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"Don't try to deny it Lydia. You love him. I understand. He's better than I am. As long as you're happy I'm okay." He was holding up a good front. Not showing any emotion. But I know better. I know him better than I know myself. "It wasn't like that." I tell him. He raises his eyebrows at me in a questioning matter. "It wasn't like that." I repeat louder."Than what was it like?" He shouts making me jump. "It was just a kiss it didn't mean anything." I try to defend myself. He chuckles. "This isn't funny." I say furious with him."Oh princess" He mockingly says. "This whole situation is funny." I look at him in disbelief. "How is any of this funny?" I spit out. "It's funny because you love both of us. You can't choose so let me help you. Choose him. Let him have the happy ending.""You're wrong." I whisper. "What was that?" He says mocking me again. "You're wrong you jerk!" I shout pushing him. "I'm in love with you you jackass." ********* Kayden Black is the leader of the one of the most feared gangs. Lydia Rivers is a girl that has been abused all her life. When Lydia needs to learn to protect herself she finds Kayden. When he agrees to teach her to fight she starts to fall for him. Kayden's brother starts to fall for her. Does Kayden stay and be with her or does he let his little brother have the happily ever after?

Drama / Adventure
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Just a random girl

Chapter 1: Just a random girl

“Don’t try to deny it Lydia. You love him. I understand. He’s better than I am. As long as you’re happy I’m okay.” He was holding up a good front. Not showing any emotion.

But I know better. I know him better than I know myself. “It wasn’t like that.” I tell him. He raises his eyebrows at me in a questioning matter. “It wasn’t like that.” I repeat louder.

“Than what was it like?” He shouts making me jump. “It was just a kiss it didn’t mean anything.” I try to defend myself. He chuckles. “This isn’t funny.” I say furious with him.

“Oh princess” He mockingly says. “This whole situation is funny.” I look at him in disbelief. “How is any of this funny?” I spit out. “It’s funny because you love both of us. You can’t choose so let me help you. Choose him. Let him have the happy ending.”

“You’re wrong.” I whisper. “What was that?” He says mocking me again. “You’re wrong you jerk!” I shout pushing him. “I’m in love with you you jackass.”

He smiles at me. It wasn’t a happy one though. “You’re going to choose my brother because he is the one that can give you the life you want. I’ll be in your corner until you don’t need me anymore. I’ll help you fight against your biggest enemy but then I’m just going back to being your boyfriends brother.”

A few tears slid down my cheek. I take a step towards him. “Please don’t do this.” My voice cracks at the end. He lays his hand on my cheek. “I’m sorry.” He says softly. His eyes connect to mine and he finally lets me see the sadness. The hurt.

He takes a deep breath and presses his lips to mine. It didn’t last longer than a second. But my eyes still fluttered shut. I still enjoyed the warmness his body brought mine.

This was our first kiss and last kiss. His touch leaves mine and when I finally find the courage to open my eyes he’s gone. I’m all alone in the dark alley sobbing my eyes out.

Crying because I lost the one person who I needed the most.


Four months ago

I can’t believe they want me. This is insane. I’m going to be attending Columbia University next fall. That is if I keep up with my good grades and behavior.

“Lydia is that you?”

“Yeah aunt Mia it’s me.” I yell back. I follow the wonderful smell into the kitchen to find my aunt,uncle, and my 14 year old cousin Erin.

“Ronnie told us that you got in trouble today. That you had to go see the principle? Would you like to explain before I set a punishment.” She puts her hands on her hips, giving me a stern look.

“Ronnie heard wrong.” I said setting my bag beside the counter. She always seems to get everything with me wrong.I took a seat between uncle Mason and Erin. I bite into an apple before continuing.

" The principle called me down today to tell me that Columbia University wants to give me a full ride if I keep up the good grades.”

Mia gasps and starts smiling. “Honey that’s amazing.” She gives me hug .“Yeah that’s really good but do you think you’re ready to go to New York.” Uncle mason says putting down his book.

“I hope so. I really want this.”

“Good thing you have a year before you go off to college.” Erin pipes in. I smile at him and mess up his hair.“Hey don’t mess with my hair. It’s the thing girls love.” He winks at me and I scuff.

Over the past two years I got really close with Erin. He’s like a brother to me.

My mom died two years ago and my dad died when I was really young. I didn’t even know about Uncle Mason, and Aunt Mia until child services came and told me about them.

Mia is my dad’s sister that moved to Florida when she was 20. Apparently my dad and her were really close. But after my dad died my mom cut her out of my life.

Ronnie is her oldest. She is turning 18 in February. For some reason Ronnie doesn’t like me but I don’t take it to heart.

I think it’s because I messed up her perfect life. Aunt Mia and I got really close just like Erin and I. I think Ronnie is upset because of that. I know her mom and her never had a great relationship.

Her and Erin were really close when I came. I don’t know what happened but I feel bad about it. “Where is Ronnie?” I ask looking at the clock. “She still has an hour before curfew.” Mia says optimistically.

I week days our curfew is ten while weekend is 12. I’m usually home by seven every night anyways so it doesn’t bother me. “Who is she out with?” I ask throwing away my apple.

“She told us that she was out with a guy. Wouldn’t say who and when I demanded she told me she hung up but I know for a fact that she’s at the movies.” Mason says holding up his phone. “I still can’t believe you guys put a tracking device in her phone.” Erin say laughing.

