Between the Raindrops

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Chapter 19 | I Need To Save Her

It’s Monday morning again, and I’m currently walking to Jacob’s school with his hand in mine as he walks beside me. The weekend was pretty uneventful. My grandparents cancelled on dinner, so Shane was off the hook for that one. Instead, we went out alone to catch a movie on Saturday night. Sunday I mostly spent studying, since I was behind on a few assignments.

“How come you’re walking me to school?” Jacob asks looking up at me.

“Because... mom and dad had to get to work early this morning bud, otherwise they would have taken you like they normally do.” I sigh, having already answered his question twice. Little kids are so persistent.

“But I like when mommy drives me to school!” He whines. “She always lets me pick the songs!”

Apparently, Jacob isn’t in the best of moods this morning. Monday’s are usually a hassle when it comes to Jacob. He likes to make everything complicated.

“I know... she will drive you tomorrow, I promise.” I smile down at him, which seems to lighten his mood a little.


As we near his school, I notice the famous Jared standing by the entrance alone. We are surprisingly early, since I needed to make sure that I speak with Mrs. Roberts alone in regards to Jared.

I’m not going to allow him to work here at Jacob’s school any more. It’s too risky and this is not just anybody that I’m protecting, it’s my little brother.

“Jared!” Jacob cheers, which causes me to frown at how much he likes him. Of course, I’m not surprised. Jared has a certain fake charm about him that can make anyone trust him at first, but it’s only when people really get to know him, that they figure out just how much of a horrible person he truly is.

Luckily, I plan to expose Jared Winston for who he really is and in front of a judge. I will not allow him to get away with all the pain he has caused to not only me, but also Rebecca and any other female he has ever known in the past. Lord only knows how many other girls he has done this to, that have fallen off the radar.

“Hey there Jacob. Hello Addie.” Jared smirks while looking directly into my eyes.

“Yeah, hi.” I glare. “Anyway, Jacob let’s get inside. Come on.” I pull Jacob with me, but he resists.

“No, I wanna stay with Jared!” He whines, tugging towards Jared.

My stomach falls. “No buddy, we gotta go inside to see Mrs. Roberts.” I sigh, trying my best to pull him with me.

“No!” He whines again, clearly trying to throw a temper tantrum.

“It’s fine Addie, I can watch him for you.” Jared smiles wide.

“No, that’s okay.” I glare, finally fed up with Jacob’s whining. I lean down and pick him up, continuing to carry him inside the school building despite his kicks and screams.

How does mom deal with this all the time? I don’t think I ever want to have kids.

Once we’re inside and out of Jared’s sight, I put Jacob down and he runs over to one of the other kids not even bothering to say goodbye to me. I know he’s just a kid and his little tantrums don’t mean anything, but it still hurts when he’s mad at me.

“Hello Addilyn!” Mrs. Roberts smiles. She notices the slight bruising around my eye, but doesn’t comment on it. Luckily, most of the swelling has gone down, and I get to take the stitches out in a few more days.

“Hi Mrs. Roberts. Do you have a minute to talk?” I warily ask.

She takes in my odd demeanor and nods her head with a smile. “Of course dear. Sit down.”

I take a seat in front of her desk and let out a shaky breath. I need to tell her how much of a monster Jared is, so she will fire him. I don’t want to tell her what he did to me, but I need to show her how much destruction he is capable of.

I’m not going to tell her about his threat towards Jacob, because I don’t want her to involve the police or my parents.

“What’s on your mind?” She smiles.

“Well... I noticed you hired Jared as your assistant.” I begin.

“Oh yeah, well technically I didn’t hire him, he just volunteered. I guess he’s taking some time off school for something, and he wanted to keep himself busy. Plus he said it would look good on his college applications.” She explains.

It registers why Jared is “taking time off school”. He is temporarily suspended from school pending the investigation. He isn’t allowed to go back to school until after the case is closed, depending on if he is found guilty or not.

I’m actually grateful that I don’t have to see his face at school every day.

“Well... I um, I think you should fire him.” I mumble.

“What? Why?” She raises an eyebrow.

“He... he’s not safe.” I look up at her and something flashes in her eyes.

“Did he...” She motions toward my face as her eyes widen in shock after I nod.

“Yes, he did... and there’s an investigation going on right now before we can bring him to court and press charges. He um... he tried to assault me at a party, and when he didn’t get his way, he lashed out violently. He’s also made numerous threats to me since then, and I even recently found out that he hurt another girl.” I explain while fidgeting with my fingers in my lap.

“I didn’t want to tell you any of this personally, but I just can’t even imagine something happening to one of those beautiful kids out there.” I sigh.

“No, thank you so much for telling me! If I had any idea, I never would have let him step foot onto this campus!” She exclaims.

“You’re welcome. I just didn’t want to be responsible for anything bad happening when I knew I could have told you about him.”

I truthfully did not want Jared to come after me again, but knowing that I already told him I would have him fired, I guess there is no looking back now. I need to do this for Jacob, even if it puts myself at risk.

