Between the Raindrops

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Chapter 3 | Hero

The following day at school, everyone is talking about the incident at the park.

Why might you ask? Well, I suppose someone driving by the scene took pictures of Shane as he pulled Jacob away from the road, and now, he’s labeled a hero.

I suppose I can’t disagree. He did save Jacob’s life. I just can’t believe word spread this fast.

What I also can’t believe is, so many eyes are on ME as I walk down the hallway.

I suck in my gut and try to keep my head down, as I make it to my locker. Angie and Jax are already standing by it, waiting for me.

“Guys, this is so awkward. People won’t stop staring at me.” I whisper.

“Um duh! Since Shane saved little Jacob, everyone thinks you and him are some item.” She smirks.

My eyes widen in fear as I place my hand firmly on Angelica’s shoulder. “Tell me you’re joking?”

“Nope. Afraid not Addie.” Her smile widens.


“So, the current gossip states that Shane Teller is a hero. Though, he must be a blind hero if he’s interested in you.” I hear the queen bee herself spew from behind me.

I silently curse to myself as I slowly turn around.

“Back off, Barbie.” Angie steps in.

“Whoa, relax there. I am merely stating facts to follow-up with the story.” Rebecca smirks.

“I um, I am not dating Shane. He is just a friend.” I mumble.

“Please. Your only friends are standing beside you.” She glares.

“Actually, you’re right Rebecca. We are standing beside her.” I hear his familiar, beautiful voice ring from next to Jaxon.

Rebecca looks up and sees Shane, which causes her eyes to widen a little. She then steps toward Shane and places a hand on his chest.

“Tell me sweetie, why on earth would you be her friend?” She points her glare towards me.

I look up at Shane, just as he looks over at me and we make eye contact. He gives me a small smile, before returning an icy glare back to Rebecca.

He grabs her hand and moves it from his chest, then he sighs. “Don’t you have some guy to meet in some closet somewhere?”

I try not to snort.

Rebecca lets out a low growl, before her clinking heels are stomping away.

“Nice.” Jaxon laughs.

Shane sends me another heart-stopping smile, before turning to walk away.

“See you in math, Add.” He waves goodbye.

“See ya.” I say a little too loud.

Once Shane is out of sight, I bang my head against my locker door.

“It honestly scares me how lame you are sometimes.” Angie chuckles as she stands up straight from leaning against the locker beside mine.

“Shut up.” I glare, before stomping towards our math class. Angie and Jax share a smirk as they follow behind me.

“Listen up class!” Mrs. Andrews began, “Since a lot of you slackers failed to grasp the concept of our last lecture, I am pairing you up for the next project!”

A series of groans and mumbles spread across the room.

“You will be in groups of two or three.” She specifies.

Jaxon looks over at Angie and me, “Partners?” He whispers.

Just as I was about to nod in approval, Shane turns around with his famous, million-dollar smile.

“Hey Add. Want to work together?” He casually asks. My eyes widen.

What do I say?

“Yes Shane, she would love to work with you!” Angie smiles as she leans in towards me.

I shoot her a quick glare, before turning my attention back to Shane, who has an amused look on his face.

“Sure, Shane.” I simply reply.

“Great.” He smiles.

“So Angie, just you and me?” Jaxon beams at her, to which she nods with a smile.

As the three of them bring their attention back to Mrs. Andrews, I caught a glimpse at Jaxon who is grinning from ear to ear. He catches me looking and his face instantly turns red, to which I smirk as I turn back towards the front of the room.

I smell a romance coming on.

“Alright, find your groups and get busy!” Mrs. Andrews smiles with a clap of her hands.

Shane turns his desk around so that he is facing me. “So where would you like to start?” He asks.

I furrow my eyebrows. “What do you mean?”

Shane chuckles. “The assignment? We have to complete the section on fractions and the section on equations. Which would you like to start first?” He smiles so freely.

“Oh! Right! Um... I’m better at equations.” I sheepishly smile.

“Well, this works out. I’m better at fractions. How about you do the equations and I’ll do the fractions, then we can share answers? We will get it done faster that way.”

“Okay, and stop smirking so much.” I pout.

“Why? I thought you like my smile.” He frowns.

“Um I do! I just... well I don’t like, like your smile, I um... Maybe I do like it; just... let’s get to work, yeah?”

I slightly face-palm myself as I begin working out the equations. I hear Angie snort from beside me.

Shane smiles as he begins his side of the work. “Whatever you say, Add.”

Lord give me strength.

After my embarrassing actions in first period, I am happy the torture of sitting directly in front of Shane is over.

Second and third period flew by after that, and now it is lunchtime.

