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My eyes opened slowly and wandered around for a while before I suddenly realized where I am. I can feel the soreness between my legs due to the fun I had yesterday. “Could this have been a dream? I thought to myself. But alas! I wasn’t dreaming at all. This has been almost like a TV Reality Show all these while.

who could have known that I will end up this happy.” I thought to myself. I stared at the window while still lying on my right hand side, on the bed I had slept on last night. The sun has just begun to rise above the eastern horizon. I turned my sleeping position to the other side, the left hand side and I smiled at what I saw.

There he lay, my beautiful knight, his face as beautiful as an angel. I loved him and I still do. We’ve been through a lot together these past few years and I just ended up on his solemnized bed, or should I say, “our” solemnized bed. It has been a very rough journey all these years and here we finally lay.

I have hated him, cursed him, spat on him and loved him all through. I remembered all what I have been through. Life is not easy but somethings just work together for your own good. How could I have been so lucky to overcome all these?

Staring at the face of my knight made me remember the life I used to live. Everything I have been through came rushing into my memories. I am Clara Benson, and this is my story….

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