The Artist

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Chapter Six

Anna went home to start her new life in the limelight. She struggled to calm herself. She eventually found inner balance and got to work on her masterpiece. Anna crafted a beautifully emotional painting. When she was finished she began to wonder where she could improve. She took a break to clear her mind and attempt to step back and objectively look at her composition. Determination spilled out through her brush and onto the canvas. After some self-reflection she packed her painting as well as several other choice pieces into her car.

The two professors met in an unused classroom, converted into a makeshift gallery for their soon to be acclaimed star. She made her way into the room and was awestruck with delight at her exhibit hall. She began to hang her wares on the wall, with the professors behind her admiring her work. She saved her best for last and in the very center of the room to be situated on an easel. Both professors looked at each other, one with an innocent admiration of the unveiled work, and one with a conceited grin.

The next day, the gallery was full with aloof critics. Arrogant smiles at the thought of the inside joke they thought the rest of the critics were not privileged too. They grinned not knowing they all had all agreed to the professors’ heinous venture. Smugly enjoying the perceived ignorant overzealous comments, their peers were doling out to the apparent object of their amusement. One by one they left, focusing on the positive aspect of her work instead of those they desperately craved to hurl on top of her. Surely the others would not have the oversight to dismiss the obvious flaws they were restrained from noting. One by one their articles and reviews drifted into the public eye. They felt an immense superiority on withholding the faults the others so clearly missed. They truly were of a lesser caliber.

The sociology professor beamed at the first half of his plan commencing. He began to look up art podcast and writers for anna to give interviews to. Once the articles and reviews had come out it, he found it easy to line up several local interviews with anna. Anna was ecstatic to talk about her work. She slid into her role as if she were born to play it. An alluringly honest smile always accentuated her points. She found it easy to be open and discuss her technique. She took to interviews as a duck to water, weaving a tapestry of pleasantry. The media grand tour continued as more and more people wanted to listen and read about her. It was truly graceful to watch her find her stride and be at ease. Her audience hung on every sway of her hand as she conversed with them. She never once discussed the experiment she had originally be brought aboard for, as she feared it would discredit the work she had done in captivating her audience. As her fame began to grow more and more commissions for pieces of work began to darken her doorstep. Eventually she had created a backlog she could sustain herself with. There were some negative reviews from minor critics, but they were drowned out by the overwhelmingly positive reactions from others. They began to assign a deeper meaning to her art in their analysis. There in lies the true beauty of the abstract. Those who dissented became those who were just too ignorant to understand the true meaning in her work. It became an uniformed mans position to disagree with what she had created. Anna no longer had to ask for interviews, interviews had to ask for her. Her snowball began to fall down the hill as she became validated.

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