Between the Raindrops

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Chapter 27 | An Almost Silver Lining

“All rise for Judge Shepherd!” The bailiff shouts to the entire courtroom as everyone stands up.

“Thank you, please take your seats.”

I look over to Rebecca who sits near the back of the courtroom. We make eye contact, and I give her a small smile as she returns it.

“Plaintiff, please call your first witness.” Judge Shepherd announces.

“We’d like to call Rebecca Moore to the stand.” My lawyer states.

Rebecca gets up and walks over to the stand. After she is swore in, she takes her seat and states her name for the record.

“Ms. Moore, you were at the party the night of Addilyn’s attack, correct?”

“That is correct.” She answers without missing a beat.

“Can you please explain to us, what happened that night from your point of view?” My lawyer asks.

“Well, as you already know, I first noticed Addilyn while she was dancing with Jared. I became angry because Jared and I were supposed to be dates to his party, though I knew not to trust someone so egotistical.” She explains which almost makes me laugh.

I can see Jared glaring from his seat.

“I approached Addilyn, and I’ll admit I wasn’t nice about it. I called her a few names, and shortly after she ran up the stairs crying.” Rebecca explains with a slight frown, seeming regretful. Maybe she does feel guilt, and that is why she decided to help me. I mean if she didn’t humiliate me in front of everyone, I wouldn’t have ran upstairs to a random bedroom where Jared could find me alone.

Now, I’m not blaming Rebecca for what happened with Jared, he did that all on his own. I just think Rebecca may have started a chain of reactions that nobody was prepared for.

“So after she ran up the stairs, you didn’t see Ms. Bishop for the rest of the night?” My lawyers asks.

“Well I saw her as her and Shane were leaving, though it was brief. Addilyn was bleeding under her eye, but I didn’t know what exactly took place.” Rebecca states.

“So you did in fact see that Ms. Bishop had been attacked?” My lawyer asks.

“Correct.” Rebecca nods.

“Now, let’s fast forward to Thursday evening at Fred’s Diner. Is it true that you approached Ms. Bishop while she was with her friends and told her privately that Mr. Winston threatened to hurt her little brother, Jacob?” My lawyer asks Rebecca.

“Objection your honor!” Jared’s lawyer stands up to shout. “Relevance?”

“Your honor this goes to credibility of the plaintiff to prove that Mr. Winston was willing to do anything to hurt Addilyn.” My lawyer immediately replies.

“Overruled. Please continue.” Judge Shepherd states as I smile.

“Ms. Moore, your answer?” My lawyer asks, turning back to Rebecca.

I notice Rebecca eye Jared as he sends her a death glare.

“Y-Yes, that’s true.” She answers as some of the jury’s eyes widen.

“And what happened after that?” My lawyer asks.

Rebecca takes a little longer to answer as her eyes remain on Jared.

“Well... Addilyn approached Jared and told him to stay away from her little brother. Jared got mad and left. Nothing else happened after that.” Rebecca says and my eyes widen.

Why is she lying?

“Oh really? From what I understand, Jared tried to take you home with him but Addilyn kept you from going. She felt as though your life was in danger, and from how you reacted, I’d say you felt the same.” My lawyer questions, which has Rebecca’s eyes widening.

“N-No. Of course not. Jared would never hurt me.” Rebecca tries to smile.

What the actual fuck? Why is she defending him? He must have threatened her with something big.

“Ms. Moore, need I remind you that you are sworn under oath?” My lawyer states as he eyes her warily.

“I’m aware.” She replies easily.

I notice Jared slightly smirking out of the corner of my eye and I can slowly start to feel my stomach turning.

“In fact, Jared and I had a nice long talk after everything that happened at Fred’s and he stated he was sorry for being angry with me, and that he was only kidding about his threat to Jacob. He said he would never touch an innocent child.” Rebecca states and the jury’s eyes go blank for a second.

No, no, no.

Do I show the recording of Rebecca now?

“So you’re saying that Mr. Winston never hurt you in any way or threatened your life in hopes to get you to help him stop Addilyn from going forward with the trial?” My lawyer asks harshly.

“Nope. He never laid a hand on me. In fact, he’s actually quite charming.”

I knew this would happen. I knew Rebecca would go against her word. That, or Jared really did threaten her with something that she couldn’t afford to gamble with.

Rebecca sends me a smirk, and my eyes are actually bulging from my skull.

My lawyer looks at me and I usher him over with my finger out of pure spite.

“Your honor, one moment please while I speak with my client.” My lawyers states as he walks over to me.

“Make it quick.” Judge Shepherd replies with a sigh.

“I have a recording of Rebecca confessing to Jared hurting her. Can you use it?” I whisper into his ear.

He looks at me in shock for a second and then says, “Why didn’t you tell me this sooner?”

“I wasn’t sure if we could use it, and I wanted to save it until I needed it. I didn’t want anyone knowing about it, so we could use it and surprise Jared’s team.” I smirk.

My lawyer smiles at me and asks for the recording.

I hand him a USB drive and he walks back over in front of the judge. I saved all of my recordings to a USB drive, to make it seem more official.

“Your honor, I have a recording I would like to play as evidence against the defendant.” Jared’s team of lawyers start murmuring amongst each other as Jared sends me a direct glare.

Ha, he thinks it’s the recording from last night.