I know he will probably lash out at me after this, but I just cannot bear the thought of him being around Jacob every day with full access to do whatever he wants.

“You’re very brave for telling me this Addilyn. You should feel so proud of yourself!” She coos, almost forgetting that I’m not one of her kindergartner’s.

“Thank you Mrs. Roberts! I gotta get to school now, but I’ll be back afterward to pick up Jacob.” I smile while standing up to leave.

“See you then dear.” Mrs. Roberts smiles as she faces her class and rounds them up for morning warm up time, which according to Jacob, is a time for the kids to exercise before math. I find it odd, but decide not to dwindle on her teaching methods.

“Come on kids, get those creative and smart juices flowing!” I hear Mrs. Roberts sing as she turns on some kid’s music and allows the children to go crazy dancing and thrashing about. I laugh while glancing back at Jacob who waves me goodbye while running around in circles like a lunatic.

As I pass the entrance to the classroom, I walk directly by Jared who is going inside and walking in the opposite direction of me. He gives me an evil glare, but all I do is smile at him.

Right before I let the doors to the classroom close, I hear Mrs. Roberts call Jared over to talk.

Knowing it’s only a matter of time before she fires him, the nerves inside of me kick into over-drive and I find myself speed walking towards school, which is only about a fifteen minute walk from here.

I have to get there before Jared can catch up with me, since he’s currently not allowed on school property.

Gasping for air, I smile when I see the school approaching. Just as I am about to reach campus, a pair of arms snake around my waist and yanks me up into the air, before throwing me into the back of a big SUV. Somehow, I manage to drop my backpack in the process.

I immediately begin screaming for help, praying that somebody nearby can hear me.

“Will you shut her up?” A large man hisses from the driver’s seat.

After that, everything goes dark as a fist comes flying towards my face.

| Shane’s POV |

Once the bell rings signaling the start of first period, I turn around in my seat and frown upon seeing Addie’s empty desk.

“Hey Ang, where’s Addie?”

“No clue.” She shrugs, oblivious to the oddness of her missing best friend.

I turn over towards Jax who shrugs his shoulders at me also, telling me he doesn’t know where she is either.

I pull out my cell phone and send her a text.

Me: Babe, where are u?

Add: Dnt worry. See u l8r.

Something doesn’t feel right. Addie never texts like this. Ever.

I remember her saying something about having to drop Jacob off at school this morning, so the idea pops up in my head to call Mrs. Roberts.

I immediately stick my hand into the air, “Mrs. Andrews?”

“Yes Shane?”

“May I use the bathroom?” I sheepishly smile.

“Fine, but no longer than five minutes!” She waves me away with her hand as she gets back to her lecture.

“Thank you!”

I walk out into the hallway and pull my phone back out. I dial Jacob’s school and wait.

After finally being transferred to the right classroom, the phone rings twice before Mrs. Roberts answers.

“Hello, this is Mrs. Roberts, how may I help you?”

“Hi, Mrs. Roberts. This is Shane Teller, I’m Addilyn Bishop’s boyfriend.”

“Oh, yes! Hello. What can I do for you?” She seems confused by my phone call.

“Well, I’m wondering if Addie ever dropped Jacob off this morning.”

“She sure did. She also told me about that horrid Jared. I fired him this morning all thanks to Addilyn.” She sounds proud, but my eyes widen in fear.

“Did um, did Jared happen to be there this morning while Addie was there?” I ask.

“Yes, after Addilyn left and said that she was heading off to school, I spoke with him. But that was about forty minutes ago, how come?”

My stomach drops to my feet.

“No reason. Thank you for listening to Addilyn and firing Jared, he’s bad news.” I try to play it cool, but my mind is racing with millions of different scenarios.

“Of course dear. Addilyn was very brave to come and talk to me.”

“Well, I just wanted to call you because Addie has a big test she needs to make up after school, so she told me to call and let you know that Angie will be picking up Jacob after school.”

“Oh, sure. No problem! Take care!”

“Thanks, bye!”

Crap crap crap crap.

Addie never made it to school, so where the hell is she? I know Jared has something to do with this.

I put my phone back into my pocket and go back into the classroom.

Apparently, Angie can see the alarmed look on my face.

“Shane, what’s wrong?” She perks up.

“It’s Addie. Something happened to her I just know it. I called Jacob’s school and Mrs. Roberts said she left Jacob’s school about forty minutes ago to come here, but she never showed up. She also said that Addie spoke with her about Jared and so she fired him. What if he went after Addie?” I blurt out in a whisper so none of the other students can hear.

Angie’s eyes widen in fear and Jax’s fists clench.

“We need to find her!” She cries, also in a whispered tone.

“What do we do? Just get up and walk out of school together?” Jax asks.

“Hell yes we do!” Angie nods. “Let’s go!” She immediately grabs her bag and stands up.

“Miss. Sage, please sit down.” Mrs. Andrews says while stopping her lecture.

I grab my own bag and stand up, followed by Jax.

