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Princess Jewel Ornithine is not what everyone expected her to be and following the Kingdom's protocols was something she never adhered to. Can she fit in, when the world is ruled by men? *** WARNING, this story contains MATURE content and should not be read by anyone that is easily offended or under 18 years of age. *** There was no turning back now, even if I wanted to, my highly aroused body will not allow me to pull away, I was always weak when it came to denying or withholding, a harlot that enjoyed the touch of another and relished the feeling of sex when played right, some men just had no clue.

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Chapter One ~ A Dream

This story is on HOLD, for now. It will not be updated until later on in the year, once it has had a make over.

There I stood, naked, with sharp dry breaths; goose bumps forming as the breeze lightly touched my soft porcelain shimmery skin. Butterfly wings, fluttering mercilessly inside of me, my fleshy mound pulsed and wept in need of touch.

“You look magnificent,” I hear him whisper as his bottom lip gently grazes against my earlobe, my body shuddering from the sudden warmth of his heated chest behind me.

The moon’s reflection glistened upon the lake, as my eyes stayed glued to the dancing water but unable to truly focus on the surrounding beauty, I knew to be there.

‘This is it’ I thought to myself, I finally get to seal my love, my intentions, my being with his, on this night, I sleep with my prince.

But he isn’t mine; he’s betrothed to her…

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