Whoever Said Loving You Was Easy Lied

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Looking Up

I didn't know exactly what Izzy and Jocelyn had talked about but when Izzy came back to the table, she was much more quiet than she was when she left. I didn't even see Victoria leave the café but I clearly saw her coming back. Jocelyn came back 10 minutes after Izzy returned and I tried to get a good look at her but her friends were blocking the way. I wanted to ask Izzy what they spoke about but I knew it wasn't the right time.

Victoria leaned back against me and I held her closer before the bell rang and we all got up. Izzy started to walk away but I jogged after her and took her hand. "What's wrong with you? Did something happen?" I asked, pulling her gently towards me.

"Nothing really. I just asked her how she felt about you and the kiss. That's all" she replied. "That can't be what got you so upset?" I said, wondering if she was telling me the full truth. Izzy smiled and cupped my face in her hands before wrapping her arms around my neck. "Don't worry about me, ok?" she whispered.

Izzy leaned back and I nodded my head as she walked away. I scratched the back of my head in confusion. That was weird but than again this was Izzy. Weird was her middle name…and as Marie Montoya but you get my point.

I walked down the hall and saw Jocelyn out the corner of my eye. My stomach flipped and I slammed against the wall and watched as she got something out of her locker. I'm sure that if anyone saw me they would think I was creeping on Jocelyn but oh well.

She ran her finger over her bottom lip and it looked like she was off in a daze. I wish I knew what she was thinking but then I saw Jeremy and all thought left my mind. He walked over to Jocelyn's locker smiling and leaned his arm against the wall.

"We should talk more" he chuckled.

"About what? Your sexual escapades?"

"You know Vicky doesn't mean anything to me"

"So what? I really don't care anymore Jeremy"

"Seriously? You don't? Because I remember you caring an awful lot especially when it came to things concerning me"

"I did! I used to but I don't anymore because you're a waste of time"

"Am I? Jocelyn, you can't seriously say that you are over me because I know you're not. You love me and I love you so why don't you come over my house tonight and we can do something?"

"You're having a baby with another girl! Why would I want to do anything with you Jeremy?"

"Because you love me. That's why. Plain and simple Jocelyn. You've loved me since last year and nothing is going to change that"

"Something is actually…"

I watched as Jocelyn got quiet and Jeremy moved closer towards her. "Oh…so you know? Ha, I'm not surprised…so she has a little girl crush on you, so what? Tori isn't going to get in the way of us Jocelyn" he smirked.

Jocelyn didn't say anything and his smile dropped. "So what, you're like gay for her now? A girl says she loves you and now you want in her pants? The fuck is wrong with you!" he growled.

I paused and my heart almost stopped. Wait! JOCELYN KNOWS I LOVE HER??

When did this happen?!

Jocelyn glared at Jeremy and walked away from him but he grabbed her around the waist and pulled her back. "You're not gay Jocelyn. This is fucking stupid. You want me and you think going after Tori is going to change that. It fucking won't! I suggest you keep this real quiet or else people will found out about you…and her!" He slammed his arm on the locker and then stormed away.

The halls were practically empty and I realized that I was so deep into their conversation that I never even heard the bell ring. Jocelyn looked distressed and I turned to walk away before she reached out and wrapped her arms around my waist.

I stiffened and looked down at her arms when I felt her body shaking against mine. "…Did you know I was there the entire time?" I asked. "Yes" she replied quietly. "Sorry. I just…wanted to see you. I didn't expect Jeremy to be there and…who told you?"

"…Victoria and Izzy" she said. I groaned and reminded myself to be pissed at Izzy and Victoria both later on. "And do you…feel the same way?" I asked, afraid to turn around but with the hold she had on me, I'm sure I wouldn't have been able to if I tried.

She was quiet and then she moved to let me go. "How come you never told me?" she asked, avoiding my question. "I was afraid you would reject me. It's hard enough being in love with you but it's even harder been in love with you when you're my best friend. Not only would I lose a person I care about but one of my oldest friends too" I explained.

"When did you realize you were in love with me?" she asked. "One day in 9th grade, you asked me what it was like being with my mom? I told you it was tough but I didn't need her around. You asked me why I didn't and I said because I have people like you and Izzy and everybody else. I thought you were going to say something simple like 'oh' or 'I guess your right' but no, you said a complete sentence..."

"I don't know what I would do without you if you left, but I do know that I care about you Tori. So I hope that one day you really do find your mom," she said, smiling at me.

I smiled back, "and that's when I fell in love with you" I replied. "That simple?" she asked. "That simple" I repeated. Jocelyn looked over at me and then bit the side of her lip.

"I can't honestly say that I don't feel anything for you but…there's something here," she said, motioning between me and her. "So, you're saying that you…feel something for me?" I asked, trying not to show my emotions on my face.

Jocelyn didn't say anything; she just moved closer towards me and leaned towards the side of my neck. "Maybe" she teased. I chuckled and pulled her closer to me. "Can you just say it?" I asked, smirking at her. She shook her head and kissed the side of my neck.

"No…but maybe…I can d-"Tori?" I turned around and saw Victoria. Shit! This day was really going south but wait. I thought Vicky didn't know about Jocelyn and I, so how did she know I loved her and why would she tell Jocelyn?

I pulled away from Jocelyn and looked over at her. "You're missing class again? Are you coming?" she asked. Figuratively, no. "Yeah. Yeah, I'll be right there" I replied. Victoria nodded and walked towards me, cupping my face in her hands and kissing me deeply before pulling away and heading back to class.

Ok, didn't know Victoria was territorial of me.

Jocelyn frowned and shook her head. "Everybody wants you huh?" she mumbled. I arched my eyebrows at her and she just shook her head. "Nothing. I'll talk to you later" she said…before standing on her toes and pressing a chaste kiss on my lips.

Jocelyn blushed and walked off as I stood there in a bit of a stupor. I had no idea what was going on but so far…things were looking up. At least, they seemed to be looking up to me.

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