The Artist

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Chapter Seven

The two professors reconvened in their usual place to debrief their mad experiment. The art professor led the conversation, shell-shocked instead of tail tucked.

“I have to say, I was wrong.”

“I am well aware but you will have to be a tad bit more specific.”

“Charming as always, but anna has really gone far.”

“Now the question really is was she a breakthrough hit we discovered, or is it time to reconsider your career choices”

The sociology professor said sarcastically, laughing and enjoying his own brand of facetious wit.

“The Question is, now what? This whole thing was your masterplan.”

The art professor said slowly turning the conversation so as not to allow his friend to baste too long in his own humor.

“I talked to john, my friend I originally reached out to. He apparently does not want to retract his statements or appraisal of anna. I think it’s because he doesn’t want to look like an idiot whose area of expertise is completely irrelevant. As an aside he did get the leg up on me. When I reminded him of the wager we had he noted that he hadn’t actually wagered anything.”

The sociology professor grinned at the clever duplicity for a moment, as the art professor rolled his eyes at the brash sentiments of art.

“Yes, and while I didn’t receive the same underlying subtext from the critics I recruited, they did however express that they were not interested in a retraction of their analysis now that anna has made something of herself. My opinion is they enjoy their position of being right in finding the next artist. ”

“Well the fact is while it started as an experiment, we let it continue too long. ”

“How so? I mean we continued until she was famous. That was the entire point. No one believed it. I didn’t believe it, but maybe I guess it really is just that easy. I saw this entire thing as a joke, a could we, not would we. I never expected us to actually see this thing through.”

“No, I agree. We are in an impossible situation now. I was hoping to write a paper on this, but doing so would destroy anna. Her career would be over. Sure, I would get a snarky one ups man ship on modern art, but that isn’t worth destroying that girl’s entire life. She would never be seen as an artist again.”

“I just assumed we wouldn’t tell anyone about it. I mean all the critics we roped into this covered it up, why shouldn’t we?”

“It was a really good paper too.”

The sociology professor slowly laughed at the absurdity that his profession now had more to do with art than the art professors.

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