“Bailiff, take the recording and play it for the courtroom please.” Judge Shepherd announces.

The bailiff opens the laptop on the judges’ stand and inserts the USB drive. Once he has the speakers set up, the courtroom goes silent as the recording starts. Meanwhile, I can’t hide my smirk as Jared begins to tap his foot against the floor nervously.

The jury’s eyes widen as the sound of Rebecca’s voice booms throughout the courtroom.

“I told you Addilyn! I told you things would get worse for me, but you didn’t listen!”

I see Rebecca’s eyes widen in shock as she hears her voice. She must realize the conversation that’s about to be broadcast to the courtroom and I can physically see her slouch in defeat. Jared’s shoulders are tense as he listens to the recording.

I see him shoot Rebecca a glare, and part of me feels bad for doing this, but I honestly have no other choice.

“Rebecca, I know how you’re feeling right now, but this is no one’s fault but Jared’s okay? He is a vicious monster and a coward.”

I glance at Jared and see his eyes flash with pure hatred as he hears my voice.

“Why couldn’t you have just stayed out of it like I told you to? He told me not to warn you about Jacob, and so when you mentioned Jacob at the diner, he automatically knew I ratted him out. He thinks I’m a traitor because of you!”

You can hear hushed gasps coming from the jury.

“Rebecca, don’t you see? He’s a manipulator. That’s what he does! He gets into your mind and disguises his evilness with giving you whatever you want and making you feel important. He’s the reason all of this is happening, and you’re seriously going to sit there and blame me for all of this? He attacked me at that party all by himself. He punched me in the face all by himself and he has clearly done the same if not more to you... All. By. Himself!”

I slowly look back over to Jared who has his eyes trained on Rebecca. Rebecca looks as though she is about to cry as her eyes turn glossy. I hate doing this to her, but Jared needs to be punished for what he’s done, and this is the only way that can happen.

In the recording, you can hear Rebecca sprint over to me and a few muffling sounds told everyone she was hugging me.

“You s-should have seen the look in his eyes Addie. They were terrifying!”

I see the Judges’ eyes widen as he hears Rebecca’s statement. The entire courtroom is eerily silent as the Jury turns to look at one another in shock before sending evil looks toward Jared.

Jared visibly tenses as he slouches further into his leather chair. Jared’s team of lawyers look bewildered at the recording, and you can clearly see that they have been sucker punched.

Nobody saw this coming, that’s for sure.

“I’m so sorry Rebecca.”

After that, the recording stops.

“No further questions, your honor.” My lawyer smiles smugly while walking back over to me and taking his seat beside me.

Rebecca has started full on crying and Jared’s lawyers don’t even bother questioning Rebecca after the confession. The judge dismisses Rebecca, and she immediately gets up and rushes out of the courtroom.

Jared is now sitting in his leather chair, face expressionless as his lawyer’s spring into action. They start pulling paper work and talking amongst themselves.

After that recording, I find it unnecessary to share the second recording I have of Rebecca and me at Starbucks, as this first one pretty much out shines the second one.

Now all I have to do is show the recording of Jared admitting to having hit men go after Shane and Jax, and then that should be it. The trial should be over after that.

Tomorrow is when they bring Jax to the stand, since he claims in his police report that Jared had him jumped due to Jared wanting me to dismiss the trial. I think that’s when I will share the recording of the confrontation at Jared’s house. I know I might get in trouble for even going to his house in the first place, but that was the only way I knew how to get the information I needed to put Jared away for what he has done.

If I’m lucky, they might even try him as an adult.

“If that is all, then this courtroom is adjourned until tomorrow. Jared will remain in custody at his current residence until tomorrow morning where he will report here and only here. Thank you.” Judge Shepherd hits his gavel against the desk and everyone begins to disperse from the courtroom.

“Holy crap sweetie! What a breakthrough! There’s no way he can get away with anything after that!” My mom cheers while giving me a hug. I look to my dad who is smiling as he lightly pats my shoulder.

“Good job with that recording. I had no idea you were so sneaky! What else have you done without us knowing?” My dad smirks.

“Oh, ya know. Nothing.” I sheepishly smile.

“Let’s go get Jacob and go home.” My mom says while pulling me out of the courtroom.

I call Shane and tell him what happened, since he had to go back to school today. He tells me how amazing I am and that he didn’t even know I could be so secretive. I told him I watched one too many lawyer shows and I suppose it’s paid off.

As the three of us get into the car, my mom receives a phone call.

At the same time that she picks up her phone, I see Jared getting into his parents expensive car as he sees me and shoots me a smirk.

I suddenly jump at the ear-shattering scream that comes from my mom.

“Mom what the hell!”

“Linds, what is it!”

“J-Jacob. Jon you need to drive, Jacob!” She cries as she hands my father the phone.

Whoever is speaking, tells him all he needs to know before the car suddenly whips out from its parking place and shoots out of the parking lot.

“Mom, what happened to Jacob?” I cry, already feeling tears build up into my eyes. My stomach drops just as I remember Jared a few moments ago smirking at me. My mom doesn’t answer me, all she does is shake her head furiously as my dad speeds down the road. His knuckles are so white from gripping the steering wheel, I’m afraid if he grips any harder he will rip the steering wheel off the car itself.


No. No. No.

Not Jacob.

Not my little brother.

God, what did he do? What did I do?



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