The Artist

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Chapter Three

Both professors laughed as the sociology professor got up, and grabbed the glass of the art professor for a top off. Returning with a generous pour he returned to his chair and locked back into the previously derailed conversation.

“Hear me out. My hypothesis has been laid out here. I am proposing that art is about gatekeepers and that by using them we can create an artist, but I need your help.”

“And what do I get out of this incredibly lucrative and groundbreaking experiment of yours.”

The art professor said while returning his attention to his glass.

“Oh, this is not an experiment for money, no something far, far more important; eternal bragging rights.”

“My god! The chance to finally silence your charges against my field! Where do I sign up?”

The art professor was quite proud of his biting comment, as he lifted his glass.

“So, my idea is to get one of your art students in on our idea. If we get a student with decent art, I know some art critics, as I’m sure you do as well; then we ask them to take part in our experiment as well”

“What possibly makes you think serious art critics would possibly go along with your ridiculous plan, to discredit their livelihood?”

“Well I have you here entertaining the idea, don’t I?”

“Fair point; but why do you think art critics alone are who create artists?”

“I don’t, I think it’s an avalanche that they begin. After the critics get the word out we then have a media blitz; we bribe some small-time podcasts to do some interviews or something.”

“And after that?”

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