Between the Raindrops

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Chapter 13 | Warning

| Shane’s POV | The Night Before

“Did you lay him out?” Jon asks.

“Oh, absolutely.” I smile triumphantly.

“Linds, I think I am going to like this kid.” He smiles in return.

“I knew you would.” Addilyn’s mother rolls her eyes as she helps Addilyn towards their car.

“Add, I’ll call you later. Get some rest, please.” I say, giving her a quick kiss on the cheek, not caring at all about being in front of both her parents.

Addilyn’s mom smiles, but her father shoots me a quick glare.

“Okay, maybe I won’t.” Jon says as he waits for me to unlock my mom’s car.

We both get into the car, and I couldn’t help but smile as I see Addilyn roll her eyes towards her dad.

Man, she is so cute.

“Listen, Mr. Bishop,” I begin, looking at him for a quick second before pulling out of the hospital parking lot. “I just want you to know that I care about your daughter a lot, and I’m sorry I couldn’t do more to protect her last night. I tried like hell, I really did.” I admit, still feeling the sharp pang of anger coursing through my stomach as I drive.

“I believe you.” He nods.

“Thank you.” I reply, easing my grip on the steering wheel.

“There’s a buddy of mine who works at the station, just tell him everything you saw, and we should be good to go.” Jonathan says, rolling down the window to let in the breeze.

“Alright.” I didn’t question him on who he knew or how, but I sure didn’t care. As long as they lock up Jared, I will be perfectly fine.

“You know... my daughter is my world. As long as you promise me that you aren’t going to hurt her, I have no problem in welcoming you into our lives. I see how she looks at you, and I don’t want to be that hard-ass, over-protective dad. I want to trust and like you, Shane. I really do.”

I can feel him looking at me, but I don’t want to peel my eyes away from the road. Part of it is because I didn’t want to possibly crash the car, and the other part of it is I just didn’t want to look at him in his eyes. Still, I know I’m going to do everything in my power, to hold the promise I am about to make.

“I promise, Mr. Bishop. You have nothing to worry about.” I crack a smile, and I know he sees it.

I feel as though he casts a slight smile my way as well, but I don’t fully look at him to clarify.

A few minutes of non-awkward silence pass, before we finally pull into the police station parking lot. After parking the car and getting out, we go inside.

“Hey, Chuck!” Mr. Bishop says upon entering the station. “You see Bernard around?”

“I think he’s in the back with a subject.” Chuck glances behind him towards a small door off in the back of the building. “Whatcha need him for?” Chuck smiles.

“Oh, me and the kid here need to speak with him about my daughter’s incident last night.” Mr. Bishop says firmly.

I look at Chuck with rose eyebrows, trying to insinuate that this is an important matter. Chuck’s light red hair and dark brown eyes peer into my own. He cracks a crooked smile and then looks back to Mr. Bishop.

“I’ll let him know. Please have a seat over there.” Chuck nods toward a row of seats near the front of the building. Mr. Bishop and I waste no time in going to sit down, right after Mr. Bishop shakes hands with Chuck.

“Good to see you Jon!” Chuck says as we walk over to the chairs.

“Old friend?” I ask after both Mr. Bishop and I take our seats.

“Something like that.” He replies, eyes still focused on the small door currently holding Officer Bernard.

I shrug my thoughts away and cross my arms, slouching in the chair. It seems as though this is going to take a while.

After texting Addie a few times, playing bejeweled and scrolling through Instagram, I push my phone back into my pocket and straighten up in my chair.

“I’m going to get some coffee, would you like some?” I ask, looking over to Mr. Bishop who has his nose in his phone as well.

“Sure, thanks.” He replies without looking up.

I get up with my mind on a nice cup of coffee, but when I see a familiar boy walk out of the back room, I freeze.

“You stay in town, you hear me Winston? This isn’t the last you’ll be seeing of me son.” The man who I assume to be Officer Bernard, yells after the boy who begins stomping away.

“Jared.” I mumble. My fists close tightly and I put down the empty paper-cup I was about to use.

In a second, I feel the presence of Mr. Bishop next to me, and he places his hand firmly on my shoulder. “Don’t Shane. We’re not here for that. Let him go. He’ll be found later, you can guarantee that.”

Jared keeps walking toward the exit of the police station, but when his eyes meet mine, the scowl on his face turns into a smirk.

“Give Bernard my best, would you Shaney? I forgot to tell him to kiss my ass before leaving. By the way, how is Addie doing? Still promiscuous as ever, I presume?”

