Between the Raindrops

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Chapter 31 | Good Luck Addie

I haven’t eaten hardly anything in almost a week. I have never felt so weak before in my entire life.

Fortunately, Jacob discharged from the hospital about three days ago, so my parents have been too preoccupied with him to even notice. He’s doing a lot better than he was, and we’re all thankful for the positive outcome.

It’s Monday morning again, and I am both physically and emotionally dreading going to school.

I didn’t return to school all last week. My mom told my principal that due to the outcome of the trail, she wanted me to take a small leave of absence from school to gather myself.

The only thing that I am happy about is the fact that Jared Winston moved away. The day after the trial, something inside of me snapped. I went over to Jared’s house and made sure to speak to both of his parents. They were reluctant to listen to me, but after sharing the recordings that I saved from the trial, they agreed that their son was definitely in the wrong.

They apologized to me on his behalf, and since they have moved to another state, where Jared now goes to boarding school. Not having to see his face, or feel unsafe is honestly the best feeling I’ve had in a while.

On a more negative note, I haven’t spoken to neither Angie nor Jaxon since the last day of the trial. I’ve tried calling Jaxon, but every time my call gets ignored. I can’t believe he would just choose her side over mine and completely shut me out. I understand that they are a couple now, but we were all three best friends first before that happened. He should at least give my family the benefit of the doubt.

Shane has tried to call me a lot. He even had his little sister Peyton leave me a cute voicemail, in the hopes that I would give in and see him. I honestly can’t even face him, or anyone for that matter.

The sting of the trial is still there, and no matter how hard I try, I can’t get what Angie said out of my head.

For her to say those things to me about my family, after everything we have done for her, just baffles me. I don’t understand why she would be so quick to believe what Jared’s lawyer said without any real evidence. The only thing keeping her hating me is the fact that they have signed papers from my father and Officer Bernard, but who’s to say those signatures weren’t forged?

I need to find out the truth, and that truth starts with my father.

“Addilyn, get up or you’ll be late for the bus!” I hear my dad say from down stairs.

I get up and make my way to the shower. Once I’m finished, I brush my teeth and hair. After I throw on my blue jeans and big purple sweater, I put my glasses on and head downstairs.

“Here sweetie.” My mom says while handing me a plate of cut up bananas and apple slices with a side of peanut butter. “Eat something nice.” She smiles.

I take the plate of fruit and sit down at the table. I suppose eating this fruit and peanut butter won’t hurt me too much.

“Nanners are good sissy.” I hear the small voice from beside me. I look over at Jacob and smile.

“They sure are buddy. How you feeling?” I ask.

“Happy to have nanners.” He weakly smiles.

I smile back and continue eating my fruit as well. His appetite has slowly come back and he’s been eating very small portions throughout the day to regain a lot of his strength and energy. I’m so glad that he’s feeling better. He really scared us for a while during his hospital stay.

After I finish eating, I place a kiss on top of Jacob’s head before waving bye to my mom and dad. I grab my bag and begin my small journey to the bus stop.

Once I’m on the bus, I take out my phone and scroll through a few social media apps. I don’t know why I still have these, it’s not like my life is exciting enough to constantly post about. Reading how amazing other people’s lives are isn’t exactly a great time either.

When I walk off the bus and onto campus, I slowly make my way to the front of the school. I can feel people’s eyes on me, probably due to the aftermath of the trial. I haven’t been here for a week, so one can only imagine the kind of gossip going around about me.

I ignore the stares and hushed whispers as I go directly inside and to my locker. Once I have it open, I take out the notebooks I’ll need for my first few classes and I lock my locker shut.

As I turn to walk towards first period, I’m immediately faced with my newfound enemy.


Jaxon is right beside her as they stop in front of Jaxon’s locker, which is located right next to mine.

“Is there a reason you’re starting at me?” Angie suddenly snaps while her shallow blue eyes pierce into mine.