I slowly make my way into the cafeteria, when I notice Jaxon and Angie in the lunch line. I stop and sort of spy on them.

They are in a deep conversation from the looks of it. Jaxon is leaning against the wall with Angie standing right in front of him. There isn’t a lot of space between them. Angie has on that smile that lights up a room, while Jaxon looks so intrigued by what she is saying. Then, Jaxon says something that causes Angie to glare. Next thing you know, she’s slapping his arm.

I silently curse to myself. Way to go Jaxon.

Finally, I stroll right up to them in the line, and greet them with a small wave. “Hey guys.”

“Oh hey. Have fun with Shane during first?” Angie teases.

“Why do you insist on making fun of everything that I do?” I deadpan.

“Um, because we’re your best friends?” Jaxon retorts.

“Sometimes, I really dislike that.” I mumble.

“We can hear you, ya know.” Angie glares.

“I mean, best friends... Always!” I smile too bright.

“I just don’t get why he wants to work with me anyway.” I sigh.

“Seriously Addie? Get over yourself. You’re beautiful and smart, it’s a wonder he hasn’t asked you sooner.” Angie smiles.

“Yeah, she’s right Addie. Stop putting yourself down.” Jaxon agrees.

“Thanks guys. I don’t know, maybe.” I look away.

Just as I do, I notice a pair of deep brown eyes relaxed on me. My face turns red and with his one smirk, I look away.

Why does he do this to me?

“I so saw that.” Angie states while reaching for a box of fries.

“Shut up.” I mumble as I reach for a salad.

“Really Addie? A salad? On French fry and chicken nugget day? Did you miss your ride to the loony bin?” Angie says as she pays for her lunch.

“No, I just really want a salad. Is that so wrong?” I defend.

“Well, at least get the packet of dressing and croutons.” She smiles as she places a packet on my tray.

I inwardly sigh, but didn’t put the packet back.

I pay for my salad and we make our way to our lunch table.

I open the packet of dressing and only put half of it on my salad. I didn’t even reach for the croutons.

Before eating, I drain my entire bottle of water to make myself seem full.

Jaxon and Angie give me strange looks, but didn’t question me.

I silently made a note of my intake and told myself to write it in my diet journal later.

“Hey Addie, want a chicken nugget? This one is shaped like a heart, cause ya know, I love you and all that.” She smirks.

I smile, but shake my head no.

“What the hell?”

“What? I just don’t want any.” I simply reply.

“Fine. But are we still on for our movie night tonight? I will bring the pizza.” She smiles again.

I silently curse myself again, but I agree. I couldn’t say no to movie night just because of the food. They would definitely start to suspect.

“Great!” Angie smiles.

I smile back and then look up towards Shane’s table. Don’t ask me why.

I frown instantly when I see none other than Rebecca Moore, sitting on his lap with her arms around his neck.

Angie and Jaxon give me questioning looks, before bringing their eyes to the same location as mine.

“You know Rebecca, Addie. She just loves messing with you. She probably doesn’t even like him.” Angie tries to reassure. “And I highly doubt he likes her.”

“Yeah, then explain that.” I point back to their direction.

Angie’s eyes widen.

“What a fucking prick.” Jaxon mumbles.

He is right. Shane Teller is now kissing Rebecca Moore.

My heart sank, though I have no idea why. It’s not like we’re anything. Hell, I’ve barely spoken five words to the guy since I’ve met him.

People notice me staring at Shane, and I quickly avert my eyes.

“It’s fine guys. It’s not like we’re dating or anything. We’re barely friends.” I mumble.

“Yeah but, this morning. The way he stood up for you... and basically called Rebecca a slut to her face. Why on God’s green earth would he be kissing her now?” Angie spoke with a glare.

I knew she wanted to yell “asshole” over towards Shane, but she refrained on my behalf.

“Seriously, it’s okay. I’m fine. Really.” I manage to say, though everyone knew how much of a lie that is.

The truth is, maybe I did have a crush on Shane. He’s been so nice to me, and after what he did for Jacob... I just thought that maybe, there might be a chance.

Who am I kidding though? I am certainly no Rebecca Moore, and I never will be.

I will never be as thin, or as beautiful or well put together as her and everyone knows it.

It would explain the smirks and giggles that were surfacing around me in the cafeteria.

“Let’s just go. We don’t want to be late to fourth.” I sigh as I get up from our table, and begin walking out of the cafeteria.

I have no idea what possessed me to look back towards Shane again, but when I did, his eyes were fixed on me as I met them.

He gives me an apologetic look and just as I am about to turn away, Rebecca smirks and grabs his face, kissing him again.