I want to end his life right here in this police station, and I can feel Mr. Bishop’s grip become tighter on my shoulder. I wasn’t sure if he was telling me to stay calm, or if he was just wishing Jared’s head would miraculously end up where my shoulder currently is.

Either way, I stand my ground and don’t say a word to Jared, for fear of not being able to control my emotions any longer than I already have.

“I’ll take that as a yes. Can’t say I’m surprised. She’s a feisty one, that girl.” Jared says, as he makes his way closer to the exit.

Before I even know what’s happening, Mr. Bishop’s tight grasp on my shoulder becomes non-existent as he starts charging towards Jared.

“Mr. Bishop, don’t!”

“Hey, Jon! No man!” Chuck yells, immediately running towards the exit doors to keep Mr. Bishop from doing something stupid.

Mr. Bishop yanks Jared up by the collar of his shirt and slams him against the building wall.

“If I ever hear you talk that way about my daughter again, please believe me when I say I know a lot of people in this town, people who will not be kind when I tell them what you’ve done to an innocent girl. You better watch your back kid, because I do not mess around!” Mr. Bishop is clearly seeing red when Chuck pulls him away from Jared.

“Jon, relax brother. He’s just a kid. You can’t hit him.” Chuck says, trying to get Mr. Bishop to calm down.

Jared’s wide eyes didn’t go unnoticed as he fixes his wrinkled shirt and takes a few minor breaths.

“Whatever.” Is all Jared says before giving me one last cold look, and storming out of the police station.

“I’m alright, you can let go.” Mr. Bishop says, pulling Chuck’s hands from his shirt.

“I know that little prick needs a good beat down from someone, but that someone can’t be you Jon.” Chuck manages a laugh. “Let the courts handle that one.”

“Jon.” Both Mr. Bishop and I look up to find who I assume to be Bernard, standing in the doorway of the small room in the back of the station. He motions for Mr. Bishop and me to enter the room.

“It’s good to see you Bernard.” Mr. Bishop says with a slight smile as we enter the room. Bernard shuts the door after us and takes his seat on the opposite side of the single table.

Bernard looks to be in about his early forties. Small patches of gray hair line his dark brown beard, and his hairline is beginning to reseed. He has on his police uniform, but left his hat on the table. He has one front tooth that has a chip in the corner, and the dark circles under his eyes did nothing to hide the tiredness that live beneath the surface. He is a large man, probably a little under six foot. My guess is he weighs about two of me. I can see why criminals, or anyone for that matter, would be afraid of him.

“Jon, to what do I owe this surprise visit?” Bernard smirks, just barely showing any emotion. “Oh who am I kiddin’, I know why you’re here.” Bernard lets out a raspy chuckle, almost resembling a grunt noise.

“It’s about that Winston kid, Bernard. I need to know what his punishment will be for hurting my daughter.” Mr. Bishop says calmly, but sternly.

“Now you know I am not at liberty to discuss that with you.” Bernard says, his gaze flicking to me for a brief moment.

“Oh come on Bernard. Shane here is cool, aren’t you Shane?” Mr. Bishop looks to me with a smile and all I can do is nod. I think Bernard can sense my slight uncomfortable aura toward the conversation.

Bernard gives me another once over before turning to face Mr. Bishop.

“We still need a statement from Addilyn, explaining everything that happened. All the details. Once we have that, we should be good to go on prosecution.” Bernard says easily, his many years of experience in this field shining through his tough exterior.

“What about Shane here? Can you take a statement from him? He was there when it happened. Says he saw everything.” Mr. Bishop says, patting my shoulder.

“Absolutely, anything helps the case. Are you good with that son?” Bernard casts me a heavy glance, waiting for my answer.

“Yes, but do you mind if I go make a quick phone call? I just need to let my mom know I will be home late.” I lie, standing up to leave the room.

“Make it quick.” Bernard replies as he watches me leave the room.

I walk outside of the room and shut the door. I turn around a corner to get some privacy. I make sure Chuck and any of the other force members are out of sight.

“Hello?” Her sweet voice rang through my ears.

“Hey beautiful.” I smile.

“What’s up?” She asks, and I can tell she’s smiling too.

“It’s um, about last night. I need to give my statement, and I want to make sure we give the same story. I told your dad I saw everything, but in reality, I only saw the very end of it.” I say just above a whisper.

“Okay, I know what you need to say.”

I listen to Addie explain what I need say, and I try to calm my anger at her descriptions. I tell her I will call her later, and I hang up.

