The Artist

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Chapter Four

“Then we have our artist start having gallery presentations at her old university where it just so happens that their former art professor is nice enough to host.”

“And after that?”

“And then they are famous.”

“Well I do have one student right now that might fit the bill. Her name is anna stiles. She has moderate talent and her work is more on the abstract side. She usually comes up with clever techniques and concepts.”

“She sounds perfect but Anna Stiles is a tad blasé name for our up and coming star.”

“so just give her a stage name. Isn’t that what everyone does now anyways? I don’t know just call her uh, art anna!”

“Alliteration. The lazy man’s prose.”

“Yes, your right it wasn’t nearly as good as the one you came up with off of the tip of your tongue, oh wait sorry, my mistake; you didn’t.”

“Well that’s your first mistake I would take more than a second to devise an alias. Plus, I would use the thinking man’s device, the almighty acronym!”

The sociology professor smirked at his vast intellectual prowess, as the art professor basked in the escaped satire of a man using alliteration who had just denounced it. As they continued to joke and banter on they arrived at the acronym of An Nobody Named Artist. They both laughed, at the over pompous state of stage names and felt it was an absolutely perfect, grandiose pen name in an experiment fueled by ire at a stilted highbrow exclusive society. Surely this would be the final nail in the coffin of an other wise dead, cultural wasteland of talent and taste. All would kneel at their vastely superior, condescending view of their now self-realized depravity. Licentiousness would surely give rise to a resurgence of classical art. As the art professor stumbled out and on his way he stated he would reach out to a few critics in the morning, assuming his impending hangover cooperated.

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