I give her an icy look before turning and walking towards first period. Instead of taking my normal seat near the back in between Jax and Angie, I take a seat near the front of the room.

I’m the first one in class, so I say hello to Mrs. Andrews and decide to rest my head before class starts.

As I hear the room filling up, I slowly bring my head up just as Shane walks through the door. He stops dead in his tracks and we have some sort of weird stare-off. I eventually pull my eyes from his intense gaze, and I silently pray to the heavens that he doesn’t sit next to me.

He walks to his normal seat near the back and sits down.

Thank you, Heavens.

After a few more seconds, Angie and Jax walk through the door and they both give me a look. Angie’s eyes are dull and filled with a sense of betrayal. Jaxon looks the same as he always does, except you can notice his eyes are a lot more tired than they normally are.

I want to talk to Jaxon, but I know I would never get the chance as long as Angie is around.

They both take their normal seats in the back, and I slowly sink into my chair as Mrs. Andrews begins class.

After a rather boring lecture, the bell rings and everyone immediately gets up to leave the classroom. I linger for a second as I slowly gather my things.

“Hey.” I suddenly hear from behind me. I turn around to face Shane.

I knew this was coming.

“Hey.” I softly say while tossing my pen into my bag.

“No more silent treatment, I see.”

I realize that this is the first time I’ve spoken to Shane in a week.

“Listen, Addie, I never meant for you to think that I was taking Angie’s side. I was just honestly concerned for you. I really care about you and I want you to be happy and healthy.” He says while following me out of the door.

“I know and I’m sorry for being so defensive.” I admit. “It’s just everything came crumbling down after the Judge found Jared not guilty... and then Angie immediately turning against me. I couldn’t handle you turning against me too.”

Walking down the hallway, I notice a few students staring at Shane and me.

Shane suddenly grabs my hand and turns me to face him as we stop walking.

“Add, I’d never be against you. I only want the best for you, so if there’s anything you need to tell me, please don’t be afraid of what I might think. There is nothing you could do, that would make me see you any differently.” He says as his eyes peer into my own.

For some strange reason, I believe him.

“Want to meet up after school? Talk about everything?” I ask.

“Absolutely, see you at lunch.” He grins and we both turn towards our second period classrooms just opposite of each other.

Well, at least I’ll have someone to sit with during lunch in a little while.

When the bell rings signaling lunch, I make my way into the cafeteria and head for the lunch line.

“Addilyn, I’m so glad you’ve finally graced us all with your presence.” I hear from behind me.

I know that voice all too well.

“What do you want Rebecca?” I sneer as I turn around to face her.

“Just thought I’d welcome you back. It appears your two friends haven’t been around. I wonder why that is.” She smirks while playing with the ends of her red hair.

“That’s none of your business actually.” I say with an eye roll.

“Actually it is. You see Angelica has recently joined my cheer leading team. That means whatever issues you have with her, you now have with me.” She casually states while flinging a piece of her hair over her shoulder.

“She actually joined your team?” I ask, feeling a little hurt.

“Of course. It was only a matter of time anyway. She belongs in the popular crowd. The next step is eliminating that poor excuse of a boyfriend she’s got lingering around, and we will be the perfect team.” Rebecca smiles.

“When are you ever going to grow up Rebecca? As much as I hate to say this, because I’m still upset with both of them, Angie and Jax make a great couple and they don’t deserve anyone trying to break them apart.”

“Who knows, maybe we can give Jaxon a makeover of some sort, that way he isn’t a complete outcast in our group.” Rebecca shrugs. “I mean they’ve both gotten rid of you, and that is the first step.”

“I don’t care anymore. If they want to hang out with the likes of you, that’s entirely their decision. I just don’t see why, when you clearly tried to lie under oath.” I reply.

Rebecca’s features harden as she gives me a pointed look.