Walking back to the room, I hear Bernard and Mr. Bishop talking. I know I shouldn’t be eavesdropping, but something inside tells me I need to hear whatever it is that they’re saying.

“Bernard, I know you’ve already done your share of favors for me, but this one is important. It’s personal. I don’t care what you have to do, if Shane and Addilyn’s statements aren’t enough to put Jared away, then I need you to make sure he is put away no matter the cost.”

“Jon, it’s not that simple. If this goes to a trial, and the judge rules him as not guilty, he will have to be let go. Let’s just hope the kids statements are enough, and we will go from there. Oh and Jon,” I can hear Mr. Bishop let out a sharp sigh. “Let’s not have a repeat of what happened last time. No matter what we have to do here, you can’t let your guilt get the better of you again. You’ve been sober for a while now, and I can honestly say I’m proud of your progress.”

I can feel my eyebrows furrowing in confusion. Mr. Bishop is an addict?

He never would have struck me as the type to fall apart. He seems so well put together.

“Don’t worry Bernard, that was different. What happened to Mr. Sage should not have happened. This Jared kid deserves what’s coming to him.”

Why does the name Sage sound so familiar?

Shrugging my thoughts, I wait a few seconds before knocking on the door and entering the small interrogation room.

“About time boy, I thought you might’ve gotten lost.” Bernard smirks, motioning for me to sit down beside Mr. Bishop.

“Sorry, you know how moms are.” I smile.

“Unfortunately,” Bernard shrugs, “Anyway, are you ready to give your full statement now?”

“Yes. Are we doing this in here or somewhere else?” I ask, unsure of how all of this works.

“Here is fine son. Do you mind if Jon stays to listen?” He asks, and I give a quick glance to Mr. Bishop who raises an eyebrow at me questioningly.

“Well, I um... It’s a lot of details. Are you okay to hear everything?” I ask, peering over to Mr. Bishop who only nods.

“I want to hear your side too Shane. Just so I have the full story.” Mr. Bishop smiles encouragingly. “Just say everything you need to say, I’ll be fine.”

Bernard pulls out a small recorder from the drawer beside him. He places it on the table in front of me and turns it on.

“Now, please state your full name for the record.” Bernard starts the process.

“Shane Douglas Teller.”

“Shane, in your own words, please describe from start to finish, the events that took place last night on February 10th, 2017 in regards to a one Addilyn Renee Bishop.”

“Well, when I got to the party the place was already packed.” I begin.

“By place, you are referring to Jared Winston’s house?” Bernard asks.

“Correct. I couldn’t tell you how many people were there. I came alone, for personal reasons.” I say, feeling Mr. Bishop’s hard gaze.

“I first noticed Addilyn when she walked into the house with her two friends, Angelica and Jaxon but I didn’t approach her. After an hour or so into the party, Addilyn found me in the kitchen of the house, getting something to drink. I watched her grab a drink herself, but I went out onto the dance floor with a friend of mine. I believe due to the small argument we had earlier in that day, Addilyn got jealous seeing me with my friend.”

“Was this friend a female?” Bernard asks.

“Yes. But she doesn’t play any role in this story.” I confirm. “Anyway, Addilyn found herself in front of Jared, asking him to dance to which he agreed.” I can feel my palms beginning to sweat while reliving the horrible night for a second time.

“After they danced for a bit, Rebecca Moore made it a point to scold Addilyn for dancing with Jared, who was supposedly Rebecca’s date to his party. Rebecca said a few choice words to Addilyn, resulting in Addilyn running up the stairs of the house crying.” I honestly feel sick having to explain this story.

“Soon after, I noticed Jared follow her up the stairs.”

“How long have you known Jared?” Bernard asks.

“Not for very long. I met him about the third day I started at Dunedin High. I moved here during the holiday break, and I met Addilyn on my first day of school.” I smile at the remembrance of our first encounter in math class with Mrs. Andrews.

“Have you ever seen Addilyn or Jared have any other encounter prior to this party?” Bernard asks, trying to get as much information as he can from me.

“Not to my knowledge, no. I know Addilyn is usually only with Angelica or Jaxon.”

“Alright, continue.” Bernard nods.

“Okay, well after seeing Jared follow Addilyn up the stairs, I decided to follow just to make sure that she was alright. Something in my gut told me to go upstairs and I’m glad I listened to it.”

I look down at my shoes with a frown, finding the courage to continue the explanation.

