Between the Raindrops

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Chapter 2 | Fun Time at the Park

*Ring ring ring*

The last bell for the day nearly gave me a heart attack, as I was half-asleep during Ms. Charlie’s lecture.

“That’s it for today class; please don’t forget about tonight’s homework!” She smiles as the class groans.

Homework? What homework?

I look around for someone to ask, but unfortunately, this is the one class where I don’t really know anybody. I could have asked the teacher what the homework was, but then she would have known that I was not paying attention.

“Chapters 5 through 8 in the textbook. Read and write chapter summaries for each. At least three paragraphs each.” A husky voice says behind me.

I instantly freeze, as it sounds familiar. I slowly turn around and come face to face with none other than, Shane Teller.

“Oh, um, thank you.” I smile.

“I saw you earlier, ya know... half asleep and what not. Thought I’d help out a fellow classmate.” He smirks.

My cheeks redden.

He watched me, as I was half-asleep? Dammit... I hope I didn’t drool or show off my double chins.

“Oh I wasn’t half asleep... I was merely in deep thought about the lecture Ms. Charlie was giving. She’s such an inspiration!” I sheepishly smile while slinging my bag over my shoulder.

Shane chuckles which happens to be the best sound I’ve ever heard. “You’re cute Add.” He smirks again.

This boy does an awful lot of smirking. He needs to stop it.

“Add? Is that a math reference?” I laugh.

“Well, math class is where we first met.” He winks and I could feel the redness on my cheeks growing by the second.

“Of course. Anyway, thanks for the help with the homework! I’ll catch you later?” I ask, more like hope.

“Bright and early tomorrow morning, Add.” He smiles.

“See ya.” I try not to seem as though my heart is doing somersaults inside of my chest.

I unconsciously suck in my small gut, as I turn around and walk out of the now, empty classroom.

I made it a habit to suck in my gut wherever I walk. To me, it makes me feel just a little bit smaller.

I found Jax and Angie waiting for me at my locker.

“Hey guys, want to go with me to pick up Jacob from his school, and take him to the park for a bit?” I ask both of them.

“Sure, I haven’t seen my little buddy in a while!” Angie smiles as she helps me take my books out of my locker.

“I wish I could, but my mom grounded me.” Jax sighs.

“What did you do now?” Both Angie and I ask in unison.

“All I did was tell her that she shouldn’t be the only one cooking dinner. I didn’t think she would take it as an insult. She’s so sensitive sometimes.” Jax sighs.

Both Angie and I let out some giggles as Angie rolls her eyes.

“You are so terrible to your mother sometimes dude.” I state while shutting my locker and locking it.

“Yeah, I am starting to realize that. Oh well, it’s only for today. She said being locked up in my room would give me the motivation to learn some manners.” He sighs again.

Angie and I both laugh some more as we say our goodbyes.

“So we can just take the bus to Jacob’s school, and then walk to the park from there. Then we can take the bus home.” I say as we near the bus stop.

“Sounds good to me!” Angie nods.

The bus ride to Jacob’s school is only about ten minutes or so, which would’ve been a twenty minute walk.

I look down at my stomach, before I stand up from my seat and sigh.

Maybe I should have suggested walking instead.

Angie pulls me by my arm, “Earth to Addie, let’s go!” She teases.

I smile and follow her off the bus, waving goodbye to Earl, the town’s bus driver.

Once we enter the view of Jacob’s school, I heard a giggle come from behind one of the tree’s.

“Hey Mrs. Roberts, where do you think Jacob went?” I tease as I notice he is trying to hide.

Mrs. Roberts, Jacob’s teacher, lets out a laugh as she plays along. “Why, I have no idea Addilyn, he was just here a minute ago!”

I hear another round of giggles come from the tree as I step a little closer to it.

“Hmm... he’s really good at hiding, isn’t he Angie?” I smirk, knowing that the mention of Angelica would result in Jacob giving away his hiding spot.

“ANGIE!” Jacob shouts as he darts from behind the tree, and jumps into her arms.

I smile at the victory.

“Hey buddy! Good job at hide and seek!” Angie smiles as she hugs him and then places him safely back onto the ground.

“I’ve been practicing!” He proudly praises. “Hey sissy, are we still going to the park?” He asks excitedly.

“You bet! Right after I ask Mrs. Roberts a serious question.” I smirk at him, which causes him to remember our deal from this morning.

“I took my nap sissy! I promise!” He smiles, eager for me to hear the truth confirmed by Mrs. Roberts.

“He’s right Addilyn. He did take his nap today. No complaints at all!” Mrs. Roberts smiles.

“Good job buddy! Just for that, you also get ice cream!” I shout with a smile.

“YAY!” Jacob hardly contains his excitement at the mention of his favorite treat.

