Whoever Said Loving You Was Easy Lied

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"Ok, desde la parte superior. Cinco, seis, sesenta, ocho" (Ok, from the top. 5, 6, 7,8)

"Por que tenemos que halbar en espanol?" (Why do we have to speak in Spanish?)

"Dedibo a que algunas personas tienen una prueba de espanol el viernes que no estudio para" (Because some people have a Spanish test on Friday that they didn't study for)

"Ese no es mi problema y solo porque estamos Latina no significa que sabemos espanol" (That's not my problem and just because we're Latina doesn't mean we know Spanish)

"Pero que hacemos y estamos encatados de ayudarle. Bueno, como dije, desde lo alto" (But we do and we're happy to help. Ok, like I said, from the top)

"I love it when she speaks Spanish" I mumbled, watching Jocelyn and the Co-Captain of the cheerleading team, Gabrielle, bicker back and forth. "So do I but only because she sounds hot speaking it" said Marcus. He was Gabrielle's boyfriend and, like me, was always here to pick her up after practice.

I couldn't really say Marcus and I were friends because we never talked outside of this gym. Yeah we said 'hey' or 'bye' every now and then but that was just because neither of us wanted to be rude.

Marcus also had something that I didn't; blackmail info. He knew about my feelings for Jocelyn since freshmen year when he over heard me talking to Izzy. Luckily for me, Marcus is a great guy and promised to keep it a secret.

"The funny thing is that I have no idea what she's saying". Marcus started laughing and I glanced over at him as he held his sides.

"Aren't you in like, Spanish 2?" he asked. I nodded. "I mean, I can understand some words but even when I'm over her house I feel lost in translation. I'm sure some of the girls on the team don't even know what they're saying right now" I replied in my defense.

I saw Jocelyn in the middle of a conversation and I stood up and waved my arms, trying to get her attention. She frowned at me when I finally caught her eye and Marcus just shook his head.

"Que?" (What?)

"Don't "what" me. What are you saying?"

"Rude. Que quiere decir 'Que estoy diciendo?' Usted debe saber. Usted esta en como, en espanol 2" (Rude. What do you mean 'What am I saying?' You should know. You're in like, Spanish 2)

"Jocelyn…all I understood there was Rude and Spanish 2, which I am in. Can't you talk English while you talk to me?"

"Oh usted no me puede entender. Bien entonces. Estoy cabreado porque no me dirá lo que te hizo tan molesto hoy y será mejor que me diga después de la práctica o te juro que te atan en mi cuarto y bloqueo que existe hasta que me digas!" (Oh you can't understand me. Alright then. I'm pissed that you won't tell me what made you so upset today and you better tell me after practice or I swear I will tie you up in my room and lock you there until you tell me!)

She smiled at me before walking off back toward the team. My jaw dropped and Marcus burst into laughter. I looked between him and Jocelyn in confusion.

"What the hell did she just say?" I exclaimed, looking over at him. "All I know is that you better tell her what made you upset today or you're in for some trouble" he replied.

Candace frowned at me and gave me the "stop flirting with Jocelyn while I'm trying to practice" look. I waved her off and watched as they continued to practice.

"Marcus, no offense but…how'd you learn Spanish so well? I mean, you're white but you speak it so fluently," I said. "My brother-in-law is Mexican. Makes it a lot easier to talk to him if I know what he's saying" he responded, watching as Gabrielle did a backhand spring.

"Oh! I was wondering why it seemed so easy to you". He arched his eyebrows and so did I. "What?" "Well, aren't you always around Jocelyn's familia?" he asked, leaning against the bleacher.

"Well, yeah. Why?" "Haven't you caught on to anything?" "Small stuff. They don't speak a lot of Spanish when I'm around. Jocelyn's abuela does but her parents don't".

He nodded and sighed before looking up at the ceiling of the gym. "I hate waiting like this," he growled. "Pfff! You're not the only one" I scoffed.

"Marcus! Tori! Come here real quick!"

We both looked up and I saw Candace waving us over toward the gym floor. I looked at him in confusion and he did the same. "What?" I yelled back to her. "Just come here. We have to show you something!"

Marcus groaned and we trudged down the bleachers towards her in the middle of the gym. There were two chairs next to her and I arched my brow at her in the classical "what the hell is going on?" look.

"Just sit". She pulled me down into the chair and Marcus sat down next to me. Candace jogged up the bleachers and towards the sound booth.

"Hey Candace! Where'd everybody go?" Marcus yelled after her. "You'll see!" She closed the door to the sound booth and I leaned back against my chair.

"I swear, if this is like that one time when they all got together and threw water balloons at us, I'm gonna be pissed" I mumbled. Marcus nodded his head in agreement before music started to play around us.

"Why do I hear Cassie's "Me & U"? Do you hear it too or am I going crazy?" he asked, looking around us. "It's probably Candy playing around in the soun…"

I stopped talking when the girls started walking seductively down the bleachers. All of them wearing the school uniforms except they took off the skirts and replaced them with booty shorts.

They walked down the bleachers, one row down one aisle and another row down another. Jocelyn stood in the back of the first row and Gabrielle in the second.

For a second, I thought there was a reason that the girls were aligned like that but then I remembered Jocelyn is captain and Gabrielle is her CC.

"I don't know what's going on but I think I like it" Marcus whispered to me. I wanted to say the same thing but my sexual orientation was still a secret at this school and I didn't want anyone to hear me. Wait. Why am I included in this anyway? Something tells me that Candace had something to do with this…

The girls reached the bottom and all branched off in a circle around us. The music got louder as Cassie's part began.

