Between the Raindrops

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Chapter 4 | Movie Night

“Mom!” I yell as I enter the house.

“What is it dear?” She spoke from the kitchen.

“Tonight is movie night, don’t forget to-“, my mom instantly cut me off.

“Order the pizza, clear out from the living room, grab extra blankets... got it.” My mom smiles as I appear in the kitchen.

“Wow, you’re getting good at this.” I smirk.

“Well I should be a pro, there’s only been like fifteen-hundred movie nights hosted in this house.” She deadpans.

“You love it though.” I smile, while batting my long eyelashes.

“Well of course.” She smirks.

“Hello ladies.” My dad smiles, entering the kitchen. “How goes it?”

“It goes just fine.” Mom rolls her eyes.

“So, Addie, I was thinking for movie night we do a horror. I’m sure Jaxon is tired of seeing your Rom-Coms!” Dad smirks while getting a glass of sweet tea.

“And who said you were invited to movie night?” I raise an eyebrow.

“Well, this is MY house Addie. Of course I am invited to MY house’s movie night.” He crosses his arms.

“Mom, handle this please.” I beg.

“Sweetie, this is Addie’s house too, and this is HER movie night. Not yours.” My mom smiles.

“Well, that just isn’t right.” Dad frowns.

“It’s okay Jon; we can have our own movie night.” My mother winks as she puts her arms around my father’s neck.

“Oh, you so don’t have to invite me twice Linds.” He winks back, giving her a small kiss against her nose.

Jonathan and Lindsey have been married for years. They were high school sweethearts who found each other shortly after college and have been inseparable ever since.

I thought for sure my father’s drinking a few years back would have been the thing that ruined their marriage, but somehow, it made their marriage stronger in overcoming the tough obstacles they were faced with.

I always smile when I think about my parents and their relationship. Not once did they ever give up, even if they came pretty close a couple of times. Their love is something unbreakable, and I have only ever dreamed of finding that for myself someday.

“Can you two PLEASE get a room?” I roll my eyes as I take a water bottle from the fridge.

“Don’t mind if we do.” They both say in unison as I cringe.

“Yeah, goodbye. Don’t forget the pizza and blankets mom!” I shout as I run upstairs.

“Don’t worry!” She waves.

After running upstairs, I go into my bedroom and close the door. I place my water bottle on my dresser, after swallowing a few gulps, and then I proceed to the bathroom.

After peeing, I step onto the scale.

Two hundred and six pounds.

Only one pound from yesterday? That’s terrible.

I then remembered that I was still wearing my shoes and I quickly kick them off. I then take off my light jacket and put my glasses on the bathroom sink.

I step onto the scale again.

Two hundred and six pounds.

I sigh.

“That should’ve taken off at least half a pound.” I mumble to myself.

I open the drawer and pull out my diet journal from its secret compartment.

I write down my entry for the day and write down how much I have consumed and how much I weigh. I stare at the page for a good thirty seconds, before I hear my mother yell for me from downstairs.


I quickly put my journal back and put my glasses back on before running downstairs.

“What is it?” I ask.

“You have a guest.” My mother smirks.

I scrunch my eyebrows at her and turn around towards the front door. My heart stops.

“Shane, what are you doing here?” I gasp.

“Wait, this is THE Shane? Oh my gosh! Come in sweetie!” My mother chirps, yanking him inside by his arm. “It’s so nice to finally meet the young man who saved my Jacob!” She smiles.

“Oh um, it’s nice to meet you too, mam.” Shane chuckles nervously.

“Please, call me Lindsey!” She beams. “Addie, you didn’t tell me Shane was coming over!”

“Well mother... I didn’t exactly know either.” I nervously laugh.

“Oh, I’m sorry Add. Angelica messaged me on Facebook and told me to join you guys for movie night. I can go if you want though.” He starts to back away towards the door.

“No!” I almost yell in his face. “I mean, you don’t have to go... its cool.” I smile.

“Okay, sweet.” He beams back.

“Awe! He called you Add! That’s so cute!” My mother smacks my arm playfully.

“Mom...” I glare.

“Right, mom ruins the moment yet again. I will be upstairs with your father. Have fun you guys!” She says before she strolls up the stairs.

“I like your mom.” Shane laughs.

“So does everyone else.” I reply.

Shane walks past me to enter the living room, and as he did, he whispers in my ear “I like you more though.”

Once he is out of view, I pinch my arm to make sure I’m not sleeping. Shane Teller is in my house. Shane Teller talked to and likes my mom. Shane Teller is joining us for movie night.

“Wait a minute.” I mumble out loud.

Jaxon and Angelica think I hate Shane for kissing Rebecca. Why would Angelica invite him over to movie night?

