The Artist

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Chapter Two

The sociology professor leaned back and took a sip from his glass, coagulating his points before articulating them.

“Excellent point, Andy Warhol did become more than just his art. He was a mediocre artist who transcended art to become a celebrity. That was his greatest contribution to art, that you no longer had to be talented, you could just be popular instead. His work was high school student level.”

“Andy Warhol became famous for his unique techniques and approach. He basically invented the blotted technique. His art was not high school level, he had a different perspective he was able to capture. High schoolers cannot do what he did.”

“Everyone has a different perspective, that’s why it’s called perspective.”

“Where are you going with this?”

The art professor quizzed while noting that somewhere the ghost of Winston Churchill was furious at his so obviously plagiarized idiosyncrasies he had just realized the two men shared.

“I want to propose an experiment. An experiment that crosses the lines of society and art, I want to create an artist.”

The art professor laughed swaying his drink while readjusting his seating position.

“You can’t just create and artist that’s not how this works.”

“Oh, really now I think that’s exactly how this works. I think that art is now just at the whim of being a celebrity. I think gate keeps just allow some of the people in so they can keep a balance of scarcity. They single handedly create artists, it has nothing to do with skill.”

“There are no gatekeepers. I believe in the integrity of art and that true art stands on its own. It doesn’t need on gate keepers to artificially create artists. True artists are recognized by a community of their peers.”

“Uh huh, and do you practice art, as an art professor?”

“I do.”

“And would you say your famous?”

The sociology professor said with a large smirk, as the art professor looked away, besmirched.

“My art is purely for myself and those who seek it out to enjoy it, I don’t need fame to validate my work.”

“That’s an extremely eloquent way to say no professor.”

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