days he acts like if I so much as get a hang nail it will hurt the baby” she sighed.

Jocelyn smiled softly at her words, not imagining Jeremy ever being so gentle with her but noticing how that quickly changed for Victoria.

“Anyway, I’m not out here to talk about Jeremy. I’m here to talk about Tori” she said sternly. Jocelyn’s eyes quickly looked at her with the mention of her best friend.

“What about her?”

“You, at one point, had feelings for her. Everyone else may have been oblivious to it, but I noticed right away. You don’t look at Tori the way you looked at Jeremy. Jeremy even said that sometimes, he would catch you zoning out when they were together; As if you were imagining being somewhere else or with someone else.”

“You don’t fool me, Jocelyn. I know you cared more for her than you lead on, so why don’t you just be honest and tell her?”

“Because she made her choice, Victoria. Yes, you’ve figured out the whole grand scheme of things, okay? I liked her. No, I loved her. I know I still do but it was too late. I have loved her since we were children and her mother left. She was broken and I wanted to fix her. I wanted to love her like no one else could but we grew up. She went her way and I went mine. I’m not strong enough to walk around school with her, hand in hand. I can’t stand there and tell my parents that she’s my girlfriend because I’m too afraid of what everyone will think of me. I’m not strong enough for that."

“And you think Tori is? Izzy is her strength. As long as Izzy is there, she won’t worry about telling anyone and if Izzy wasn’t in the picture, don’t you think you could make her strong too?”

“It’s not that simple and why do you even care? Aren’t you in love with her too?”

“Yes, I love Tori, but I’m growing to love Jeremy and I know that ship has sailed. You have a chance is what I’m saying. They’ve only been together for a month, so tell her the truth and stop acting stupid!”

“She doesn’t want me!”

“If you want to believe after four years that she doesn’t want you, then you’re crazy. Go ahead and give up now, but I know you’ll regret it if you don’t at least try.”

Victoria groaned and rubbed her back before walking back towards the school. “I hope you make the right choice, Jocelyn” she called over her shoulder.

Jocelyn stood there for a minute and closed her eyes, trying her best to hold back her emotions.

She heard laughter across the parking lot and saw Tori and her friends along with Izzy walking towards their cars. Candace was trailing behind them, chasing after Maxie as Tori and Izzy walked together.

Jocelyn tried not watch them when something in her propelled her forward. She ran across the parking lot, directly towards Tori, and stood in front of her.

The entire school was leaving and now was as good a time as any. “I can’t afford to be scared any longer. I want you to know…how I truly feel."

"Tori Patchett, I love you!”

And that’s how our summer started. The summer when I finally told my best friend how I feel.

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