“My phone isn’t tracked.” My eyes go wide. “Right?” I ask. “Of course not. We trust you. And you tell us everything.” Mia shrugs but for some reason I don’t believe her.

“So Colombia?” Mason asks. “Yeah I’m not counting on it. And even if I do get in I have other options. No matter how much I hope I won’t know if I’ll ever be ready to go back to New York.” I tell him truthfully.

“If anything mom and dad can get you bodyguards.” Erin says making me laugh. “Yeah cause that’s the best way to make friends.” I tell him. “I’m thinking about learning to fight.” I say causing Mia to go wide eyed.

“Just a few self defense moves. It will make me feel safer. Even if I decide to go move to California.” I give her a tight smile with my eyebrows raised. “You know that might actually be a good idea. We can hire someone if you’d like?” Mason says making me grin.

“Thank you! I actually have a person in mind so don’t worry about that.” The front door slams shut making me jump. “Ronnie is that you?” Mia yells. “I don’t know of any thief’s or killers that would make that much noise coming in the house so yeah it’s me captain obvious.” She shouts back.

I don’t know if she’s joking around or just being a smart-ass. Mia stops chopping onions and walks out of the room. “Oh boy here we go.” Mason sighs.

“Erin you doing track this year?” I ask trying to steer the conversation into a different direction. “Uh no I’m going to try out for basketball though in a couple months.”

“Why can’t you do both. Won’t basketball season be almost done when track comes around?” Mason asks. “Yeah I guess I could do both but I don’t know if I want to do track. I did it last year. It just wasn’t for me.” He shrugs.

“I totally understand. Mia basically forced me to try out for the cheer leading team. To much drama. Plus the uniforms they wear show way to much skin for my liking.”

“Says the girl that wears jeans and a hoodie in hundred degree weather.” Mason says rolling his eyes. “I don’t remember you being in this conversation. Mason.” I playfully roll my eyes.

Mason sighs smiling. “I remember when Ronnie wanted to first be a cheerleader. She was three. She was so adorable, always got her way with me. She still does.We only lived here a few months and we didn’t know anybody. She begged and begged us for two months straight. We finally realized she was serious about this. Ever since she has been a cheerleader.”

“I’ve always wanted to be a boxer.” I say laughing. “Ironically I always enjoyed watching boxing matches. I tried to join a team but I always had to have a parent with me. I couldn’t just forge her signature.”

“That doesn’t surprise me.” Mason says. “Why not?” I ask. Suddenly I hear a loud shut making me jump in surprise. Not even a moment later Ronnie walks in.

“You do realize that it’s the middle of October right?” Mia says to her daughter that’s wearing booty shorts and a crop top paired with Black five inch heels. “You do realize it’s Florida right?” Ronnie scuffs at her mom.

“Ronnie.” Mia warns. “Mother” Ronnie rolls her eyes typing away at her phone. “I’m not trying to offend you darling but you need to stop dressing like a hoe.” Mia says making me choke on my own spit.

Ronnie’s jaw drops. “You think I’m a slut?” She asked pissed. “I never called you a slut. I just said you look like one.” Mia says raising her brows. “Stop trying to twist my words around.”

“It’s actually not that bad. I mean I would wear it if the shorts wore a little bit longer and minus the heels.” I say trying to help. “Shut up.” Ronnie says rolling her eyes.

I shrug my shoulders and take a seat next to Mason and Erin who kept their eyes on the scene in front of them. “Do you though mom?” Ronnie asked putting away her phone.

“Do I what?” Mia says annoyed. “Think I’m a hoe.” She finishes her question. “Don’t be so dramatic Ronnie.” I snort but they ignore me thankfully. “Okay let me reword my question. If I wasn’t your daughter and just a random girl would you think that I’m a slut.”

“That’s not fair.”

“Just answer the damn question mom.” Ronnie says trying to hold tears in. “Yeah I would but your my daughter.” Yikes. “Whatever” Ronnie mutters and runs upstairs. I give her props I would’ve fell ten times by now.

“So Lydia are you considering Yale or Harvard?” Erin asks changing the subject of the conversation. I glance to the stairs and back to Mia. “Uh yeah I have.”

“Did you apply there?” Mia asked taking chicken out of the oven. “I did. I also applied to Princeton, Brown, Duke and Stanford.”

“Wow impressive.” Mason says. “You know your dad when to Yale.” Mia comments. “No I didn’t.” I watch as she grabs a bowl of salad out of the fridge and starts chopping ingredients up.

“He was always the smart one between us two.”

“I’m sure that’s not true.” Mason chuckles. “You should’ve seen her in high school. She couldn’t get through a math test to save her life.” Mia scuffs at him and shakes her head.

Mia goes to say something when Masons phone starts to beep. Mia rolls her eyes as he checks it. “Seriously it’s almost ten at night.” Mia mutters. “I told you I was on call. How many times do we have to have this fight? I’m a surgeon. I can’t help that someone is dying.”

“Whatever Mason. You spend more time at that damn hospital than you do at home. It’s been like for more than ten years now. Trust me I understand.” She fires back.

“I can’t argue about the same damn thing again. I have to go save someone’s life.” He grabs his jacket and leaves the room. Mia rolls her eyes again and bites her lip from crying.

“There’s too much damn drama going on in this family.” I agree with you on that one Erin.

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