"You've been waiting so long. I'm here to answer you're call"

"I know that I shouldn't of had you waiting that long"

" I been so busy but I've been thinking bout, what I wanna do with you"

I watched as the girls moved their bodies sexily to the music. I was kind of impressed because I didn't think some of them could dance but they sure proved me wrong! I couldn't keep my eyes off of Jocelyn.

She was lip singing and her gaze never met mine. I don't know whose idea this was but I've never wanted to hug somebody as much as that person right now. She rolled her hips back and forth and I avoided her gaze when things started to get a little too hot.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Jocelyn frown. Maybe she wanted to turn me on and hey, she was definitely achieving her goal. If I was guy, I'm sure I would have an erection by now. Oh yeah! Marcus!

I glanced over at him to see that his eyes never left Gabrielle's either. The guy must have amazing will power because there wasn't a bulge in sight. I mean, he has been a guy for years. He's probably trained himself by now.

I glanced back over at Jocelyn and saw that she was really getting into the music. Her hands were in her hair and her mouth was slightly open. I bit my lower lip when the urge to get up and grab her almost over took me. Almost, being the key word.

The song ended and the girls stopped there hypnotizing moves and just stared at us. Candace jogged back down the bleachers and laughed when she saw my face.

"Let me just…" she walked towards me and lifted my jaw up. "Yeah, there you go" she teased, patting me on the head. The others laughed and Marcus just wiggled his eyebrows at me, making me laugh with them.

"Ok, what was the point of that? And Jocelyn if you answer in Spanish, I swear. I mean, I swear…" I growled, glared at her. Marcus nodded and crossed his arms over his chest.

"We just felt like being sexy and you two were the only people here. You should feel lucky right now" she said smirking. The other spoke in agreement and my jaw dropped again.

"What? You just felt like being sexy? So you do a little show for Marcus and me?" I exclaimed, looking at all of them. "Yeah, pretty much. Don't act like you didn't enjoy it Patchett" Gabrielle said, sitting in Marcus' lap.

I looked down at the ground and pouted as the others laughed. "Awwww. It's Ok Tori. I'll sit in your lap if you feel jealous" Jocelyn said huskily, climbing on to my lap and wrapping her arms around my neck.

I groaned and hid my face away from the others as they laughed again. Jocelyn stroked the hair out of my face and I put my head against her shoulder.

"Awwww. You two are actually cute together!" One of the girls said. Jocelyn smiled and I raised my eyebrows at her in surprise. "We've been friends for like, ever so it's easy to feel comfortable around each other," she said giddily.

I inwardly groaned and looked up at the ceiling. There it was again. The "F" word. Why is it that every timeshe says it, I die a little inside? Oh yeah, I remember, because I love her so much it hurts.

I wanted to push her off of my lap but I couldn't because I'm sure she would bitch about it. So I just held her closer to me and wished with every bone in my body that someday, when I held her like this, she would actually be mine.

After Practice

Candace walked over to my car with her bags and threw them in the backseat. "Don't take forever talking to your future wife!" she teased.

"You keep playing and I'll tell Maxie what you write about in your journals at night!" I teased back. She gasped and slapped my arm. "Meanie!" I laughed as she jumped in the passenger seat and quickly slammed the door.

Jocelyn walked over to me and I smiled at her. She put down her bag and I pulled her into a hug. She hugged me back and I lifted her off of the ground. "Tori! Put me down!" she shrieked in laughter.

I put her back down and she smiled at me. "Tell me," she whispered, taking my hand and staring into my eyes again. I groaned and leaned against my car. "Promise you won't hate me". "Tori, I love you. Why would I ever hate you?" she asked, frowned at me.

I nodded and tried to calm myself down. Well, here goes everything. "Victoria, the one who's pregnant with…Jeremy's baby…" I said, hoping she would catch on but of course, she didn't.

"Uh huh?" she said, motioning for me to continue. I sighed and ran my hand together my hair. "Last year, we kind of…um…hooked up," I whispered, looking down at the gravel under my feet.

She lifted my chin and made me look at her. "Repeat what you just say but this time, louder" she ordered in her "no nonsense" tone.

"Victoria and I…we hooked up. But only because I was lonely and upset and she came along and I thought she was hot but I didn't love her, I just used her to relieve stress and I feel really bad about it now because she's pregnant and I feel like I'm as big of a dick as Jeremy because I used her for sex and the same way she did but she's in love with me but I couldn't say the same because I'm in love with someone else and everyone else knows I'm gay except for you because I was terrified to tell you so please don't freak out!" I said quickly, inhaling when I had finished telling her everything.

She just stood there for a moment with an unreadable face before saying "You don't love her?"

I shook my head and her eyes lit up before she looked back at me. "You used her for sex! What the hell Tori? Why would you do that? Oh my God, does your dad know? Did you even tell him that you're gay? Why am I the last one to know everything?"

I tuned her out and smiled to myself. She wasn't freaking out. Yeah, she was asking a shit load of questions but she wasn't freaking out. Maybe she's Ok with me being gay. Maybe she doesn't give a damn at all. And maybe I actually have a shot with her.

I watched as she continued to rant and softly smiled at her. Even if I do have a chance in hell of being with her, I still won't tell her until I know that it's the right time. I love her far too much to lose her friendship as well.

"Oh, dios mio. Tal vez tengo la oportunidad" (Oh my god. Maybe I have a chance) she whispered.

"I have no idea what you're saying but te quiero demasiado amigo" (I love you too friend) I said laughing. She laughed with me and I arched my brows at her when she replied:

Te amo más de lo que jamás sabré (I love you more than you'll ever know)

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