“Let’s go, hurry sissy!” He pulls me by my arm.

“Bye Mrs. Roberts!” I shout.

“Bye kids!” She waves.

“Jacob, it’s time to go!” I yell toward the slides.

“Not yet sissy! Few more minutes!” He yells back.

“It’s getting dark soon buddy, we have to be home in time for dinner!” I yell in response. “Now let’s go!”

“I don’t wanna go!” He begins to whine.

I sigh as Angie laughs, and I get up to go retrieve my handful of a little brother.

“Jacob, we are not arguing about this. We have to go or we will get in trouble with mommy.” I say seriously.

“I don’t care! Lalala...” He begins to sing as he runs from me.

“Jacob, stop running!” I yell.

“You gotta catch me sissy!” He yells as he runs faster and faster. Before I know it, he is running right into the middle of the road just outside of the park.

“Jacob! Get back here now! PLEASE!” I shout as I dart toward him. He keeps running and running and once he realizes he is standing in the middle of a busy road, he suddenly freezes.

My heart instantly sank.

“JACOB! GET OUT OF THE ROAD NOW!” I scream as I race to reach him.

I can feel a slight panic coming on and I try to run as fast as humanly possible.

I hear the sound of a car honking it’s horn and that’s when my feet instantly turn into over-drive. I begin running for dear life toward my little brother, and before I know it, I trip over a tree root that is sticking out of the ground.

“JACOB!” I yell as my body hits the ground. The car horn is getting louder and louder and I faintly see Jacob still frozen to the ground with a look of complete horror on his face.

“SISSY!” I hear him yell and then as I try to get up, I hear a crash and a scream.

My heart instantly stops and the next thing I know, Angie is running passed me to get to Jacob.

“JACOB!” Angie yells as she reaches the scene.

My hands begin to shake as I finally stand up. I can no longer feel myself moving, as the only thing on my mind is my little brother.

As I near the scene before me, I see that the car has swerved and ran into a street-light pole. The person driving seems fine as he manages to get himself out of his totaled car. Thankfully, he is not injured.

I see Angie crowding around what I assume to be little Jacob, as my heart sank even further, if that were at all possible.

“Jacob...” I whisper.

I hear his faint sobbing and I dreaded to peer around my best friend to see him.

My eyes widen in shock, as I see Jacob crying into the chest of a one, Shane Teller.

“S-Shane... wha-“, Angie cuts me off and pulls me in for a hug. “He’s okay Addie! Shane pulled him from the road just in time!” She cries against me.

“S-Sissy!” Jacob cries and Shane stands up to place Jacob into my arms.

I tighten my arms around his little body as I hold him close to me. “Jacob... I-I’m so sorry! Why on earth did you run into the road buddy?” I didn’t want to scold him for nearly giving me a heart attack, but I need to teach him that it’s not okay to run just anywhere, especially into a road with oncoming traffic.

“I’m sorry sissy... I didn’t mean to.” He cries against me.

I sigh as I hold him tighter. I then pull him away from me and make him look me in the eyes.

“Promise me you will never run into the road ever again!” I demand.

“I promise!” He whimpers some more.

I hug him once more and then give him to Angie, who holds him just as tightly as I did.

“You scared me Jacob! Don’t do that ever again okay?”

“Okay Angie.” He sniffles.

“Excuse me miss, is the little one alright?” The older man asks after he hung up with his insurance company.

“Oh yes, he is fine. Just shaken up. I am so terribly sorry for all of this. You and him could have been really hurt. I tried to catch him but he just kept running and then I tripped and...” I am babbling on like a two year old, before he gently places his hands onto my shoulders.

“Miss, it’s okay! No harm done. I have really good insurance so they are taking care of my car. I will have a new one in no time! The little one is okay and I am okay. Just breathe!” He smiles warmly.

I slowly nod and thank him for being so nice. I take his name and phone number as I promise that I would somehow make it up to him later, whether I come clean his home for him or run an errand for him, but he assures me that it’s not necessary. The police came and took our sides of the story. They deem the accident just that, an accident. A tow-truck came to pick up the man’s car as he got a ride home from his wife, who reassured me that they were not angry with me or with Jacob. They are such nice people.

After the chaos died down, I told Angie to take Jacob up to the bathrooms to wash his hands off, as they were dirty from touching the road.

Once they are out of sight, I let out a breath I had no idea I was still holding.

“Addilyn.” I suddenly hear from behind me.

“Shane. Y-You’re still here...” I gasp.

“Of course.”

I have no idea what came over me, maybe all of the emotions I am holding in finally came to the surface, but I run into his arms and cling to him.