I begin sprinting from the cafeteria towards my locker, Angie and Jaxon not far behind me.

A few moments later, Shane appears alone.

“Hey Add, can I talk to you for a minute?” He questions.

“Actually no, no you can’t.” Angie glares.

“Please Add.” Shane begs.

I look at him and see sincerity in his chocolate eyes. I want to say yes, but I just can’t form an actual word.

“Hey, she doesn’t want to see you, so beat it pretty boy.” Jaxon firmly states.

Shane gives him a pointed look, but didn’t start a brawl.

Shane finally sighs before turning around and leaving.

“Thanks.” I mumble towards Angie and Jax.

“Of course.” Angie softly replies.

“Don’t worry Addie; we won’t let that ass get to you.” Jax smiles.

“You guys are the best.” I chuckle as I shut my locker door.

We all have different fourth period classes, so we all go our separate ways as the bell rang.

I am just about to reach the classroom door, when suddenly, an arm is grasped onto mine and I’m being pulled into a nearby empty classroom.

The lights are off, so I couldn’t see very well even with my glasses on.

“What the hell!” I yell.

“Sh, it’s just me.” His husky voice fills the air.

“Shane? What are you doing?” I whisper-yell.

“I just needed to talk to you. Your friends are pretty protective.” I can hear him smirking.

“And now I’m glad that they are! What kind of person drags someone into an empty, dark room?” I exclaim.

“Well, it’s not like I could talk to you out there.” He deadpans.

“Whatever. What do you want? Shouldn’t you be swapping saliva with Rebecca in a closet or something?” I cross my arms, though he couldn’t see.

“Is someone jealous?” I can feel his smile from where I’m standing.

“Not at all. Repulsed would be a better word.” I confidently state.

“Add, listen. I have no idea what her interest is in me, I didn’t even want her to kiss me.” He softly spoke.

“Yeah, sure. That’s what all the guys say, yet somehow they always find themselves playing tonsil hockey with her.”

“Addilyn.” The way he says my name causes butterflies to swarm my insides, though I never let it show from my stern voice.

“Don’t. It’s really okay. I mean it makes sense.”

“What does?” I can feel him stepping closer to me.

“That the new guy would go for the prettiest most obnoxious girl in the entire school.” I state with a touch of sarcasm.

“I’m not going for her. I didn’t even want her to kiss me. She just caught me off guard. She placed herself into my lap and when I tried to move her, she kissed me. I know she was only doing it to make you jealous, her little groupies weren’t too quiet when they told her you were looking at us.”

He reaches out and touches my shoulder, causing me to flinch.

“Are you really this upset with me Add?” He sounds genuinely sad.

I can feel him take another step closer to me.

“I... I don’t know. I just really don’t like Rebecca, and maybe I did get a little angry when I saw her all over you. It’s just, from how you’ve talked to me and how you defended me this morning... I thought we were friends.” I frown, which he could now see due to the light shining in from the classroom window onto my face.

“Addilyn... I don’t like her. Not even a little bit. She’s a stuck up snob who expects everyone to fall at her feet, but I am not going to do that.” His voice is calm and soothing. He reaches up and pushes a piece of hair behind my ear. His thumb just barley grazes the side of my cheek and I freeze upon contact.

The entire left side of my face is on fire, and I want more.

“Do you forgive me Addilyn?” He spoke, his raspy voice causing my knees to grow weak.

“I... I, yes. But just this once!” I sternly state, causing him to lightly chuckle.

“Good. I almost thought I was going to have to do something drastic to earn your forgiveness.” He whispers.

“Like what?” I manage to get out.

Then, I can feel his lips near my ear and I shiver.

“I’ll let you imagine whatever you want, Add.” He spoke into my ear and I almost faint.

*Ring ring ring*

“Crap, we’re late.” I whisper.

“Better get going then.” He smiles.

I give him a weak smile, before high-tailing it out of that room, despite my feet screaming for me to stay put.

I am pretty sure I made him think he repulsed me by the way I darted out of our close proximity, but if I stayed just a second longer, I knew I was actually going to faint or say something ridiculously stupid.

For the entire rest of the day, all I could think about was him and how close he was to me. I could still feel his hot breath dancing across my cheek. The sweet smell of cinnamon gave me goosebumps as I remember it.

The warmth I felt when he touched me was nothing that I have ever experienced before, and I almost wish I could feel it nonstop, forever.

Was he flirting with me when he told me to imagine whatever I wanted? Because I certainly did imagine whatever I wanted, and let me tell you, it was beautiful.

When the final bell rings signaling that school is over, I sigh with relief. At least tonight is going to be a normal movie night with the guys. I have had enough drama for one day.

Or so I thought.

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