“When I went upstairs, I heard a muffled sound of a girl crying, and something told me it was Addilyn. I began checking room after room, and finally I came across a locked door. I pressed my ear to it, just to see if I could hear anything and as soon as I did, I heard a loud bang noise following by some cursing and a cry. I instantly knew it was Addilyn.” I begin fidgeting with my fingers a bit.

“I tried to jiggle the door open, but when that didn’t work, I kicked the door open. As soon as I got a clear view of both Addilyn and Jared, that’s when...” I look up at Bernard and Mr. Bishop, and then I look back down to my feet again. “That’s when he hit her.”

“As soon as I saw Addilyn hit the wall behind her from the force of Jared’s hit, I lunged for him. Addilyn got up and ran out into the hallway. Jared managed to push me back, and then he went out into the hallway again, trying to get to Addilyn. Right as he was about to strike again, I put myself in front of Addilyn and hit Jared hard.” I look back up to Bernard and Mr. Bishop who both nodded in approval.

“He fell onto the floor, and after that everything was a blur. I started whaling on him, and Addilyn managed to pull me off of him. She then yanked me down the stairs and out of Jared’s house. I took her back to my place, where I cleaned up her wound and let her sleep. On the couch of course.” I quickly add, casting a quick glance to Mr. Bishop.

“Then this morning, I brought her to the ER to get checked out and to get stitches for her eye.” I let out a breath of relief after finishing my side of the explanation. I’m proud of myself for giving as many details as I did, despite Addie tweaking a few.

“Can you attest that your statement is of nothing but the truth, and that if needed to testify in court, you can give the exact same statement?” Bernard asks, reaching for the recorder, but waiting for my answer.

Without hesitation I say, “yes”, then Bernard shuts the recorder off.

“Thank you son. This is a big help.” Bernard smiles, this time not using his famous smirk that I have come to know in the last hour and a half.

“No problem. Jared deserves what’s coming to him. I can’t even begin to imagine what could have happened, if I hadn’t of went upstairs to check on her.” I shamefully admit.

“But you did, and that speaks volumes to me.” Mr. Bishop says, patting me on the back.

“So, Bernard, is that all you need from us for right now?” Mr. Bishop asks, reaching over to give Bernard a handshake.

“Yes. You can bring Addilyn in tomorrow after school to give her statement. I will make sure to be here.” He smiles, taking Mr. Bishop’s hand.

“Thanks Bernard. For everything.”

“I’ve heard that before.” He smirks to Mr. Bishop, before turning around and walking away.

“Ready to get out of here?” Mr. Bishop looks over at me.

“Very.” I nod, pulling my keys from my pocket.

“Hey, I just wanted to say thank you for making that statement. It’s going to mean a lot to Addilyn too, I’m sure.” Mr. Bishop says as I begin driving to his house.

“Man, is it ten o’clock already? I bet no one is awake in my house.” He laughs, rolling down the window a bit to let in some fresh air.

“Yeah, I’m exhausted.” I admit, running a quick hand through my hair.

After dropping Mr. Bishop off at his house, I try giving Addie a call, but there’s no answer. I leave her a voicemail, telling her that I will be a little late to first period tomorrow, so I can get a little more sleep in the morning.

On my drive home, I come to an abrupt stop when an Escalade stops right in front of me. I curse as I slam on my brakes, thankful that I stop before hitting the Escalade in the rear.

“Seriously?” I mumble while getting out of my mother’s car.

I look at the Escalade and furrow my eyebrows when no one gets out of the car. We are the only two cars on the small road, and I don’t see anything in front of the Escalade blocking it’s way.

As soon as I start to get back into my car to drive around the Escalade, the front driver’s side door opens slowly.

I shut the door to my mom’s car and stand out on the road, waiting to talk with whoever had caused this almost accident.

“Hey asshole, is there a reason you stopped in the middle of the road?” I ask, my eyes going wide when I see that the person walking towards me is in fact, Jared.

“Actually yes, I’m glad you asked.” He smirks, finally reaching me. He stands a couple feet away, but he is still close enough for me to reach, if I need to defend myself quickly.

“What do you want Winston?” I seethe, trying to remain as calm as possible.

“Just wanted to talk.” At the snap of his fingers, all three of the other doors to the Escalade open in one swift motion, as three men come out and circle around me.

“What the fuck is this?” I ask, feeling a little nervous knowing that I couldn’t go up against all four of them by myself.

“This is my one and only warning for you to back the fuck off, and to drop your statement.”

And then, everything after that is a blur.

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