“Thank you so much Shane. If you weren’t there... Jacob, he could’ve been...” I try to finish my sentence, but the lump in my throat kept me from doing so.

“Hey, it’s alright. I was taking my evening jog and I heard the horns honking. I saw Jacob standing in the middle of the road so instincts just kicked in and I sprinted for him. I guess it’s because I have a baby sister myself, and so I am used to being a tab bit protective.”

I pull away from him and smile. “I can’t thank you enough, really. You saved his life.” I sheepishly say as I look down to my feet. “My parents are never going to let me take him to the park again, that’s for sure.” I try to laugh, though I can’t find the humor in any of this.

Shane only smiles. “They will be pretty upset, no doubt there. But eventually they will see that it was just a freak accident, and that no one is really to blame.”

“Well, I should get home so I can try to explain this to my parents. Wish me luck?” I lightly chuckle.

“Good luck, Add.” He smiles.

“Stop calling me that!” I scold playfully.

“Not in a million years.” His smile turns into a smirk.

I begin to blush so I wave and instantly turn away before he could see. Now, it is time to head home. Time to face the music of the event that just took place.

“ADDILYN BISHOP! HOW COULD YOU LET THIS HAPPEN!” My mother screams upon my telling her of everything that happened at the park.

“I’m sorry! I tried to get to him faster, but I tripped over a tree trunk and then he froze and wouldn’t move and...” I begin babbling again as I did to the old man whose car was totaled.

“HE COULD HAVE BEEN KILLED!” My mother, always the one to be a tad over-dramatic. However, in this particular case, I can’t exactly blame her. I do feel as though it is my fault, after all, I am responsible for him.

“Mommy, I’m okay! See!” Jacob holds up his hands and spins around in a circle to show that he wasn’t damaged anywhere. “Sissy is okay too! Be happy!” Jacob smiles.

My mom looks down into his bright brown eyes and sighs. She then picks him up and holds him close. “You have GOT to start listening to your sister from now on, understand young man?” She scolds as tears begin to fill her eyes.

“I will mommy. I promise.” He frowns.

“Good. Now go up and get changed. Dinner is just about ready.” Jacob nods as he darts for the stairs and disappears into his bedroom.

“Mom... please, I am so sorry.” I sniffle back a cry, as the guilt starts eating away at me.

“Aw honey... come here.” My mom wraps me up in a hug and I close my arms around her.

“I know you didn’t mean for this to happen, you just have to be more careful whenever you are out with him. He is so young and he does not understand what is happening until it’s too late. You have to be his eyes, ears, and everything else. It’s frustrating, I know. Especially when he doesn’t listen, but you just have to be firm even if he gets upset with you.”

“I know. It all just happened so fast, I tried my best to stop it. Thank god Shane was there.” I sigh as we pull away and head towards the kitchen.

“So, who’s this mysterious Shane boy? Seems like a real knight in shining armor.” My mom smirks.

“Mom, please. Don’t try to play cupid now, it’s been a long day.” I sigh.

“What? I’m just curious about the boy who saved my Jacob.” She sang as she begins to finish up dinner, while I set the table.

“He’s new in school. I met him today. It was a total coincidence that he was running in the park.” I reply while placing the last plate in its spot.

“Mhm, alright dear. Your dad should be home any second. Don’t worry, I will explain what happened later after dinner. He won’t get too mad... I hope.” She wearily smiles.

“Joy.” I mutter.

“Hello beautiful family! Guess who’s home!” My dad cheers as he walks into the house.

“Jonah Hill?” I ask excitedly.

Okay, so maybe I am slightly obsessed with Jonah Hill. I’m more into personality than outer looks anyway. He is hilarious to me.

“Very funny Addilyn, very funny.” My dad glares playfully as he places his briefcase on the small table near the front door.

“So, what adventures happened to you gals today?” My dad asks as he sits down at the dining room table.

Jacob is already finished getting cleaned up and is now sitting beside me.

My mom, Jacob and I just give each other a knowing look.

“What? Something on my face?” Dad asks with a slight grin.

“Nothing babe, eat your steak.” My mom smiles as she passes around the bowl of mashed potatoes.

I slightly chuckle as I put some onto Jacob’s plate.

“No seriously, what happened today?” Dad asks again, this time more serious.

“I’ll tell you later, it’s not really dinner appropriate conversation.”

I mouthed a thank you to my mom, without my dad seeing as I began eating.

“So get this, as I was driving home, a tow truck passed by me. The car was a total wreck! I am glad I wasn’t that guy.” My dad casually states.

“Poor car.” Jacob frowns as he looks down to his lap.

My heart sank as my eyes widen.

I glance at my mom who shares the same expression as me, and then we quickly put our faces down and begin eating again without another word.

Awkward family dinners must be a new thing in this household.

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