Between the Raindrops

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Chapter 24 | Jacob's Wrath

Only two days before the trial starts. It’s Monday today, and I’m having a very hard time focusing in my classes. Shane, Angie and Jaxon kept trying to snap me out of my daze during first period, but all I could think about is Jared and the trial.

It’s lunch time now, and I’m standing behind Angie in the lunch line.

“What are you getting?”

“Huh?” I look at Angie as I furrow my eyebrows.

“Can you at least pretend to be listening to me?” Angie smirks, nudging my shoulder with her own.

“Sorry, just a lot on my mind.” I admit, looking around the cafeteria for Shane and Jaxon. I look over at our normal table, and see Shane helping Jaxon sit at the table, since his crutches always seem to get in the way of things. I can tell they already annoy him.

“Is this about the trial?” Angie asks, pulling my attention away from the boys.

“Maybe.” I sheepishly smile at her.

“You’re going to be great.” Angie smiles, stepping forward in line and grabbing a basket of fries. I grab one too and we both pay before heading over to our table.

Shit, I should have grabbed a salad.

I’ve been feeling more fatigued than usual, and I am having a hard time concentrating. I know I need to eat more, but I can’t seem to do it. Every time I pick something up, my brain screams at me to throw it away. Nine times out of ten, I do.

I’ve had two episodes where I’ve binged eaten, but I was able to keep it under control on my own without telling anyone. Shane almost caught me over the weekend, as I forgot to lock my bedroom door again. Luckily, I was able to play it off before he suspected anything. I hate lying to him, but telling him something like this is just too embarrassing. I can’t have him thinking I’m some freak who doesn’t take care of herself, though that’s exactly what I am.

As Angie and I sit down at the table across from the guys, I begin picking at my fries, only eating one or two here and there. I’m trying to be as discreet as possible, but I keep seeing Shane give me quick glances.

“Dude, hurry up. You eat so slow.” Angie laughs, nudging my arm. I laugh, and stick another French fry into my mouth.

“How are you feeling Jax?” I ask only to change the subject away from me.

“Better. Just have to deal with this cast for another few weeks, so that bites. My stitches come out tomorrow though.” He smiles.

“That’s cool. You’re gonna have a sick scar.” I say. “It’ll make you look cooler.” I tease.

“Oh, so I don’t look cool now?” He raises an eyebrow.

“Well I mean... not with that cast.” I hide a chuckle.

“Shane, you better get your girl.” Jax says while glancing over at Shane.

“I think my girl can handle herself, thanks.” Shane smirks, causing me to smile since he took my side.

“How can you take her side? What ever happened to bro’s before hoes?” Jax dramatically sighs.

“Sorry, my girl’s no hoe, and I intend on keeping her.” Shane laughs, causing me to stick my tongue out at Jax.

“So I’m a hoe, Jax?” Angie raises a brow, and Shane and I look down indicating that Jax has royally fucked up.

“No babe! Of course not!” Jax scrambles to her side. “You’re no hoe at all, in fact, you’re so much not a hoe that a nun would be jealous!”

“Oh, so now I’m a prude?” Angie seethes playfully

“Dude, if I were you, I’d stop while you’re ahead.” Shane whispers to Jax as I laugh.

“Jax, prepare for your demise.” I say, giving Jax an evil look.

“Angelica, God you’re so beautiful.” Jax suddenly whispers into Angie’s ear, causing her cheeks to turn a very light shade of pink.

“Stop it.” She whines beside Jax.

“Hey, there are other people in this cafeteria, go get intimate someplace else.” Shane scrunches his nose up in disgust.

“Don’t tempt me.” Jax says, still looking directly into Angie’s eyes.

Angie smirks, but then pulls her gaze away from Jax, causing him to pout.

“You’re such a child.” I laugh, looking at Jax’s frown.

Suddenly, the doors to the cafeteria swing open, causing a loud thud as they hit the walls behind them.

Everyone looks up, and when I finally do, I see the angry, fake golden boy glaring at me.

“I thought I told you to drop the trial, stupid bitch!” Jared seethes while looking directly at me. He takes a couple of threatening steps toward me, and I quickly pull my phone out and start recording him, without him noticing.

“Jared get the fuck away from her. You aren’t even allowed to be on school property.” Shane seethes, standing up and in front of me.

“I don’t give a shit anymore. Step aside unless you want another beating.” Jared threatens Shane. Jax stands up and crabs his crutches, stepping beside Shane.

“Get the fuck out of here, Jared.” Jax glares, a side to him that I’ve never even seen before.

