Falling for him

By Maddie🌸 All Rights Reserved ©

Drama / Adventure


I drop the knife and look at my bloodstained hands. Why did I let myself go this far? I didn't have to kill him. This isn't me. I would never hurt someone one purpose. I hear a girl screaming. I look around frequently trying to find who saw me kill this man. But I realize it's me who screaming. Kayden grabs my shoulders. "You need to stop screaming. We have to get out of here before the cops show up." I nod my head trying to comprehend what he just told me. The only thing I'm focused on is my hands that has his blood on them. Kayden grabs my hand and we start running ********* Kayden Black is the leader of the one of the most feared gangs. Lydia Rivers is a girl that has been abused all her life. When Lydia needs to learn to protect herself she finds Kayden. When he agrees to teach her to fight she starts to fall for him. Kayden's brother starts to fall for her. Does Kayden stay and be with her or does he let his little brother have the happily ever after?

Good thing I don't have parents

All rights reserved

All Rights Reserved

There is a lot of cussing. And there is triggering parts of the story. Don’t read if you’re not comfortable with those things. Also the scenes are all made up so are the characters. Everything I’m writing about is just my imagination.


His eyes held no emotion.They were cold and lifeless. If I was anybody else I would be shaking with fear. I would be looking around for an exit to run to. But I’m not.

So what does that make me? Fearless? No, that’s not right. I’ve been scared before. I’ve witnessed scary things. That’s why I know that he’s the furthest thing from being scary.

This conversation wasn’t going well. I We both know it.

“Lydia, I’m a terrible person. I’m worse than the ‘bad guys’. You need to stay away from me.”

“If you’re so bad why did you save me?” I question taking a step toward him. Wanting to be closer to him.

He chuckles. “It wasn’t on purpose.” He crosses his arms and stares at me with amusement in his eyes. “I don’t believe that.”

“I’m dangerous.” He says. “What if I’m craving danger?“It seems like Im always trying to have an excuse to want to be with him.

“Princess, you’re eighteen years old. Your classmates are at some party or bomb fire on the beach getting drunk off their ass. The only thing they are worried about is if their parents are going to catch them sneaking back into their house.”

“Well good thing I don’t have parents.” I try to joke but he didn’t laugh.Instead he got angry. “You have your whole life ahead of you. Fall in love, then fall out. Go to parties. Go to college.Go to New York. Become a social worker and help kids that need it.Live your dream.”

“Why can’t I do all that with you by my side?”

“Probably because I won’t live past 25.” I take another step forward. “I don’t care. You are here right now. That’s all that matters.” I try to reason.

“Fuck, Lydia I’ve killed people. I tortured them.” The cold wind makes me shiver. After everything I forgot I was still in my bathing suit with just a shirt on.

“Those people weren’t exactly innocent.”

“That doesn’t make it any better. I’m not a hero. I’m going to hell.” He laughs again.

“You’re not in my book.”

“I’m not dragging you down with me.”

“How can you drag someone that’s willing to walk.” I take another step closer. By now we are arms length. “Fuck” Was the last thing that was said before his lips were on mine.

I finally get it. I finally understand what all the fuss is about. It wasn’t like what everybody claimed it was. It wasn’t awkward and gentle. It wasn’t a little peck. It wasn’t like everybody else’s first kiss.

It was passionate. It was fast and filled with our fears and anger. He’s putting all of his emotions into it and I’m doing the same. It was full of lust and love and so much more.

Every Part of my body burns from his touch. My hands are tangled in his hair and his are rested on my hips trying to get closer to me.

We didn’t pull away until we were both gasping for breath. I couldn’t move away from. It was like I was stuck. It seemed that way for him to. I can’t believe I had my first kiss.

Better yet my first kiss with someone I’m in love with. I get to tell my future daughter all about it. All about how I fell for the man who saved my life and this is how it went.

Four months ago

I can’t believe they want me. This is insane. I’m going to be attending Columbia University next fall. That is if I keep up with my good grades and behavior.

“Lydia is that you?”

“Yeah aunt Mia it’s me.” I yell back. I follow the wonderful smell into the kitchen to find my aunt,uncle, and my 14 year old cousin Erin.

“Ronnie told us that you got in trouble today. That you had to go see the principle? Would you like to explain before I set a punishment.” She puts her hands on her hips, giving me a stern look.

“Ronnie heard wrong.” I said setting my bag beside the counter. She always seems to get everything with me wrong.I took a seat between uncle Mason and Erin. I bite into an apple before continuing.

" The principle called me down today to tell me that Columbia University wants to give me a full ride if I keep up the good grades.”

Mia gasps and starts smiling. “Honey that’s amazing.” She gives me hug .

“Yeah that’s really good but do you think you’re ready to go to New York.” Uncle mason says putting down his book.

“I hope so. I really want this.”

“Good thing you have a year before you go off to college.” Erin pipes in. I smile at him and mess up his hair.

“Hey don’t mess with my hair. It’s the thing girls love.” He winks at me and I scuff.

Over the past two years I got really close with Erin. He’s like a brother to me.

My mom died two years ago and my dad died when I was really young. I didn’t even know about Uncle Mason, and Aunt Mia until child services came and told me about them.

Mia is my dad’s sister that moved to Florida when she was 20. Apparently my dad and her were really close. But after my dad died my mom cut her out of my life.

Ronnie is her oldest. She is turning 18 in February. For some reason Ronnie doesn’t like me but I don’t take it to heart.

I think it’s because I messed up her perfect life. Aunt Mia and I got really close just like Erin and I. I think Ronnie is upset because of that. I know her mom and her never had a great relationship.

Her and Erin were really close when I came. I don’t know what happened but she became a total bitch to him.

“So where is Ronnie? Isn’t kinda late for her to be out on a date on a school night.” I ask. I take a peek at the clock that reads 9:30.

Our curfew for school night are ten. “She’s hanging out with Tyler tonight.” I give her a weird look. “Tyler as in my best friend Tyler.” I ask.

Tyler and I became friends when I moved down here. We have stayed up all night talking crap about Ronnie and now Tyler is hanging out with her. Don’t make sense.

“Uh yeah I think so. She said something about a project for school. I was just happy she finally doing something that benefits her instead of whoring around.” Mia spits out.

Yeah did I mention that Ronnie spends her extra time with guys. Her mom hates. She’s scared she’s gonna get knocked up. But Ronnie is going to do whatever the hell she wants.

“Well maybe if you tried harder at your guys relationship she would take confide to you instead of sleeping with the whole football team.” Erin tells her before standing up and walking to his room.

“Hey young man, don’t talk to me like that. And don’t try to blame me for your sister being a slut.” Mia shouts.

“Oh so you do think I’m a slut.” I turn around to find Ronnie coming through the front door with tears in her eyes.

“No Ronnie, I didn’t-” Mia gets cut off by Ronnie. “No mom, don’t try and get out of this.” Ronnie runs upstairs and Mia follows.

“So what? You just going to sit there and watch the drama.” I ask Mason

“I’m not one for being in drama. Especially girl drama. Not my place. However you. Your a girl.” He says.

“So I’ve realized.” I raised my eyebrows wondering what he’s getting at.

He copies my movement and raises his eyebrows. “Oh no, Ronnie hates me. She won’t listen to me.”

“Come on Lydia, just try.” I huff and give him a dirt look before making my way to Ronnie’s room.

When I get to the door I put my hand on Mia shoulder. She turns to look at me. Regret and sadness in her eyes. “Aunt Mia let me try.” “Okay” She gives me a grateful look before disappearing downstairs.

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