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Follow Mackenzie Reed, Eden Johnson and Ruth Smith on their scandalous adventures of love and life in University.

Drama / Romance
Hsien W Lou
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The Barista is Hot

The Barista is hot.

He has messy auburn hair and dusty brown eyes but more importantly the way he flexes his muscles when he foams milk for a cappuccino is rather... sexy.

“Keep flexing,” I murmured, secretly peeking from my textbook as I dreamlngly slouched on the cafeteria table.

“Mackenzie! What are you doing here?!” reprimanded a stern voice.

“Nothing,” I quickly replied, sitting up straight and fumbling to refocus on my textbook.

Why was the text in an alien language? Did I bring the wrong textbook or was the university class I chose about alien language?

“Mackenzie! It’s upside down!” said the voice, but this time with irritation.

I glanced up from the alien lingo and discovered it was one of my best friends, Ruth Smith. Although, her blonde hair was perfectly straight, her eyes were filled with annoyance. She disliked it when things were out of her control and when people used time idly, instead of achieving their future goals. In simple words - she’s a studyholic and a control freak.

“Thanks for pointing that to me,” I replied, placing the textbook in the upright position. “It’s English after all.”

Ruth sat across from me and ignored my comment. She neatly placed her books on the table. “We were supposed to meet at La Yolo Cafe - not here,” she said, glaring at me. “Luckily, I walked passed the window and saw you reading your textbook upside down.”

“Nothing like reading a textbook upside down -I heard it improves brain power,” I said, stupidly smiling at her as I realised she was blaming me for something. “Ruth, I group messaged everyone to meet here, this place has better lighting and is way better for concentration.”

“Definitely,” agreed Eden, winking at me as she strolled into the cafe and joined the table.

Eden Johnson is also one of my best friends. She has short black hair, dark eyes and is outspoken, crude and wild.

“He’s hot,” said Eden, pointing to the barista.

“It’s rude to point,” I said, swatting her finger.

“Ouch!” exclaimed Eden, then grinned slyly. “You know, I’d rather do rude things to him than point.”

I smirked with Eden, thinking of all the rude things I would do to the barista or the rude things he could do to me.

“Can we concentrate on why we are here?” interrupted Ruth. “We have a group project and I will not be doing all the work on this! This isn’t high school anymore!”

“Yes, yes... no need to get all antsy,” said Eden, opening her textbooks. “Three months into university and we already have a big project.”

“I thought Miss Lou was meant to be lenient and she wouldn’t give us much work - that’s the only reason why I chose her class,” I muttered, wondering why Miss Lou wasn’t a man and cute and muscular like the barista. If she was then I wouldn’t mind doing any of his projects as long as I could stare at -

“But the fact remains that we ended up getting a group project instead! Why are we so gullible?” Eden said, interrupting my dreamy thoughts. “We are eighteen, mature and living independently of our parents! We should be out drinking alcohol like normal university students!”

“It’s only 10 am,” said Ruth, “and it isn’t normal ‘drinking’ behavior. The proper etiquette of drinking is dinner time.”

“We can get ahead start,” replied Eden. “It’s better than wasting our independent youth on textbooks and projects.”

“That’s true!” I agreed. “It’s all Christa Bennet’s fault! I should have known she was a liar. She had those stupid long blonde curls, twirling them around her fingers like a witch would.”

“I have have blonde hair,” retorted Ruth, slightly offended.

“But you don’t twirl your hair in your fingers like you planning something evil,” I responded, pushing the full blame on Christa Bennet. “You just like to use your hands for writing and opening books.”

“We should have all known!” burst Eden in despair. “We’ve experienced all types of witches and bitches in high school! I have to wonder, if we have really matured to fall for dumb pranks like that.”

“Guys, could we just regain our maturity and concentrate on our work instead of Christa Bennet’s twirling fingers,” said Ruth, writing down notes.

“Yes, but first we need coffee for concentration,” I smirked.

“Or maybe a barista for inspiration,” mocked Eden.

“A bit of both and we will definitely get an A+ for this group project,” I responded, leaving my best friends with the textbooks while I walked to get a better glimpse of the barista.

My name is Mackenzie Reed, I have brown hair and grey eyes. I am eighteen and these are the stories of my university years.

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