Angie notices the urgency of the situation, should things turn south. She takes a step ahead of both Jax and Shane and places her hands on her hips.

“Go. Before I call the principal.” Angie threatens.

Jared only laughs. “Why the fuck would that scare me?”

“Because you aren’t supposed to be here. He can have you arrested for disobeying the court order.” Angie retorts, taking another step toward Jared.

“How cute, having your girl fight your battles for you.” Jared mocks toward Jax.

“You sure don’t fight your own battles. Having men jump me without you even being there. Who’s the real coward here Jared, because it certainly isn’t me.” Jax replies, venom in his words.

Jared’s face turns red and he sprints around Shane and latches his hard grasp onto my arm. Just as he’s about to yank me toward him, Shane steps between us and pushes Jared back, causing him to fall flat on his butt.

“We said, get the fuck out of here.” Shane glares. “Please, don’t make us say it a third time.”

Jared gets up and gives me one horrible, evil smile, before turning around and leaving the cafeteria.

The doors slam shut and I can finally let out the breath I’d been holding. I notice that every pair of eyes are on me, and I suddenly feel very nauseous. Without a word, I sprint for the bathrooms, not even caring that Jared could still be out in the hallway.

As I rush into the bathroom, I’m thankful that the stalls are all empty. I hurry into the biggest one, and lock it shut. I hover myself over the toilet and prepare myself for the vile liquid that’s soon to make an escape.

I steady my hands on either side of the toilet seat, and I smile to myself for wearing my hair up today.

Just as I’m about to release the pending vomit, I hear the bathroom door swing open. My stomach drops, and I hurriedly swallow the lump in my throat and step away from the toilet seat.

“Addie, are you okay?” I hear Angie’s voice echo throughout the bathroom.

“Yes, I’m fine.” I manage to say rather regularly. “Just need a minute.” I say, praying that she will get the hint and leave. I feel an uneasy feeling in my stomach, and I clutch my hand over my stomach trying to stop the rumbling.

“Okay, I’ll be right outside.” She says, leaving the bathroom and I sigh in content when I hear the bathroom door swing shut.

All of a sudden, I can’t hold it in anymore. I rush over to the toilet seat just in time to yank it up and regurgitate all of the fries I ate, which weren’t very many. Other than that, only water came up in big heaps as I tried my best to make it stop. Once you start though, stopping becomes almost impossible.

After I puke up everything left inside of my stomach, I stand back up and walk over to the small sink and mirror. I wash my hands, and gargle some water around in my mouth. Once I spit the water out, I splash some cold water onto my face and wipe myself off with a paper towel.

I slowly open the stall and walk out to find my backpack still resting in one of the sinks. I quickly walk over to it and shove two mints inside my mouth, chewing them up and making sure to cover my entire mouth with the freshness of the mints, since I don’t have my toothbrush with me.

I frown at myself in the mirror and wait for my face to lose some of its redness, before finally walking out of the bathroom.

Angie’s leaned up against the wall, and she glances up at me as soon as I walk out.

“You alright?” She asks, a look of worry on her face.

“Yeah, I’m fine. Just needed to collect myself.” I shrug, pulling my bag over my shoulder and heading towards my locker. I pull out the books I need for the remainder of my classes today, and then I firmly shut my locker closed.

“Since tomorrow is the day before the trial, my dad is keeping me home so I can practice answering my questions before court, so you won’t see me until it’s your turn to testify.” I say, trying to take the attention away from me yet again.

“Oh okay. Well give me a hug, since we don’t have any other classes together today.” She reaches over and pulls me in for a hug.

“I’ll see you on Thursday.” I say, since Angie is testifying on Thursday, and I notice Angie caught wind of my minty breath. She gives me a weird look, but it goes away just as quickly as it appeared.

“Yeah, see ya.” She smiles with a wave, heading in the opposite direction of me.

I walk into the last period of the day, and find Shane already sitting in his seat.

“Hey there.” I smile, but almost stumble as I finally reach my desk. I quickly catch myself, and sit down despite feeling incredibly dizzy.

“You alright?” Shane’s face is expressionless, but at the same time I can see that he’s concerned.

“I’m fine, tripped over my own feet is all. Good ol’ clumsy Addie.” I laugh, trying to hide the fact that I feel as though I could pass out at any moment.

Ms. Charlie begins her lecture once the bell rings, and I find myself happy at the fact that I get to sit here in silence and not speak to anyone. Forming complete sentences is hard when you haven’t eaten much.