“What are you three doing? Please sit down.” Mrs. Andrews says again, this time raising her eyebrows with suspicion.

Without another word, all three of us walk directly out of the classroom as some of the other kids cheer us on.

“Kids! Get back here now! Kids!” Mrs. Andrews yells as we shut the classroom door behind us. We start running towards the school entrance and after just barely making it past the security guard, we’re finally outside.

“Where do we even begin?” Angie sighs while looking around the schoolyard.

“I have no clue, but regardless I told Jacob’s teacher that you would be the one picking him up today, just in case you know... we can’t find her.” I mumble.

“Don’t say that! We’re going to find her! But okay, I’ll go get him after school. We have about seven hours or so to find Addie.” She confirms.

“Alright, let’s start around the school campus, and then if we can’t find her we will start driving around the neighborhood.” I instruct.

“Drive? With what our good looks?” Jax deadpans.

“No stupid, I have my mom’s car today.” I sigh.

“Oh, sweet!” He sheepishly smiles.

“Okay people, we’re wasting time, let’s go!” Angie rolls her eyes.

All three of us place our bags into my mom’s car but keep our cell phones on us in case we need to call one another. After that, we split up and begin walking all around the campus.

Angie starts at the very back left of the campus, while Jax went to the back right of the campus. The entire campus is huge so it might take a while to cover the full perimeter.

I take the front of the campus and the first street on the opposite side of the school.

“Addie!” I yell out. I feel so helpless, and I hate feeling that way. I will never forgive myself if something happens to her. We may have just started dating, but I already feel a very strong connection with her, one that I don’t plan on losing any time soon.

“Addie!” I yell out again, but sigh when my calls go unanswered. “Please...” I mumble to myself.

Suddenly my phone starts buzzing. A small amount of hope bursts through my insides as I fumble with my phone before answering.

“Hey, you find her?”

“No... She isn’t back here anywhere.” Angie sighs. “I’m coming to the front with you.”

“Okay.” Then I hang up.

Damn it.

My phone begins buzzing yet again, and I pick up once more, praying that it’s good news this time.

“Yeah, what is it?”

“She isn’t back here either. Angie and I checked the entire back-side of the school.” Jax huffs, clearly out of breath. “I’m coming to the front with Angie.”


This is bad, very bad.

I continue walking up and down the street until I trip over a large object. I catch myself from smacking my face into the pavement, but still land on my butt. I hiss in pain, but instantly freeze when I see what it is that tripped me.

No... it can’t be.

I hear footsteps running towards me, and I yell without looking up. “Guys, look!”

Both Angie and Jax stop just short of the object that tripped me and as I slowly stand up, both Angie and Jax’s eyes widen in complete fear.

“That’s her backpack.” Angie states in disbelief.

“Are you sure?” I ask, trying to keep my state of denial.

“Yes, I’m sure.” Angie bends down and slowly turns the backpack over revealing a large letter ‘A’ written in black sharpie towards the bottom of the backpack. “I was there when she put that on her backpack.”

“What the hell does this mean? Was she taken or something?” I begin panicking.

“Well how else would you explain her backpack randomly thrown in the middle of the street?” Angie huffs. I know she isn’t annoyed with me, but more so with the situation. All three of us are panicking now, and we have no idea how we’re going to find her.

“We need to call her dad.” Jax suddenly says.

“No, we can’t. We need to try to find her first. We still have a little over six hours until school is over. If we can’t find her by then, then we’ll call her parents.” I demand. “I want calling them to be a last resort. I don’t want to cause them to panic unless it’s absolutely necessary.”

Angie and Jax nod but don’t move from their spots. Neither do I.

I know I probably should call her parents now, but I need to at least try to find her first. I don’t want her father to do something crazy, and I know that he will.

After a few minutes, I pick up her backpack and start walking towards my mom’s car.

Angie and Jax eventually follow me and once we are all seated inside my mom’s car, Angie suddenly yells causing Jax and me to jump out of our skin.

“Oh my God!”

“What?” I yell back.

“What the hell babe?” Jax brings a hand to his chest. “Warning next time.”

“They still have her phone right?” Angie asks.

“Yeah, I got a text back from her number... but the person didn’t text like Addie does.” I frown.

“That’s it! She has an iPhone. I can locate her using find my iPhone!” She smiles wide while pulling her phone from her pocket.

“Damn babe, you’re a genius!” Jax smiles excitedly.

“I guess when you’re panicking you lose your common sense.” I chuckle, mad for not thinking of this myself.

After messing with her phone for several minutes, her eyes shoot up in surprise.

“What? Where is she?” I plead for answers.

“She’s... at Fred’s.” Angie furrows her eyebrows, clearly confused.

She looks up at the both of us. “This doesn’t make any sense.”

“Well, let’s find out shall we?” I let out a breath of relief as all three of us throw on our seat belts.

I turn the key and listen as the engine roars to life. I’m so glad my mom let me use the car today.

After carefully pulling out of the school parking lot, I speed down the road, not caring at all about the speed limit.

I need to get to Addilyn now.

I need to save her.

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