I instantly pull my cell phone from my back pocket and dial Angelica’s number.

“Addie, we’re about to pull up.”


“Um, because I know you... and I know that he has since talked to you and begged for your forgiveness. You can thank me later.” She chirps and I know she is currently smirking.

“I hate you.” I mumble.

“Love you too; see ya in a few minutes!”

Then she hung up.

Why that little...

“Hey Add, it’s getting lonely in here.” I hear Shane shout from the living room.

“Grabbing snacks!” I shout back.

Well... this should be fun.

“Another Rom-Com? You girls are so predictable.” Jaxon sighs as he plops down onto the couch beside Angelica.

“You’re just mad because we won’t watch a horror or action movie.” Angie smirks.

“No shit. I’d rather watch a musical at this point than another round of Clueless or Sixteen Candles!” Jaxon retorts.

“Blah blah blah. Why can’t you be like Shane? He doesn’t whine.” Angie rolls her big blue eyes.

“Correction: This is Shane’s first movie night... he hasn’t earned the right to whine yet.” Jax argues.

“He’s right ya know, Shane isn’t a true member of the Outsiders yet Ang, he doesn’t get to have an opinion.” I smirk.

“The Outsiders?” Shane questions with a slight smile.

“Ya know; us. We’re the Outsiders.” I shrug.

“And why is that?”

“Because we don’t fit in anywhere on the spectrum. We are our own people and we don’t give in to the peer pressures that society forces upon us. We have our own brains and we do what we like in our own ways.” I defend.

“Ah, I see. Well count me in.” He smiles.

“W-What?” My eyes widen.

“How do I get in on this Outsiders club?” He smiles again, seeming fully intrigued.

“Well, um, you don’t necessarily ‘get in’ on anything. You have to prove to us that you belong.” I state proudly.

“I thought the whole point of the Outsiders was you didn’t belong anywhere?” He grins.

“Well yes, that’s true... but not just anyone can be an outsider.” I nervously look down at my lap.

“Oh for Christ sake Addie, you’re confusing even me.” Angie sighs with a laugh.

“Shane, if you believe that everyone should be considered equal, and if you believe that even people who don’t fit in, shouldn’t be treated poorly because of it, then you’re one of us.” Angie smiles.

“Yep, count me in.”

“Great, now that that’s settled, who wants to watch Insidious?” Jax asks, holding up the DVD.

“Oh God no!” Angie refuses. “Nothing scary!”

“It’s not scary.” Jax sighs.

“To you!”

“You’re such a girl Angie.”

“That would explain these.” She places her hands over her boobs to which I snort.

Jaxon stares at her with amazed eyes and she slightly blushes. After a few seconds of their awkward staring contest, Shane senses the tension so he averts the attention from them to himself.

“How about fifty first dates?” Shane suggests suddenly.

“Yes!” Angie and I both smile in unison.

“Crap...” Jaxon mumbles as he sinks down into his seat. Angelica pats his head cutely and then begins eating popcorn.

“Shane likes fifty first dates?” I question with a grin.

“Well, with a little sister... you pretty much have to like all Rom-Com’s. Besides, anything with Adam Sandler can’t be all that terrible.” He smiles while taking a bite of his pizza.

I instantly swoon while discreetly watching him. He enjoys Rom-Com’s. I never thought I would see the day where I would find someone who enjoys the same kinds of movies that I do.

Angie gets up to put the movie in the DVD player, and I catch a glimpse of Jaxon staring at her as she walks. He then notices me noticing him, and his face turns red again, to which I smirk.

I then mouth the words, “You like Angie.” In a taunting manner before Angelica turns back around to take her seat on the couch again.

That earns myself a glare.

I begin thinking of ways I could bring Angie and Jax together, without making it too obvious. While doing so, I feel my stomach growl and I try my best to ignore it.

The more I gaze at the cheese pizza, the more my body is screaming for me to eat it.

“Hey Addie, eat some pizza before it’s gone.” Jax mentions. Angelica gives me a look that I didn’t quite fully catch, as I slowly reach for a slice, picking up the smallest one.

I bring the cheese-covered dough to my lips, and my mouth instantly begins salivating. I take a small bite and cringe at myself for splurging while at the same time, enjoying every ounce of deliciousness that glides across my taste buds.

Before I know it, I have eaten four slices of pizza and a handful of popcorn. Pair that with two cups of soda, and I pretty much feel disgusting, despite my stomach thanking the good Lord above for it finally feeling satisfied.

I notice Angie smiling at me as I eat, and I know she too is satisfied.

As the movie neared the end, right as Drew Barrymore dumps Adam Sandler, I start to feel even worse. I can just tell that I put the weight I lost right back on and I want to internally pull my hair out. I look down at my pudgy stomach and silently sigh while placing my blanket over it so Shane can’t see.