Suddenly, there’s a small piece of paper throw onto my desk. I pick it up and slowly, yet quietly open the piece of paper to read the note.

“You look like crap. Why won’t you talk to me if there’s something bothering you?”

I internally sigh at his note. How am I supposed to answer this? I wish he would just leave it alone and stop asking me if I’m okay. I understand that he’s concerned, but after a while it gets kind of suffocating.

I write my reply, and discreetly toss the small piece of paper back onto his desk.

“I’m fine. Stop asking, please.”

Shane reads my note, and gives me a look. I can’t quite tell what he means, but when I see him crumble up the paper and throw it inside the trash can near us, I come to the conclusion that he’s mad.


I sigh audibly, and turn my attention back to Ms. Charlie. After the bell rings signaling that class is over, I find Shane outside of the classroom and yank him into a nearby empty room.

“What Addie?” He sighs.

“Don’t ‘what Addie’ me like that.” I cross my arms over my chest. “Why are you angry?”

“Because Addie, you don’t talk to me about anything. You never talk to me about anything. I thought you trusted me to some extent?” He raises an eyebrow.

“I do trust you Shane.”

“Doesn’t appear that way. I know you’re hiding something.” He challenges.

I walk over to him confidently, and place both hands against his cheeks. I pull his face closer to mine, and whisper against his lips.

“I promise, I’m fine and I trust you. Please don’t be angry with me.” I place a soft kiss against his lips, and bring my hands down to his hips, slightly digging my fingernails into them.

I see his brown eyes go a shade darker, and his eyes look hungry with lust. He steps closer to me and pushes me until I’m against the wall, his body pressed firmly onto mine.

“Yeah, you are fine.” He slightly smirks, kissing me once more before moving to my neck.

I’m happy that I distracted him enough to change the subject. Anything then having to tell the truth.

Here you go again Addie, lying.

I instantly feel bad and pull away, noticing the slight frown that appears on Shane’s lips.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, I gotta get home though, my dad needs me to go over some stuff for the trial.” I lie, as we aren’t doing that until tomorrow.

“Sure, okay.” Shane replies. He steps away and holds the door open for me as I exit the classroom. He exits too, and doesn’t even walk me outside. He walks ahead of me and leaves the doors to the school, heading over to his moms car and getting inside. I spot my dad’s car ready to pick me up, and I slowly start to walk over. After I get inside, I let out a deep sigh and angrily put my seat belt on.

Apparently my dad doesn’t want to get involved with my social life, because he doesn’t ask me any questions which I’m thankful for.

After we get home, I go straight upstairs and slam my door. After locking my door, I walk over to my bed and plop down, laying my head against my pillows.

Out of nowhere, I begin crying and my breathing hitches in my throat. I don’t understand why I’m crying, but despite my best efforts to stop, it only gets worse.

After about ten more minutes of crying, I feel my eyes become very heavy, until they eventually collapse on themselves and I find myself in a deep sleep.

It isn’t until three hours later, when my mom gets home, that her and my dad realize I’m past out on my bed. My mom tries to wake me up for ten whole minutes, before I finally come to.


“Thank God Addie! I was about to call an ambulance! I had to pick your bedroom lock!” My mom frantically reaches over to pull me in for a hug.

“I’m fine, mom.” I say, though my voice comes out raspy. “I just need some water.”

“Already got it.” She reaches over and grabs the glass of water then hands it to me.

I empty the entire glass and she immediately gets up to refill it for me. “So, what’s up? How was your day?” I casually ask, trying to turn the attention from my odd behavior yet again.

“It was fine. A lot better than yours, I presume.” She raises an eyebrow.

“My day was good, honest. Guess I’m just really tired.” I shrug, leaning over to pick up my phone. I notice Shane hasn’t texted or called me once. I internally groan at his childish behavior.

“Everything alright in lovey land?” Mom smirks.

“Yes, all is well in the world. Can you stop asking me if everything is fine? It’s really getting annoying.” I sigh, getting up to leave my room.

“Fine.” Mom mumbles. I can feel her gaze on me as I leave her in my room and head for the stairs. I walk down and into the kitchen, getting myself a can of soda.

“Addie! I want some soda too!” Jacob says as he excitedly runs over to me.

“No Jacob, it’s too late for soda. You’ll be bouncing off the walls.” I say, turning away from the fridge.

“No I won’t!” He immediately pouts, crossing his arms over his small chest. “I want a soda!”

“No Jacob!” I yell, suddenly very agitated. “You’re not allowed!”