“Do not speak to me about that trial. It’s over and you should honestly move on. Jared didn’t get into trouble, so what? At least he’s gone and out of our lives.” Rebecca states just in time for Angie to appear.

“What’s going on here?” Angie asks.

“I was just telling Addilyn here about how bad ass our team is going to be this year.” Rebecca states in a duh tone.

Angie gives me a look that I can’t quite read, but soon after her face becomes expressionless again.

“It sure will.” She smirks.

“Wow, for someone who hates cheerleaders, you certainly fit in well.” I comment, just loud enough for the both of them to hear me.

Angie rolls her eyes and follows Rebecca away from the lunch line.

I sigh and grab a salad from the counter. I pay for it and head over to an empty table.

A few minutes later, another tray is placed on the table across from me.

I look up and smile when I see Shane. He eyes my salad, but quickly brings his attention to his food.

I decide that later after school I’ll tell him everything.

“I saw that run in with Angie. You okay?” He asks while taking a bite out of his pizza.

“Yeah, I’m alright. I just wish it didn’t have to be like this.” I sigh while pushing my salad around on my tray with my fork.

“Maybe eventually she will come to her senses.” Shane shrugs.

“This isn’t just about anyone, it’s about her father. That’s always been a touchy subject for her, ever since the incident happened. She used to shut herself off for days at a time, not willing to talk to anyone. Even me. She used to have such hope about the future, now she sees no point.” I confess.

“Man, that’s got to be rough,” Shane replies with a slight frown. “Still, there’s no excuse for treating you the way she is. She didn’t even give you or your dad a chance to explain anything.”

“Yeah, I know. I guess time will tell.” I shrug.

After lunch, I had to run to my locker on the other side of the school so I was running a little late. Luckily, the bell had already rung, so the halls were fairly empty.

Once I make it to my locker, I notice Jax standing in front of his, alone.

He looks up and then looks around to make sure nobody else is around.

“Hey.” He says.

“Hi.” I reply, though I don’t know why he’s suddenly interested in talking now.

“Listen, I, uh I’m sorry about what happened at the trial. Regardless of what your dad did or didn’t do, Jared didn’t deserve to be let free.” He states with a frown.

“Thanks. I guess it kind of just took me by surprise, you know, the way you immediately turned away from me. Regardless of your relationship with Angie, you’re still supposed to be my best friend too.” I frown.

“I know and I’m sorry. It’s just... Angie has lost so much, I just wanted to be there for her. I really care about her and like her, Addie. I don’t want to risk losing her.” He admits, and I honestly feel a sting of pain.

“Even if it means losing me?” I frown deeper and he lets out a shaky breath.

“That’s not what I want either. I’m honestly just torn.”

“Listen, I know you like Angie and even though I’m incredibly mad at her for how she’s treating me, I think you should just be there for her.” I admit. “Since she thinks my entire family is against her, she’s going to need you now more than ever.” I shrug. “I’d rather you be there for her through this.”

Jax smiles while taking a step toward me. “Thanks Addie.” He pulls me in for a hug. “Don’t worry, we can still text and call each other every now and then if you need someone to talk to.”

“Thanks.” I give him a small smile. “In the meantime, I’m going to figure out the truth behind this whole conspiracy theory against my dad. Something doesn’t seem right to me.” I say and Jax nods.

“Doesn’t sound right to me either. I hope you figure it out soon before there’s nothing left to salvage of your friendship with Angie. I really hate that you two are fighting. I wish there was a way to convince Angie that your dad didn’t purposely hurt her dad.”

“Don’t worry Jax, I’ll stop at nothing to prove the truth. Even if it means losing Angie forever, at least we’ll all know the real truth and not some ‘evidence’ written up by Jared’s lawyer.”

Jax and I share another hug before heading to our separate classes.

“Good luck, Addie.” He smiles.

“Thanks... see you around Jax.” I wave and head to my classroom.

I will figure this out, if it’s the last thing I do.

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