The last thing I need is for Shane to become repulsed. Although, he has been giving me small smiles all throughout the night. Why he feels the need to make me feel more self-conscious, I will never know.

Not able to take the gross feeling within any longer, I decide enough is enough.

“Um, please excuse me guys.” I simply state as I stand up.

“What’s wrong Addie?” Angelica instantly asks.

“I just need to use the bathroom.” I smile, and then I head for the stairs.

“Isn’t there a downstairs bathroom right through the hall?” Jax questions, to which Angie gives me a pointed look.

“Yes, but there’s something I need from my bathroom.” I respond to which Jax shrugs, oblivious to anything.

Angie gives me another longing look, before focusing back on the movie. I begin walking upstairs and something tells me to glance at Shane, but I really wish that I hadn’t of listened to the voice inside my head.

Shane is staring at me hard. I instantly feel my stomach drop as I try to suck in my gut. I try to give him a small smile, but I’m pretty sure I fail at the whole reassurance thing.

He gives me a questioning glance, before turning back towards the movie, as I dart up the stairs.

Once I make it inside of my bedroom, I shut the door and then dart for my bathroom. I shut the door and lock it as I stand in front of the scale.

I bite my lower lip as I step onto the cold plastic.

Two hundred and seven pounds.

“Dammit!” I whisper-yell to myself.

I grab a hair tie and pull my hair up into a quick bun, before placing my glasses onto the sink. I then turn on the faucet, letting the water run.

I open the bathroom door to make sure no one has come into my bedroom. Once I see that the coast is clear, I shut and lock the bathroom door again and slow-walk over to the toilet, kneeling down in front of it.

I slowly lift the toilet lid and sigh.

Taking one last breath, I slowly lift my hand to my mouth and shove my index finger down my throat, causing me to regurgitate the pizza and popcorn I had just ingested.

I instantly feel a burning sensation against my throat, and my eyes begin to water as I empty the contents of my stomach into the toilet bowl. I cough a little, trying not to make any loud sounds.

After using my finger, the rest comes out on it’s own.

Once I am sure that my stomach is indeed empty, I slowly stand up and flush the toilet.

I grab a wad of toilet paper and wipe my mouth as I walk towards the sink and begin brushing my teeth.

After I finish, I turn the sink water off and stare at myself in the mirror.

I feel even more disgusted with myself than I did before I made myself sick.

I turn around and step back onto the scale.

Two hundred and seven pounds.

“What! Why didn’t that work?” I mumble to myself, now in a daze.

I silently curse myself as I put my glasses back on and open the bathroom door.

I nearly have a heart attack when I see him standing beside my bed, staring at the bathroom door.

“S-Shane. What are you doing up here?” I just barely make out, no thanks to my now sore throat.

“Just checking on you. You’ve been gone a while.” He softly says. “Everything alright?”

Crap crap crap. How much does he know? Did he hear me puking? Does he know that I am a disgusting waste of human life?

“Oh, yeah. I’m fine. Ya know, woman things.” I sheepishly shrug, looking away.

“Okay cool. Let’s head back down; I think Jax finally convinced Angie to put in an action movie.” He smirks.

“Okay, sounds good!” I smile, heading towards my bedroom door.

Shane walks right up to me before I could pull my door open and whispers, “You look beautiful tonight” against my ear.

I shiver.

“T-Thank you.” I breathe out, causing him to tilt his head a little.

Before anything else happens, I open my bedroom door and dart for the stairs.

I hear Shane coming up behind me, and just as I reach the bottom of the stairs and turn towards the living room, I pretty much did have that heart attack.

Angelica Sage and Jaxon Reed were currently kissing on my couch! Kissing!

“Hey Add, what’s wro-“, I cut Shane off by raising my hand and he peers around me to take in the sight I am currently fan-girling over.

I turn my head and mouth a “Sh” to Shane and he nods.

Once they finish kissing, they both give each other a weird look and then avert their eyes from one another back to the movie that is now starting.

I scrunch my eyebrows and then casually walk into the living room, as if I didn’t just witness their acts of sin.

Totally kidding.

“Hey guys!” I smile.

“Oh hey!” Angie says almost too fast.

Shane comes in a few seconds after me, and sits back down in his seat on the floor beside me.

“So, what movie did you pick?” I smirk.

“The Kingsman!” They both shout in unison, before averting their eyes back to the screen and completely ignoring one another.

I roll my eyes as Shane chuckles beside me.

I bring my eyes to the screen as I take a sip of water to calm my sore throat.

I let out a short sigh.

I will never be okay again.

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