“MOM!” Jacob screams as his eyes begin to water.

My mom suddenly appears in the kitchen. “What is it?”

“Addie said I can’t have any soda!” He whines, causing me to roll my eyes.

“It’s past seven o’clock, if he drinks soda now he won’t go to bed.” I defend myself.

“Sweetie, your sister is right. It’s too late for soda and you know it.” My mom says, trying to console Jacob.

“That’s not fair! Addie gets to have some!” He complains, stomping his little feet onto the kitchen floor.

“Addie is older than you are, drinking soda won’t keep her up all night.” My mom tries to reason. “But I’m sure Addie wouldn’t mind putting her soda away so that you both are fair, right?” She looks over to me, and I just smile and shake my head while I take another sip of my soda.

My mom glares at me while Jacob cries louder. “You’re mean Addie! I hate you!” Jacob yells, before running up the stairs and slamming his bedroom door shut.

Just as Jacob slams his bedroom door, my dad strolls into the kitchen from the living room.

“What’s all the commotion?” My dad asks.

“Your daughter’s attitude, that’s the commotion.” My mom says, causing me to look at her with wide eyes.

“I don’t have an attitude.” I defend myself.

“Clearly you do. You’ve had this attitude for quite some time now, and it really doesn’t suit you Addilyn.” My mom says, taking the can of soda from my hand and pouring the rest of it down the sink. “Go get cleaned up while I start dinner please.”

I deeply sigh and turn around while stomping towards the stairs.

“How about you walk a little quieter!” My mom shouts from the kitchen. I stop dead in my tracks and turn around. I head back toward the opening of the kitchen and hide behind the wall to eavesdrop on my parent’s conversation.

“I really don’t know what’s gotten into her. Maybe it’s nerves from the trial, but whatever it is, I don’t like it.” I hear my mom say.

“She’s probably just scared Linds.” My dad says. “You know she isn’t really the best at channeling her emotions.”

I raise an eyebrow. I know how to channel my emotions.


“I just wish she would talk to me, rather than keep everything bottled up. She used to come to me with everything, Jon.” My mom frowns, and I watch as my dad walks over to wrap his arms around her. She leans her head against his chest and I see her frown slowly turn back into a smile.

“She’ll be alright, and so will you. The trial will be over before you know it and soon things will go back to normal.” My dad kisses the top of my mom’s head.

“Sure, cause we’re so normal.” My mom teases, which causes my dad to chuckle.

“Don’t make fun of our family.” My dad threatens as he begins to tickle my mom.

She yelps with laughter as she tries to pull away from him. “Jon, stop!” My mom cries.

“Take it back!” My dad smirks, tickling my mom even harsher.

“Never!” Suddenly my mom loosens from my dad’s grip and the next thing I know they’re chasing each other around the kitchen like a couple of kids. I find myself smiling at their relationship and admiring the amount of love they share with one another.

I finally head up the stairs and into my room. I change into my pajamas after taking a nice hot shower, and then I plop back down onto my bed and pick up my phone. I text Shane, and wait for his reply.

Me: I’m sorry about today.

Shane: I knew you would be.

Me: I guess I’m just worried about the trial. I didn’t mean to take it out on you, if I did.

Shane: Don’t worry Add, I forgive you ;)

Me: Good

Shane: See you on Wednesday, I took the remainder of the week off and part of next week so I can be there every day of the trial.

I swoon at his text.

Me: Thank you.

Shane: Anything for you.

Another swoon.

Me: I’ll call you after dinner ♥

Shane: I’ll be waiting.

After I read his last text, I put my phone back on charge and go downstairs to wait on dinner. Jacob is giving me the silent treatment, so I know I won’t be hearing from him until tomorrow when he forgets that he’s mad at me, and asks me to make him his favorite lunch for school.

We all sit at the dining table and eat the delicious spaghetti dinner my mom made, and I actually feel a little better about the trial on Wednesday. I know I have enough on Jared to win the case, but the small chance at losing is still taunting me in the back of my mind.

I have to keep the negative thoughts aside. This will work in my favor. It has to.

After eating an entire plate of spaghetti and two dinner rolls, my stomach feels like it’s ready to explode. I know I’ve eaten too much, and I actually excuse myself from the table early to go upstairs to take care of it.

I brush my teeth when I’m done and wash my hands as I get ready for bed. I decide to watch some Netflix while I call Shane. I already know I’m going to fall asleep while on the phone with him, but I call him anyway just to make him happy and because I want to hear his voice.

Soon all of this will be over, it has to be.

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